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#115 : Semper Fidelis

Un bataillon de l'armée débarque à Jericho pour venir en aide à la population. Avec eux arrivent enfin des nouvelles de l'extérieur. Le pays a gagné la guerre contre l'Iran et la Corée du nord, responsables des attaques subies sur le territoire américain, et le siège du gouvernement est à Colombus dans l'Ohio. Par ailleurs, Hawkins découvre les vraies intentions de Sarah.


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Semper Fidelis

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Semper Fidelis

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Trailer de l’épisode


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Jake Green

Jake Green

L'armée entoure la ville

L'armée entoure la ville

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Réalisation : James Whitmore Jr.

Scénario : Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia


Acteurs :

  • Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorn)
  • Clare Carey (Mary Bailey)
  • Christopher Wiehl (Roger Hammond)
  • Darby Stanchfield (April Green)
  • Erin Daniels (Maggie Mullin)
  • Siena Goines (Sarah Mason)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • Jazz Raycole (Allison Hawkins)
  • Sterling Ardrey (Samuel Hawkins)


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(Les transcripts n’appartiennent pas aux personnes qui les réalisent et ils ne gagnent pas d’argent pour ça. Les transcripts appartiennent aux créateurs de Jericho et personne d’autre.)

 Semper Fidelis Transcript

(Middle of Jericho – People are preparing to head South for Winter)

Johnston: You won’t make it out of Kansas with the fuel you’ve got and you’re not gonna find another drop out there.

Ridley: Well the folks who left last week are probably in Arizona by now.

Johnston : If they weren’t murdered on the highway, it is suicide to leave Ridley:.

Ridley: There’s no food, no heat, its suicide if we stay.

(Town Hall – Going over a list of farms and crops)

Stanley : This, this is everything. I mean it’s every farm, now at least until the spring crops come in and, and that could take months.

Gray: And what if we don’t factor in the refugees?

Roger: They’re a part of this town now.

Gray: It’s a lot of extra mouths to feed.

Roger: They’ve done their part Gray, they’ve helped hunt, cut firewood…

Gray: The resources they use up five times father than they supply.

Roger: Well when the windmills come in from New Bern most of our fuel issues will be solved.

Gray: And what about every day until then?

Johnston : Ridley and his group are about to leave.

Gray: A lot of people wanna try and make it on their own that’s their right.

Johnston : You know as well as I do that come spring time we’ll find their bodies out there.

Gray: Well what do you want me to do Johnston ? What am I, what am I missing that’s not on that board? You find it for me cause I don’t see it. Without some X factor we’re not gonna make it through the winter, not al of us. We have to make some hard decisions and I think the last ones in should be the first ones to go.

(Green House- Jake is sleeping on the couch, he is woken up by several glasses shaking on the table next to him)

(Streets of Jericho – Eric rides through on horseback)

Eric: Clear the streets, we need to clear the streets.

(Green House – Jake goes to the window – A look of shock and surprise on his face)

(Streets of Jericho – We see a tank and U.S. Marines walking through)

Marine Sgt.: Who’s in charge here?

Gray: Uh, Gray Anderson, I’m the Mayor of Jericho.

Marine Sgt.: Glad to meet you Mayor Anderson, I’m Gunning Sergeant Fort Mar. Div., 4th Tank Battalion Charlie Company.

Gray: So you’re…

Marine Sgt.: Sir we’re the United Stated Marines and we’re here to help.

Gail: They sent the Marines?

Marine Sgt.: We were deployed to Western Kansas , set up a firm base, prep the outlying towns to derive of the core of Army Engineers. Now that we’ve won the war, it’s time to start rebuilding.

Gray: What war?

Marine Sgt.: You didn’t hear?

Gray: No.

Eric: We lost all communications after the EMP.

Marine Sgt.: Well, we nuked the hell out of North Korea and Iran .

(Loud murmurs from the crowd)

Gray: So they were behind it?

Marine Sgt.: From what I hear which isn’t much, Iran financed it and North Korea supplied the bombs. We got troops all over the world going after the terrorists who snuck 'em in, but at least we took out the big dogs.

Eric: What happens now?

Marine Sgt.: Largest reconstruction effort in the history of the country.

Gray: So there’s somebody finally in charge?

Marine Sgt.: Former secretary of HHS is now the president.

Jake: We heard there were six guys from six different capitols claiming to be President.

Marine Sgt.: Resolved, Federal Government is reunifying in Columbus, Ohio.

Gray: How did they decide on Columbus?

Marine Sgt.: All I know is my orders are coming from the commanding officer of the 4th Battalion and those are to restore lights, power and infrastructure to Kansas one town at a time.

(Loud cheering from the crowd)

Gray: Whoa wait, when is that gonna happen?

Marine Sgt.: You’ll have shelves full of Oreo’s and Hot Pockets by the end of the year. Welcome back to the grid Jericho.

Gray: Thank god for the U.S. Marines.

Mimi: Hey, hey its over.

(Stanley kisses Mimi)

Jake: There are kids out here get a room.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: Come on, we should have been on the road yesterday.

Allison: Well I’m packed.

(Sarah walks through the door)

Sarah: Hey, we’re all fueled up. How are we doing?

Darcy: Look we’ll be ready when we’re ready.

Sarah: I’ll get the rest of my things from downstairs.

Allison: How many more times are we gonna have to move?

Hawkins: This should do it.

Allison: Really? You’re gonna stay in one place from now on?

(Middle of Jericho)

Marine Sgt.: Sergeant Green, Marine Core?

Johnston: All hell no, Army Rangers.

Marine Sgt.: Well, I’ll try not to hold it against you.

Johnston: Listen Gunning, how long before the engineers get here?

Marine Sgt.: Could be two days could be two weeks. In the mean time why don’t you get a wish list of what you need and I’ll forward it onto headquarters in Dodge City and we’ll start to get you back all on your feet.

Gray: Well just tell me of how I can be of service.

Marine Sgt.: Uh, we’re gonna need a command post.

Gray: Well use the Sheriffs office.

Marine Sgt.: Great.

Mary: Excuse me, uh if you guys are gonna be here for a while why don’t I take your men over to my tavern?

Marine Sgt.: Thanks Ma’me, troops could use it. Balmore, front and center, move it, move it. Muster up and follow this young lady here, everybody falls in, but remember everybody conduct yourself like Marines.

Marine: Ay sir.

Marine Sgt.: Don’t you Sir me PFC, I work for a living. Dismissed.

Marine: Ay ay Gunnery Sergeant.

Marine Sgt.: Couple of months ago I would have had that kid doing push ups till he puked, but uh they’ve been through a lot.

Johnston: I understand. Anything else we can do?

Marine Sgt.: Well Sergeant uh, one other things. Corporal Mullin.

Corp. Mullin: Hi, uh I’m looking to scavenge some replacement parts.

Marine Sgt.: Our radio took a couple of good hits.

Corp. Mullin: Uh, do you have any idea where I could start?

Jake: Maybe I could help.

Corp. Mullin: Lance Corporal Mullins.

Jake: Jake.

Corp. Mullin: Maggie, so you’re the towns electronic expert?

Jake: No, I’m no an expert at anything, but I can improvise.

Maggie: I’ll take that.

Jake: Lets see what we can find.

(Hawkins Basement - Sarah is messaging someone)

Message: “Status?”

Sarah’s Mess: “I am close to the package. Will update ASAP.”

(Hawkins comes down the stairs)

Sarah: Hey.

Hawkins: Hey. Sarah I’ve been thinking, maybe leaving my family isn’t such a good idea.

Sarah: What? Why we’ve been over this? They, they’re not safe here with you.

Hawkins: I know, there are people out there who would hurt them in order to get to me, but at least I understand the danger. I can protect them.

Sarah: You’re not thinking straight,

Hawkins: This is my family Sarah.

Sarah: It never mattered before.

Hawkins: Yeah well now it does.

Sarah: What’s it gonna take? Someone slitting your wife’s throat before you get it?

Hawkins: Hey, hey, hey…you’re right. We will drop them at the sage house and than we’ll keep moving.

Sarah: It’s the right thing for them.

Hawkins: Yeah.

(Hawkins kisses Sarah)


Mimi: I just realized, if the government is up and running you know what that means right?

Stanley: No.

Mimi: Paperwork, they’ll need Accountants again.

Stanley: Does that mean I’m back in debt?

Mimi: Don’t be so negative, New York made it. Come next summer I’ll be taking walks through Central Park. (Stanley gives her a look) What?

(Sean goes up to Bonnie)

Sean: Dude, this is awesome, I could totally be a Marine.

Stanley: Dude, I can totally see that happening except for everything about you.

(Bonnie signs something to Stanley and leaves with Sean)

Stanley: God.

Mimi: Don’t worry about her, it’s a phase trust me. The minute everything calms down he’s as good as gone.

Stanley: Yeah, yeah maybe you could give him a ride outta town on the way to New York.

Mimi: Thinking about leaving this town is not the same thing as thinking about leaving you.

Stanley: No, well it adds up to the same thing Mimi.

Mimi: Maybe you could come with me.

Stanley: Yeah I’m, I’m sorry that’s not my life.

(Stanley gets up and leaves)

Mimi: This isn’t mine.

(Hawkins Basement - He’s kissing Sarah)

Sarah: I missed you.

Hawkins: Me too. We should get going, start loading up the truck huh.

(Sarah goes upstairs - Hawkins pulls out her palm and goes through it)


Emily: Hey. (She hugs Jake) I heard about what happened, are you ok?

Jake: Yeah, I’m better than the truck.

Emily: I’ve gotta quite worrying about you one of these days right?!

Roger: Hey Jake. Amazing huh?

Jake: Yeah it’s great news. (Roger and Emily leave) See you later.

Jake: How are most of the towns out there?

Maggie: Uh lets just say I haven’t see anything like this since we entered the CZ.

Jake: CZ?

Maggie: Contamination Zone, you’re in CZ 12 and you’re better off than most.

Mary: That’s hard to imagine.

Maggie: You should try and take a walk through what’s left of Lawrence, Kansas.

Jake: What’s it like?

Maggie: Buildings are gone, people who are left are fighting their neighbors for food and water. Makes you wonder if the survivors are the lucky ones.

Jake: Hey Mary. Mary uh, we need a transistor for the radio, can we take apart the Jukebox?

Mary: Oh you’re gonna take my music? Isn’t there anything else you can take apart?

Maggie: You’ve got three Spin Doctor albums on here, trust me it’s public service.

Jake: Don’t worry, there’s an old ham radio in City Hall, maybe we can take that apart. Thanks anyway.

Mary: Bye.

(Hawkins House - Sam walks in with a box)

Sarah: Oh hey big guys. (She takes the box from him)

Sam: Thank you.

Sarah: You’re welcome.

(She puts her bag down - notices her palm is gone - take out a gun - Hawkins walks in, Sarah is by Sam)

Hawkins: Hey.

Sarah: Think you have something of mine. Sweetie lets sit down on the couch, your dad and I have some talking to do.

Hawkins: Go ahead Sam, just play with your coloring books. This is what you want right? (Holds up Sarah' Palm)

Sarah: Among other things. You’ve been lying to me Robert. When did you fall back in love with your wife?

Hawkins: It’s ok, you go back to your book, go ahead.

(Town Hall)

Johnston: We tried to institute rationing early on but it took some time for people to accept that we were really on our own.

Marine Sgt.: Looks like you did a better job than most towns I’ve seen, sounds like you have a military man in charge.

Johnston: Well I guess we’ve made out alright.

Gray: With the salt from my mine we’ve been able to do some trading with near by towns.

Marine Sgt.: Your town seems to have been blessed, that said uh, I can’t say you’ll be a priority on the list.

Gray: Um, uh wait a minute, what list?

Marine Sgt.: We’ve got detachments all over Kansas assessing each towns needs, relief is given on an as needed basis.

Gray: Ok wait a second, you’re saying that because we planned better than others it’ll count against us?

Johnston: Alright we can make out for a while longer if we have to.

Gray: Yeah that’s easy for you to say, you’re not being held accountable.

Marine Sgt.: Why don’t you give me that want list and uh, I’ll see what I can do?

(Town Hall - Jake is taking apart a radio)

Jake: Try that one.

Maggie: Perfect. So you’re really not going to tell me what happened?

Jake: Doc says frostbite.

Maggie: Ah ha Doctor also say who kicked your ass?

Jake: Someone ran us off the road, most of it’s a blur. Just uh tried to stay alive you know?

Maggie: I do.

Jake: So the Marines huh?

Maggie: Yeah.

Jake: Is it everything you hoped for?

Maggie: there are moments, but when I signed up I never thought I’d be fighting Americans. Good people forced to do bad things.

Jake: It’s gotta be rough, I’m sorry.

Maggie: It’s not your problem. (Jake gives her a look) What?

Jake: Just uh, wondering why someone like you would join the Marines.

Maggie: Someone like me. I had an office job till a few years ago but I got bored, I wanted to see the world.

Jake: Have you?

Maggie: I’ve seen Omaha. You?

Jake: What seen the world, yeah. Yeah I just saw all the wrong places.

Maggie: You have got this brooding bad boy thing down to an art.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: The video I was sent before the attacks, those people were not holding you captive you were just what, you were playing me?

Sarah: Me playing you?

Hawkins: Uh huh.

Sarah: We were living together, I showed up here and you have a family again.

Hawkins: Hey, it’s ok, it’s just a story you know? It’s just a story we’re telling, go back to your book.

Sarah: You made me promises Robert.

Hawkins: Who were the people in that video? Is that who you’re working for?

Sarah: I was, now I’m working for myself. So why don’t you give me what I want and the story can have a happy ending.

(Town Hall)

Jake: So what are you gonna do when the Marines finally cut you loose?

Maggie: Try not to think about it.

Jake: That means you have.

Maggie: After everything I’ve seen I’d like to find a nice little town and just settle in for the duration.

Jake: I don’t think those exist anymore.

Maggie: I just found out they do. What about you? You ever thought about flying again? Maybe for the military?

Jake: Sure, safer than being on the ground right?

Maggie: Not if you’re a radio operator. I’m the safest of all, I get to ride in the tank.

Jake: If you get to ride in the tank how’s the radio get shot?

Maggie: What you think a girl can’t get out and kick some ass every once in a while? (She fixes the radio) Ok.

Jake: Who are you trying to call on that thing anyway?

Maggie: Division Headquarters in Dodge City.

Jake: It’s about two hundred miles away.

Maggie: This thing made it farther, course that was before it took some rounds. 4th Mar. Div 4th Mar. Div. this is 1st Platoon Charlie Company authentication over. 4th Mar. Div. 4th Mar. Div. this is 1st Platoon Charlie Company authentication over.

Radio: Charlie Thunder this is Charlie Company actual we’ve been trying to reach you on this frequency for days. Division needs the entire 4th Tank Battalion RTV ASAP. Do you copy?

Maggie: Ay ay sir.

Radio: Make that most ricky tick Corporal.

Maggie: Roger that Charlie Company, actual out.

Jake: What’s going on?

Maggie: We just got ordered back to Dodge City.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: What are you gonna do with the package Sarah?

Sarah: Sell it and get as far away from here as possible.

Hawkins: What happened to you?

Sarah: In the last few months I’ve learned two things, everybody has a price and everybody lies.

(Darcy walks in)

Hawkins: Hey, hey, no, no.

Sam: Mom.

Sarah: Sit still Sam.

Darcy: Take your…

Hawkins: Stay there.

Sarah: I was just having a conversation with your husband about what’s more important to him, his job or his family.

(Streets of Jericho - Night)

Gray: Hey Gunning, Gunning. Why are you leaving?

Marine Sgt.: Cuz we were ordered to, sorry but I can’t reveal operational orders. Army core of engineers will be through eventually.

Gray: Eventually, how long?

Marine Sgt.: Sir listen, I’m sorry but I just don’t know. You ready to roll?

Marine: Good to go Gunning, but I don’t know about the tank. I don’t know if we’ll have enough fuel to make it back to Dodge City.

Marine Sgt.: Leave it behind if we have to. We’ll post Siglock and Cantor until we can make it back.

Marine: Sergeant without armor we’re sittin ducks on those highways.

Marine Sgt.: We’re Marines, we’ll make due.

Gray: I can get you fuel. Uh, not much but enough to get you back to Dodge, just give me an hour.

Marine Sgt.: I’m listening.

Gray: Uh plus whatever supplies you need, but, but I just need assurance that Jericho will be taken care of.

Marine Sgt.: There are three C130’s from the Red Cross that are supposed to arrive in Kansas in ten days, I guarantee you’ll be at the top of the list.

Gray: That’s all I ask.

Marine Sgt.: Alright people listen up, we’re gonna stand down for one hour.

(Streets of Jericho)

Jake: When the relief effort comes are you uh, are you guys coming with it?

Maggie: No, you’re gonna have to flirt with a whole new batch of grunts and the core of engineers are nowhere near as cute as I am.

(They enter a building - possibly Gracie’s Market)

Jake: You should think about uh, coming back when you got out.

Maggie: And what would I do here?

Jake: That’s a question we’re all asking ourselves, but you’re a good fit here.

Maggie: You know before all this started I might have agreed with you, but uh, I won’t make it back here.

(She kisses Jake)

(Marine Sgt. Walks in)

Marine Sgt.: Corporal Mullin.

Maggie: Yes Gunning Sergeant.

Marine Sgt.: Why’s your gear not loaded up?

Maggie: Um…

Marine Sgt.: Don’t answer that. We’re headed over to the Town Hall, Mayor wants to express his appreciation. Somebody needs to stay here, you just drew the short straw.

Maggie: Ay Gunning.

Jake: I’m gonna go get the last of the supplies from the Sheriffs office.

Maggie: Ok.

(Hawkins House - Sarah has a gun pointed at Hawkins)

Sarah: Get the package.

Hawkins: You know I can’t do that.

Sarah: You think I’m gonna believe a word you say?

Hawkins: Come on, we can work this out.

Sarah: You had your chance to go with me.

Darcy: Please.

Sarah: Shut up, you’re losing something tonight I promise you that. Only question is, is it going to be somebody with a heart beat. (She points a gun at Sam’s head)

Hawkins: Ok, ok, I’ll get the package. Please, put that gun down.

Sarah: Why don’t you get Allison down here too.

(Town Hall - Jake is packing the rest of the things - the radio starts up)

Radio: Lima Charlie Thunder this is Charlie Company actually do you copy? Lima Charlie it’s cold as hell out here.

Jake: Hello, this is Jake Green.

Radio: Jake Green this is an official Marine channel get off this frequency.

(Line goes dead, but Jake can hear explosions in the back round)

Jake: Hello, hello, are you taking fire?

(Jake senses something isn’t right - looks out window and sees Jericho residence shooting off fireworks)

(Streets of Jericho)

Gray: Hey Gunning, just a little somethin to remember us by.

Marine Sgt.; This is to kind Mr. Mayor but uh, we really should press on.

Gray: No you can’t take off on an empty stomach, come on in I got a little surprise for you, something to show our gratitude.

(Jake runs up to Stanley)

Stanley: Hey.

Jake: You need to grab some of our guys from patrol and do a sweep of the area aright, take guns.

Stanley: What, what are you kidding? We got the U.S. Marine Core here.

Jake: Something’s wrong about all this alright, trust me.

Stanley: Ok, ok. Well what am I looking for?

Jake: A guy with a radio for starters, check anywhere within ear shot of the fireworks. Alright, maybe it’s nothing, just check.

Mimi: Stanley.

Jake: Alright go.

Mimi: Can I…

Stanley: I can’t talk. (Both Stanley and Jake walk away)

Mimi: What is…good talking to you.

(Town Hall - People talking over dinner)

Gray: Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen. Ladies and Gentlemen, our honored guests, and I was very hopeful that former Sergeant Green might say a few words.

Johnston: Well Ladies and Gentlemen um, Marine Core has a motto Semper Fidelis, always faithful. Never before in our nations history has a motto been so tried and so necessary. So uh, Gunning, Marines…Semper Fi.

(The Marines yell out “Ooh-Rah” - Johnston looks a little disturbed by this action)

Johnston: So Gunning, the fighting forth seen your more than your share of action?

Marine Sgt.: You go to Iraq if there’s a war, there’s the 4th.

Johnston: Semper Fi.

Marines: Ooh-rah!

Johnston: Excuse me.

(Johnston and Gail get up and leave the room)

Gail: What is the matter? What’s going on?

(Jake walks in)

Johnston: Downstairs.

(Town Hall Main Floor)

Jake: I just uh, I just heard the fireworks over the Marines radio and Dodge City’s two hundred miles away.

Gail: What?

Jake: They’ve got somebody on the edge of town pretending to be their headquarters. I sent Stanley and a couple of the guys to check it out, tell me I’m crazy.

Johnston: If you are so am I. Nobody calls an NCO Sir and a Marine would never say “Ooh-rah,” that’s an army thing. These guys did both, Marines are all about detail.

Gail: Well if their not marines who are they?

Johnston: People with enough fire power to wipe us out.

Jake: We gave them half the towns supplies. What do we do?

Gail: We’ve got to tell Gray.

Johnston: How would we get Gray alone, he’s right next to em’. We got to do something about that tank, if that things turned loose on Main Street it would be a bloodbath.

Gail: Even if you get that tank they’ll still have a room full of hostages.

Jake: She’s right, you better get back before they start to wonder. Try to get a message to Gray and I’ll wait for Stanley. I’ll see what I can do about the tank.

(Hawkins House - Basement - Hawkins is breaking the cement surrounding the bomb)

(Jake returns to where Maggie is)

Maggie: Hey.

Jake: How is Dodge City picking up our fireworks?

Maggie: We pick up pops and pings all the time.

Jake: Don’t! Don’t lie to me.

Radio: Hello, anyone out there?

(Both Jake and Maggie go for the radio)

Jake: Stanley is that you?

Stanley: Jake we found this guys camping out here with this radio, says he with the Marines. I’m gonna bring him back.

Jake: Is any of this real?

(Maggie draws a gun on Jake)

Maggie: The guns real, I’m sorry.

Jake: Con people out of stale food and enough fuel to get to the next town.

Maggie: You don’t know how bad it is out there.

Jake: Yeah I do. How’s you get all this?

Maggie: There was a food riot in our refugee camp, dozen Marines never had a chance against ten thousand starving people.

Jake: So you killed them?

Maggie: They retreated and we took what they left, tried to get some food in the next town. It worked so well we kept doing it. (Jake begins to walk towards her) Don’t!

Jake: You’re not leaving the town with our supplies.

Maggie: Don’t get yourself killed by doing something stupid Jake, I don’t want that on my conscience.

Jake: You don’t have it in you.

(Another “Marine” comes from behind and knocks Jake out)

(Hawkins House - Hawkins brings in the bomb)

Sarah: Open it. Step back.

Darcy: My god, this has been here the whole time?

Hawkins: It is not armed and the lead blocks all the radiation.

Darcy: You brought that into our house!

Hawkins: Dee!

(Building - Jake is lying unconscious on the floor)

Marine Sgt.: We were almost outta here and you told him Maggie.

Maggie: He figured it out, he heard the fireworks on the radio.

Marine Sgt.: So what do we do with him now?

Maggie: What do you, what do you mean? Let’s just leave.

Marine Sgt.: And what? Wait for him to tell the whole town when we’re a half a mile out? It’d be Greenville all over again.

Maggie: We’re not killers.

Marine Sgt.: I was a P.E. teacher who saw too many movies, now I’m a Marine. I’m adapting.

Maggie: No.

Marine Sgt.: It’s him or us.

(Johnston and several other men come in with guns)

Johnston: I vote for you. You know ammunition being in such short supply I doubt those weapons are even loaded.

Marine Sgt.: You wanna take that chance?

Johnston: I know damn well this one is.

(Gray comes in and punches out the head Marine)

Johnston: Put your hands up, get em’ up. (Johnston goes over and grabs the Sergeant) Get up.

(Eric goes over to Jake)

Johnston: How dare you wear that uniform.

Marine Sgt.: It’s not a uniform, it’s a costume. Half of the towns we go through don’t even fly the flag.

Eric: And the things you said about the war, North Korea, it was all a lie?

Marine: Some of it we heard, some of it we made up. It’s anybody’s guess what’s really going on there.

Gray: Well we still have laws in Jericho and tomorrow I’m gonna let the town decide what to do with you.

Johnston: We can’t do that Gray.

Gray: The hell we can’t, people need to know what we’re up against.

Johnston: Not like this.

Gray: Well they're gonna find out eventually.

Johnston: Yeah they will and then the worst of it will be over, but food's not enough. Now you said it yourself, without some X factor we don’t make it through the winter. Well this is it, people need faith just as much as they need food.

Gray: Than what the hell do we do with them?

Johnston: Them we give a heroes exit, Ooh-rah.

(Hawkins House)

Sarah: How can I be sure you won’t follow me?

Hawkins: I won’t follow you.

Sarah: Not if I take your son with me you won’t.

Darcy: My god.

Sarah: I’ll leave him just outside of town.

Darcy: No.

(A fight breaks out between Hawkins and Sarah)

Hawkins: Allie get him outta here.

(Sarah is about to kill Hawkins when Allison shoots her in the back)

Hawkins: You ok?

Allison: I’m fine dad.

Hawkins: I’m sorry.

Allison: Dad I’m fine.

Hawkins: Let me take this. (He takes the gun from Allison)

Darcy: You are not fine. Robert we are not fine. How long until some more people come after you huh? After us?

Hawkins: D, we’re safe.

Darcy: We’ll never be safe with you.

Hawkins: Oh come on.

(Darcy grabs the kids and starts to leave)

Darcy: Let’s go. Come on.

Hawkins: Hey.

Darcy: Let’s go.

Allison: I love you dad.

Hawkins: I love you too baby girl. Darcy…

(Middle of town - Marines are leaving - People are cheering)

Marine Sgt.: Movin out, let’s go.

Jake: Hey.

Maggie: Our own personal escort out of town.

Jake: You’re a smart girl, you need to get out before these guys get you killed.

Maggie: And go where? Towns aren’t taking refugees and there’s only one thing they want women for.

Jake: Then stay here, alright, you’ll be safe.

Maggie: It’s not going to work, not after the story we told.

(Mimi walks up to Stanley)

Stanley: Not now Mimi.

Mimi: Like hell not now corn husker.

Stanley: Corn huskers are from Nebraska, I’m a Jay-hawk. (Mimi gives him a look) What? What?

Mimi: You drive me so crazy and you know that I can’t stay here forever, but the truth is I can’t live without you either.

Stanley: Really?

Mimi: Yes, really.

(Stanley kisses her)

(Hawkins House - He is bandaging his leg where Sarah stabbed him - Sarah’s palm beeps)

Message: “What is your status?”

Hawkins Mess: “Hawkins is dead. I have the package. Where can we meet?”

Message: “Location TBD. Will contact you. Good work.”

(Outside of town)

Jake: You got enough food to get you a few days down the road.

Marine Sgt.: How about some water man?

Johnston: Make due. You will leave your weapons on the tank and you will move out.

Marine Sgt.: Do it. Come on, lets go.

Jake: Be careful. (The “Marines” leave town) What do we do?

Johnston: We soldier on.

Jake: What do we do with that? (Jake looks at the tank)

Johnston: Oh, Stanley got room in your barn?

Stanley: Seriously?

Johnston: Why not, never know when you might need a tank.

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