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#116 : Le chantage

Alors que Hawkins se débarrasse du corps de Sarah, April, qui est enceinte, doit être opérée d'urgence dans des conditions risquées... L'éolienne est enfin prête, mais les membres de Jericho doivent maintenant négocier avec les gens de New Bern, qui demandent une partie des récoltes du printemps contre la construction d'autres éoliennes...



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Titre VO
Winter's end

Titre VF
Le chantage

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Trailer de l’épisode


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April est entourée de ses proches

April est entourée de ses proches

April à l'hôpital

April à l'hôpital

Gail et April

Gail et April

Jake derrière des barreaux

Jake derrière des barreaux

Jake et Robert

Jake et Robert

Jake Green

Jake Green

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Réalisation : Kevin Dowling

Scénario : Frank Military


Acteurs :

  • Clare Carey (Mary Bailey)
  • Bob Stephenson (Jimmy)
  • Richard Speight Jr. (Bill)
  • Darby Stanchfield (April Green)
  • Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • Aasif Mandvi (Kenchy Dhuwalia)
  • David Meunier (Russell)
  • Erica N. Tazel (Jessica Williams)
  • Candace Bailey (Skylar Stevens)


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(Les transcripts n’appartiennent pas aux personnes qui les réalisent et ils ne gagnent pas d’argent pour ça. Les transcripts appartiennent aux créateurs de Jericho et personne d’autre.)

 Winters End Trascript

(Starts with Hawkins in the woods burying Sarah Mason’s body – cut over to Hawkins cleaning blood off of the floor in his house)

(Medical Clinic)

Gail: Honey, you look tired. Are you getting enough sleep?

April: Almost seven hours Gail: Where?

April: In my office.

Gail: Sleeping in your office doesn’t count, you’re gonna give the baby a crook in its neck.

April: You’re going to make a terrific Grandmother.

Gail: I know

(The medical student (Jessica) that came arrived with the refugees comes in)

Jessica: You’re Dr. Green?

April: Yes Jessica: Jessica Williams nice to meet you. Mr. Ostrowski says he’s having chest pain, but he doesn’t want anyone to look at him but you.

April: Are you the Doctor who came in with the refugees?

Jessica: Close, third year med student University of Chicago and I prefer visitor to refugee.

April: I’m sorry, thanks for the help.

Jessica: Don’t thank me, I’m just working here cause I get to sleep in a bed instead of the church basement. Where do I start?

April: Pneumonia, malnutrition, hypothermia, just grab a chart and pick a patient.

(Robert Hawkins House)

Jimmy: Mr. Hawkins.

Hawkins: Hey Jim Jimmy: Hope I didn’t wake the kids.

Hawkins: No, you’re OK.

Jimmy: Mine are the same way up at all hours, worse when we had TV

Hawkins: Is there something I can do for you Jimmy?

Jimmy: Uh, sorry, um Mayor Anderson wants me to keep track of the refugees you know. Find out where they end up, see what kind of work they can do to help the town. Sarah Mason is staying with you right? Mr. Hawkins?

Hawkins: Yeah.

Jimmy: It’s freezing out here uh, is she around?

(Medical Center)

Gail: Oh the generators back on.

April: Thank God.

Jake: Hey, that’s it, were on our last tank of diesel. Powers out to everything but the medical center.

April: Our last tank! How long will we have power?

Jake: Ten maybe twelve hours, so turn off everything your not using.

Gail: What about the bio-diesel?

Jake: We burn through it we’ll not have any more for days.

(April is leaning against the wall, something is clearly wrong)

Gail: We need to come up with a plan were getting more and more people in here.

(April falls unconscious to the floor)

Gail: Oh God!

Jake: April, April can you hear me?

Gail: Is she breathing?

Jake: April wake up

Gail: Oh honey!

Jake: (yells to hospital staff) Get over here!

Gail: Oh my god.

(Robert Hawkins House)

Jimmy: It’s colder than a witch's patooty. You’re using candles?

Hawkins: Uh huh

Jimmy: I saw you had some electric lights on when I was walking up

Hawkins: I got a genie in the basement, but uh, I just used the last of my gas.

Jimmy: What were you doin?

Hawkins: I um, I was putting some stuff in storage, but uh, I was just cleaning up

Jimmy: Yeah, using the last of your fuel on house work, Darcy trained you well.

Hawkins: Yeah, listen Jimmy um, I was just about to turn in so…

Jimmy: Right, sorry. Uh well, like I said Mayor Andersons got me keeping tabs on the refugees you know, crimes up. Uh, so if Sarah Mason…is she here? Can I ask her some questions?

Hawkins: You know um, Sarah left yesterday, something about, uh, family in New Orleans .

Jimmy: Wow, in this weather?! Okay, well I’m sorry to bother you.

Hawkins: Hey don’t worry about it.

(As Jimmy is leaving he notices the cut that Hawkins has)

Jimmy: You know that’s a nasty looking cut you got there.

Hawkins: Yeah was uh, there was a tree branch when I was cutting wood.

Jimmy: Ouch, musta been a real bleeder.

Hawkins: It’s not too deep.

Jimmy: Well, you be careful, its dangerous out there. Okay, sorry to bother you.

( Medical Center – April is lying in a hospital bed)

April: I don’t feel good, I’m so tired all of a sudden.

Gail: I know, I told you you need to get some rest, this is your big chance. Yeah, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you honey.

(Medical Center Hallway)

Jessica: I’m trying to keep her calm, by my gut tells me the babies having a problem and if I know it, she knows it Gail: What are we going to do?

Jake: Get Kenchy.

Jessica: There’s another doctor in town?

Gail: That man can barely sit up in his bar stool.

Jessica: Look, what I really need is an ultra sound machine, without it there’s no real way to know what’s going on.

Gail: Well maybe we have one that survived the EMP in the basement, I’ll go look. You go get your father and tell him to find Eric, he’s the one that should be here

(The men from New Bern drive through the town)

Johnston : It’s the guys from New Bern , they actually built the thing. I can’t believe it. Hey Russell.

Russell: Hey, it's good to see you.

Johnston : Good to see you.

Phil Constantino: Johnston you S.O.B. how the hell did you lose an election?

Johnston : Now the question is how did you get to be in charge in New Bern? Did they get tired of you being the Sheriff?

Phil: No, I’m still the Sheriff, just got a little more authority.

Johnston : Well, this is our new Mayor, this is Gray Anderson.

Phil: Mayor Anderson.

Gray : Nice to meet you.

Phil: Congratulations.

Gray: Thank you, thank you. So this is the windmill huh?

Russell: It’s the power generating wind turbine. We get about fifteen hundred watts an hour out of one of these.

Johnston : Jake.

Jake: Hey.

Russell: Hey Jake.

Jake: (to his father) Have you seen Eric?

Johnston : No, did you try Mary’s?

Jake: Yeah, I tried there I tried at Bailey’s. (to Russell) Does this thing work? Can we get power from it?

Russell: Probably some time tomorrow.

Jake: Let’s get it up as fast as we can, I think we’re gonna need it at the medical center.

Russell: You got it.

Jake: (to his father) There’s something wrong with April.

Johnston : What, what is it?

Jake: She passed out, they think there’s a problem with the baby.

(Outside the Medical Center - Mimi drives up with Bonnie)

Mimi: I’ll pick you up at five.

Bonnie: I’ll walk.

Mimi: Look, Stanley thinks that your using this whole volunteering thing as an excuse to see Sean Henmore (??). I’m just following orders to keep an eye on you, personally I don’t give a damn who you date.

Bonnie: I’ve been volunteering here since I was sixteen, its not about Sean. You volunteer for anything, ever?

(Outside of Gracie’s Market)

Dale: Mr. Fredrickson, come on stop. Gracie gave you beet seeds in exchange for three percent of your farm crop, that three percent is mine now, the store was left to me.

Mr. Fredrickson: I can’t do that Dale. Things have gotten worse now, I need the rest of it to feed my family, the rest of my livestock. I’m sorry.

Dale: It’s the law Mr. Fredrickson, so it’s rightfully mine.

Mr. Fredrickson: There are no more laws son.

(Medical Center – Mimi is standing there in scrubs)

Bonnie: No.

Mimi: I volunteered. So what do I do?

Bonnie: (hands Mimi a bed pan) Empty, clean, repeat.

(Medical Center)

Gail: Where the hell is Eric?

Jake: Nobody knows, Dad's getting Bill on it.

Gail: Her blood pressure's dropping.

Jessica: Gail!

(Gail and Jake rush into April’s room)

April: I’m feeling contractions.

Jessica: I think she’s going into labor.

April: No, no I can’t, the baby's only sixteen weeks. I need, I need Ritadrine to stop the labor.

Jessica: I already checked we don’t have anymore, I’ll try to find some {amphetamine}.

Gail: Alright now, what are you feeling?

April: If I lose consciousness and you can't find any medicine use alcohol.

Jake: What, what do you mean? What kind of alcohol?

April: Anything coming out of the still. Give me a ten percent drip and it’ll stop the contractions.

(April loses consciousness)

Gail: Oh god she’s bleeding. Get Kenchy, now!

(Along the side of the forest collecting wood to burn)

Mary: I’m so cold my mouth is numb.

Eric: We need the logs or we’re going to freeze to death.

Mary: Yeah…isn’t that what we’re doing now?

Eric: Alright let’s get in the car.

(Eric and Mary make their way back into the car)

Eric: Get under the blanket.

Mary: Let’s turn on the heat.

Eric: Can’t, I’m sorry. We won’t have enough gas to get home.

(Mary groans)

Eric: You know we could make our own heat.

Mary: (laughs) Don’t get any ideas, I am not taking my clothes off.

(Eric laughs)

Eric: You know how happy you make me?

Mary: Still not taking my clothes off.

(Medical Center)

Jake: Come on!

Dr. Kenchy: What’s her pressure?

Jessica: You smell like a {wineo}.

Dr. Kenchy: Nice to meet you too. What’s her pressure please?

Gail: Eighty-eight over forty-four and dropping.

Dr. Kenchy: Is she dilated?

Jessica: Two cm., her contractions are six minutes apart.

Dr. Kenchy: I need an ultrasound.

Gail: I brought some old ones up from the basement, I’ll go check on them now. Jake , come on.

Dr. Kenchy: Do we have fresh plasma?

Jessica: No.

Dr. Kenchy: Okay, I need you to find somebody…

Jessica: With O-negative blood.

Dr. Kenchy: Yes and we need a fetal heart rate monitor, do we have that? (Kenchy looks at Bonnie) No, okay, I need you to put these on and monitor the baby’s heart rate. Here put these in your ears I’ll show you how to listen.

Bonnie: I’m deaf.

Dr. Kenchy: (looks at Mimi) Madam, Madam I need you to put these in your ears, I need you to monitor the baby’s heart rate okay?!

Mimi: I can’t.

Dr. Kenchy: Yes you can I will show you how, come on let's go please. Here we go, put these on, listen right here. Okay, now the higher one, the fast one you hear that? That’s the baby’s heart rate, you count fifteen seconds and then you multiply that by…

Mimi: Four, it gives you beats per minute.

Dr. Kenchy: Perfect. Okay, now I will show you how to take blood pressure and pulse rate.

(Somewhere in the town putting up the windmill)

Phil: Alright, lets get ready to lift it.

(Gray is walking with Skylar as Dale looks on)

Gray: You want me to settle a contract dispute?

Skylar: Well Mr. Fredrickson isn’t giving Dale his share.

Gray: You’re kidding me right? I’m trying to get power restored and, and I got robberies all over town, the refugees are threatening to break into the food lock up.

Phil: (to the men) Okay, we’re going to go on three. One, two, three.

(several different men talking)

Man 1: Here we go, careful, a little higher.

Man 2: Okay, easy. Okay good, good, watch the rope. Here you go.

Man 3: Keep it going, almost there. Good job fellas.

(Gray to Johnston )

Gray: Hey, how’s the baby?

Johnston: I don’t know. How close is this?

Gray: Another hour at least. Did you find Eric?

Johnston: No, Bill and the Rangers are out looking for him.

Gray: Phil, can we buy some more of these things?

Phil: Yeah, let’s talk about it.

(Hawkins Garage – trying to get the bomb settled)

Jimmy: Mr. Hawkins, I’m back. Mr. Hawkins you around?

Hawkins: Just a second.

Jimmy: You weren’t answering your front door so I…you doing some yard work? You need a hand?

Hawkins: No, no thank you I was just gonna turn some compost, get ready to plant food for the spring.

Jimmy: Oh yeah, good idea. Margaret’s planting carrots inside. They're super food you know, like broccoli?!

Hawkins: You need something Jimmy?

Jimmy: Well, Gray wants me to find out what kind of resources Sarah might have taken with her. You know fuel, food… did she drive out of town?

Hawkins: She didn’t drive, took a backpack… some food, a tent.

Jimmy: She just walked out into the cold huh?

Hawkins: Yeah.

Jimmy: That’s crazy. Maybe Darcy knows something

Hawkins: No I don’t think so

Jimmy: Oh, I just figured you know, women talk. Who knows what the hell they way right? Uh…is Darcy around, can I, can I speak with her?

Hawkins: Jimmy, uh Darcy and I are having problems, she’s moved out

Jimmy: Oh, lot of people leaving you lately huh. I’m sorry, I’m sorry that’s insensitive I…

Hawkins: I’ll get my coat, I’ll take you to her Jimmy

(Hawkins goes back inside the garage)

Jimmy: Really? Hey, how are your communication skills? You know cause that’s what marriage is really about. Honesty, love, I’d say it’s fifty fifty, sort of like half and half you know? Actually more like thirds of if you throw respect in there, but not equal thirds cause honesty is more important than the love and respect…I think

(Middle of Town)

Phil: You got one of the only salt mines around for four hundred miles, your without salt and New Bern will be a ghost town.

Gray: What are we talkin about, couple hundred pounds?

Phil: No we’re gonna need a lot more than that and we’re gonna need food

Stanley: No food so spare, we wont see another crop till spring.

Phil: Spring crops what I’m talkin about. Ten wind turbines for lets say ten percent of your spring crop.

Gray: No, we can’t put ourselves in that position

Stanley: Spring crop might not even get us through next year, if we lose ten percent we’ll just be in the same position we are now

Johnston looks worse. Look all we’re asking you to do is be reasonable

Russell: And we’re just trying to survive

Phil: Starve next fall or freeze this winter, take your pick.

(Medical Center - Aprils Room)

Dr. Kenchy: Yeah, ventromiosin (??) good, start her on a drip 250 mg IV…I’ll do it

Jake: We found four people who are O-negative

Mimi: Fetal heart rate is…

Dr. Kenchy: We’ll get it off the ultra sound

Gail: Blood pressure is 130 over 70, respiratory rate is 18 and her pulse is 88, it’s going up
Jessica: She’s loosing blood, her hearts compensation by pumping harder

Dr. Kenchy: Start an IV for the blood

(Dr. Kenchy checks the ultra sound machine)

Gail: What do you see?

Dr. Kenchy: Placenta Previa

Jake: What’s that?

Dr. Kenchy: The placentas covering the entire cervix, there’s no way for me to find out where the bleedings coming from unless we operate

Gail: Well what are we going to do?

Dr. Kenchy: Well under the best of circumstances this is not an operating facility

Jake: Then we don’t have a choice

Dr. Kenchy: We cannot operate here

Jake: Why?

Dr. Kenchy: I have been through this more times than you could possibly imagine

Jake: Well we’ve all been through a lot alright, just tell us what you need and we’ll…

Dr. Kenchy: Yeah, I’ve seen hundreds of people die because of dirty facilities and infection and because I didn’t have the proper medicine or the equipment that I needed. I am not doing it again

Gail: We are no loosing this baby

Dr. Kenchy: Well you can find yourself another butcher

(Medical Center Hallway)
Jake: there’s got to be a way, come on…Kenchy

Dr. Kenchy: Listen, we need a sterile operating room, sterile instruments, anesthesia, spinal block traces, cesarean tray. Have you ever even seen a surgery before without an electro cardio machine, no you haven’t because its not even taught anymore.

Jessica: Can we just use laparotomy sponges to stop the bleeding

Dr. Kenchy: God my head is killing me

Gail: We’ve got several spinal block trays and we’ve got anesthesia

Jessica: and we can boil the sheets and the tools

Jake: Is it possible?

Dr. Kenchy: Remotely

Jake: Then start

(Outside of the Medical Center)

Mimi: We need bleach

Bonnie: What?

Mimi: Bleach, you know bleach. Bleach! Bonnie look at my lips, bleach

Bonnie: Learn

(Bonnie signs several words in Sign Language)

Mimi: Is that the word for bleach?

Bonnie: No, bitch and please and sorry

(Inside Gracie’s Market - Dale is loading a gun)

Skylar: Dale?

Dale: Uh…I’m heading out. If I’m not back lock up at dark and don’t let anyone in. Also, if I’m not around ever you need anything talk to Gail Green or Johnston, you can trust them

Skylar: I want to come with you

Dale: Why?

Skylar: Two against one

(Sitting in the car after collecting wood)

Eric: Hey Bill. What’s wrong?

(Outside of the Medical Center Boiling Sheets)

Mimi: I just jumped in. It was, it…it was just in the moment. You volunteered a the medical center long before I ever got here

Bonnie: It’s fine.

Mimi: Kenchy just doesn’t know you, everybody else respects you

Bonnie: They speak your language.

(Middle of Town)

Stanley: Hey we got a problem?

Johnston: What’s that?

Stanley: Eddy and Frank are asking how come you're not making the deal.

Johnston: Words gonna start to spread.

Stanley: As far as they know the marines said the Army Core engineers would be here within a month. What difference does it make if we give New Bern a part of next year's crop?

Johnston: Well they think there’s gonna be food by then.

Gray: You didn’t want to tell them it was a bunch of crap, so now what are we gonna do?

Stanley: Alright, maybe we should tell the town that help is not coming, that we just told them that to give them something to get through winter.

Johnston: Town's already on the edge, we’ll have anarchy.

Gray: Well I’m not going to leverage next winter's food, that’d be suicide.

Stanley: What if we tell New Bern that we’ll give them ten percent of next year's crop? We get power now, if next year we don’t have the food to give we don’t give it up.

Johnston: That’s how wars get started.

(Refugee Shelter)

Jimmy: I can’t believe Darcy’s staying at the refugee shelter.

Hawkins: Hey Jim, let me talk to her for a second.

Jimmy: Sure

Hawkins: Thanks.

Darcy: I asked you to stay away.

Hawkins: Jimmy wanted to ask you some questions about Sarah. Where are the kids?

Darcy: There in the gym playing.

Hawkins: We need a consistent cover story.

Darcy: What did you do with her body?

Hawkins: I buried her.

Darcy: So I could tell him that right now and I would never see you again. Could tell him about what, what did you call it, the package.

Hawkins: Stop it. You understand the story, family, New Orleans and you don’t know anything else about her.

Jimmy: This’ll just take a sec.

Darcy: (to Jimmy) Yeah well I don’t want to talk to you in front of him

Jimmy: Why don’t you give us a minute Mr. Hawkins?

Hawkins: I’ll be out front, let you two talk

(Medical Center Operating Room)

Gail: You’re going to be okay angel.

Dr. Kenchy: Did you do surgical rotation?

Gail: Only in school, most of my career was in post-op.

Jessica: Kenchy I feel obligated to ask if your sober enough to do this? You can talk me through it.

Dr. Kenchy: You’ll refer to me as Dr. Dhuwalia nurse, and my sobriety is not the issue.

Jessica: The people I call Doctor don’t smell like a brewery.

Mimi: Respirations are 16, pulse rate is 82, blood pressures down to 100 over 62

Dr. Kenchy: God help us.

(Medical Center Hallway)

Eric: Well, is the baby okay?

Jake: I don’t know alright, mom said there’s a problem.

Eric: I was just collecting firewood.

Jake: You don’t have to explain it to me.

Eric: What about mom?

Jake: Don’t worry about that.

(Gail sees Mary standing behind Jake looking in)

Gail: Shut the door

Dr. Kenchy: We’re loosing too much blood, clamp it off. Get away from the incision.

Gail: I need to hear if the baby’s in distress

Dr. Kenchy: Get away from the incision

Gail: You haven’t let me get a pulse from the baby in an hour

Mimi: Respirations are 16 pulse is 84.

Gail: Fetal heart rate is less than five beats per minute.

Jessica: You're not close enough to the fetus, it’s not an accurate measurement.

Dr. Kenchy: The placenta is going into the uterine wall, its ripping away. That’s what’s causing the bleeding

Gail: I’ve lost it, I can’t hear anything.

Eric: What is going on?

Gail: The baby’s heartbeat has stopped.

Eric: What, what do you mean it's stopped.

Gail: Do something!

(All of the lights go out in the Medical Center)

Jessica: That must be the last of the diesel.

Dr. Kenchy: Open the door open, open the blinds, I need light.

Gail: Why aren’t you doing something about the baby?

Jessica: This hasn’t been about the baby for several hours, the baby never really had a chance. I’m sorry.

Eric: What are you saying?

Dr. Kenchy: I am trying to save April.

(Nighttime – Mr. Fredrickson’s House)

Mr. Fredrickson: What do you want?

Dale: Same thing as before, my share of the crop.

Mr. Fredrickson: I told you I can’t do that go home.

Dale: I’m only asking for what’s mine, you said there’s no law right?

Mr. Fredrickson: I’m not trying to cheat anybody, I don’t have that much left.

Dale: Then give me my share of whatever you’ve got… right now.

(Medical Clinic Hallway Eric Walks In)

Jake: What’s going on?

Eric: Not yet, I need some space right now. Lost the baby.

Mary: Oh sweetie...

Eric: I-I... I need to be with April right now.

(Out Front of the Refugee Center - Hawkins looks little nervous as Jimmy walks towards him and he sees another police officer on the other side of the street)

Hawkins: Hey, what took you so long?

Jimmy: Well after uh, talking with Darcy, a lot of things are starting to make sense now. You alright Mr. Hawkins?

Hawkins: I’m fine.

Jimmy: Well Darcy said that Sarah left for New Orleans just like you told me.

Hawkins: What, you think I was lying?

Jimmy: I told Darcy she and the kids can come stay with us, she doesn’t need to be staying in the shelter.

Hawkins: Thanks Jimmy, I appreciate that.

Jimmy: We found a body Robert, out in the woods, near Mill Creek. Broken neck, animals got to it. Michael Connor was on patrol, said he saw an African American woman driving out that way a couple nights ago, perfect description of Sarah Mason.

Hawkins: Really?

Jimmy: Yeah, think she could do something like that?

Hawkins: I don’t know. You know I’m learning that uh, it’s hard to figure what people are capable of Jimmy.

Jimmy: Well our John Dow is bald. You know anyone that looks like that?

(Jimmy shows Hawkins a picture of the body found in the woods, it’s the man Sarah Mason was with)

Hawkins: No.

Jimmy: Well, if Sarah comes back we’d really, really like to talk to her.

Hawkins: My guess is, she’s not coming back

Jimmy: Yeah, that’d be my guess too.

(Mayor's Office)

Phil: New Bern's all made of clay, can’t grow nothin. We need ten percent of your spring crop and seven hundred pounds of refined salt.

Gray : Wait, you said five hundred earlier.

Phil: Price went up.

Johnston : Why?

Phil: Because that’s what power costs in this world.

Gray: Oh now come on, we’ve got people freezing to death in their own homes, give us a break.

Johnston : You were at my son's wedding.

Phil: I’m sorry for your troubles, but we got our own.

(Phil Constantino gets up to leave)

Gray: Ok, OK. Look, we’ll give you the food, we’ll give you the salt, everything.

Phil: Alright, we {can have} the wind turbines to you in a couple weeks. What guarantee do we have you’ll give us our share of the crops?

Johnston : You have our word.

Phil: We’re gonna need ten Jericho men to help us build them, we can take them back with us now.

Gray: Wait, is this about manpower for wind turbines?

Johnston : Or is it more about makin sure you get our crops come spring?

Phil: Using human beings as collateral? I would never do that, but I am not going to build these things on credit. You want it now, you’ve gotta help make 'em.

( Medical Center Operating Room)

Dr. Kenchy: Just hold the pressure, put pressure right there, right there, press, harder. Damn it, I can’t see.

Eric: I’ll get another lantern.

Dr. Kenchy: You can bring ten lanterns it doesn’t make any different, I need real light.

Mimi: Blood pressures down to 66 over 30.

Dr. Kenchy: This is crazy, this is crazy, close her up.

Jessica: But we haven’t stopped the bleeding.

(Dr. Kenchy is preparing to leave)

Gail: What are you doing?

Dr. Kenchy: Give her some peace, give her some dignity.

Gail: You are not giving up on her!

Dr. Kenchy: I’m sorry, close this up.

Gail: No.

(Eric and Jake follow Dr. Kenchy outside of the Medical Center)

Eric: Hey, where do you think you're going? You get back inside right now.

Jake: Hey, hey, hey take it easy, take it easy. Alright, just let me handle this, let me handle this. What are you doin?

Dr. Kenchy: You want me to say it in front of him?

Jake: Go back inside alright! April needs you

Dr. Kenchy: To go on operating is cruel and pointless. Don’t even ask me Jake, I’m done with this. I became a plastic surgeon so I could have a simple easy life, but I’m not meant for this

Jake: Not in this town.

Dr. Kenchy: I don’t care. I’m not going through this anymore, it is madness.

Jake: Then everyone here can just go to hell huh? If you stop trying then I stop then they see that and this whole thing falls apart. Alright, we’re all leaning on each other here whether you like it or not.

Dr. Kenchy: Promise me that you are not saying that we are all connected. This is not some existential web of life BS, that is not what I’m hearing is it Jake?

Jake: Then tell me what you want to hear, I’ll say anything if you’ll just go back in there and keep trying

Dr. Kenchy: She’s going to die

Jake: I know

( Medical Center Operating Room)

(Jake walks in followed by Dr. Kenchy)

Dr. Kenchy: OK, new gloves. Let’s get this bleeding stopped shall we?

Jessica: Oh we’ve got more sponges.

Dr. Kenchy: Excellent, pack them in around this vascular bleeding, just give me time to suture.

(Hospital Front Desk)

(Jake walks up to Gail)

Jake: He’s gonna need you…now

(Hospital Room-Post Surgery)

April: Hold my hand.

Eric: I’m right here, I’m right next to you.

April: I like the name Tracey.

Eric: (beginning to cry) Tracey’s a beautiful name.

(April eyes close and we realize she has passed away as the rest of her family joins Eric in the room)

(Refugee Shelter)

Hawkins: Thank you for not saying anything.

Darcy: I didn’t do it for you, I did it for Allison.

Hawkins: I need my family to come home, I uh, I need you.

Darcy: You know in the last three months I remembered all of the reasons why I needed you in my life.

Hawkins: So have I.

Darcy: I’ve also remembered why it can never work. I need truth Robert and that’s something you’ve never given me.

Hawkins: Everything I do is for us.

Darcy: Listen, when you hide a part of yourself I don’t care what the reason is, it puts something between us.

Hawkins: Please.

Darcy: My daughter just killed a woman, I don’t have any more trust to give you.

(Jimmy walks in the room)

Jimmy: So, I’ve got the kids with Margaret back at the house. Uh, what can I carry? (to Hawkins) Hang in there. Have faith in you guys.

(Jimmy follows Darcy)

( Medical Center )

Mimi: Sorry.

(She hugs Bonnie as Bonnie begins to cry)

(Medical Center)

Jessica: Wind turbines working. Mrs. Hodges how you doing?

Mrs. Hodges: Not so hot.

Jessica: Let's get you checked out again. Dr. Dhuwalia, Mrs. Hodges’ cough is worse, her temperature is 102

Dr. Kenchy: Well, Mrs. Hodges I’m Dr. Dhuwalia

Mrs. Hodges: Nice to meet you.

Dr. Kenchy: Nice to meet you. (to Jessica) Why don’t you go outside and get a pan of boiling hot water? Build a tent with a sheet, we’ll get this lady breathing some moist air. Take a deep breath, there you go.

(Gracie’s Market - or maybe Skylar's house)

Skylar: That was incredible. Did you see the look on his face?

Dale: I know, I thought he was going to have a heart attack and we would have to drive him to the medical center

(Skylar and Dale laugh)

Skylar: I think we’re gonna be okay.

Dale: Thanks for coming.

Skylar: I wanted to be there, with you.

(Dale and Skylar start kissing madly)

(Middle of Town - Men are preparing to leave for New Bern)

Gray: You men are the only ones that really know what’s going on here. When New Bern gets their share of the spring crop you’ll be allowed to return. I know that sounds like a long time, but what you are about to do means this town’s survival. Now, we’ll give your families some time to say goodbye, so lets get going.

(In Sign Language)

Stanley: Promise me something, promise me you won’t kill Mimi while I’m gone? And you’ll give her food?

Bonnie: Why do you have to go?

Stanley: People are going to die if we don’t get these wind turbines.

Bonnie: You’re all I have.

Stanley: (voices, trying to parody the famous motto) “I’ll Be Back” (hugs Bonnie)

(Talking to Mimi)

Stanley: Take care of Bonnie OK?

Mimi: Look I just want to tell you something, don’t freak out okay?

Stanley: I won’t

Mimi: In this crazy world we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, and I don’t wanna leave anything unsaid so, I’m just gonna say it. Okay? So here I go…

Stanley: I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you at Bailey’s.

Mimi: You said it, you said it first. No one's ever said it first to me before.

Stanley: Well, I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow and... Plus, I can hold it over you for the rest of our lives.

Mimi: I love you Stanley Richmond.

Stanley: Yeah, but I said it first.

Mary: It wasn’t your fault Eric, you don’t have to do this.

Eric: I can’t be here right now… I can’t.

Johnston: Take care son.

Jake: Be strong.

Eric: I’m uh, I’m sorry mom.

Gail: We’ll take care of Mary

(Gail hugs her son)

Phil: Alright, lets move out.

Jake: (speaking to Russell) My dad told me what’s happened. First you're helping us, now this, what the hell's going on?

Russell: He’ll be fine, I’m gonna look after him you’ll have to trust me on this.

Jake: Trust?!

Russell: This isn’t me.

Jake: Where’s Heather?

Russell: She’s fine, I told her we were making the trip she didn’t want to come. Truth.

Jake: If anything happens to any of them, you’re the first I come for.

Russell: I know

(Jake and everyone turn and watch as they drive away)


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