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#114 : Le cœur de l’hiver

La faim se faire sentir alors que l'hiver bat son plein à Jericho. Jake, Stanley et Mimi vont rencontrer des problèmes au cours d'une partie de chasse dans les environs. Hawkins réalise que sa famille est en danger par sa faute ; il ignore encore que Sarah le manipule.



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Titre VO
Heart of winter

Titre VF
Le cœur de l’hiver

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Trailer de l’épisode

Trailer de l’épisode


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Jake, Stanley et Mimi ont un accident

Jake, Stanley et Mimi ont un accident

Stanley et Jake sont blessés

Stanley et Jake sont blessés

L'accident a fait de gros dégâts...

L'accident a fait de gros dégâts...

Plus de détails

Réalisation : Steve Gomer

Scénario : Nancy Won


Acteurs :

  • Christopher Wiehl (Roger Hammond)
  • Darby Stanchfield (April Green)
  • Siena Goines (Sarah Mason)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • Ron Rottitta (le chasseur)


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Heart of Winter Transcript
Jericho Episode 14

Heart of Winter

(Outside Town Hall)

Woman: Any luck out there?

Johnston: Sorry Ma'am.

(Inside Town Hall)

Jake: Nothing? Not even Rabbits?

Johnston: Never seen anything like it before. Nothing was out there.

Stanley: Think it was the fallout? Maybe it was the radiation that killed the deer?

Eric: There'd still be dead animals carcasses, something. I mean it was weird. Like all the game had vanished.

Jake: How far out did you go?

Johnston: 15 miles, out by Mill pond, along the creek there.

Stanley: Guess we're going to have to drive, huh Jake?

Eric: Yeah, but we have to be careful about burning the gas rations. It's the middle of winter. We need everything we can for the generator.

Jake: We can live without power for now, make fires to stay warm. We won't see spring if we don't eat. Stanley and I will have to use whatever gas we can spare. Go out west, go out as far as it takes. The rest of the hunting parties will have to scrounge around locally.

Stanley: Yeah, and Mimi's coming with us.

Jake: What?

Stanley: Well in case something happens to me, I want to make sure she knows how to trap and shoot, okay?

Johnston: Alright, look. The further out you get, the hairier the roads are, and with food as scarce as it is, there's bound to be trouble out there. That' sleeping bags ready for 40 below, here's a wind proof lighter for you, you're going to need them both. Good hunting.

(Hawkins Basement)

Sarah: I'm guessing the good folks of Jericho don't know about the stuff down here.

Hawkins: They don't know about a lot of things.

Sarah: That'll be enough to get us to the old mans place?

Hawkins: He is only about two hours away.

Sarah: How did you realize he was so close?

Hawkins: He chose the rally point. Wanted it in his backyard.

Sarah: How long has he been watching you/

Hawkins: My guess? Since a few days ago when I stopped communication.

Sarah: You worried about what we're going to find out there?

Hawkins: You're not?

Sarah: We can handle him. It's you and me, let's get to work.

(On The Road)

Mimi: My grandmother went faster than this, and she didn't even have a car.

Jake: We have to take it easy, we only have half a tank.

Stanley: Hopefully we'll make it to Flint Springs

Jake: Hopefully? What do you mean hopefully?

Stanley: It's got a river, it's prime white tail terrain.

Mimi: You know, this is crazy. I told you that I can't hunt. Now you want me to kill Bambi.

Stanley: Look, you have to learn alright? Everyone's doing their part, Bonnie's been out twice.

Mimi: Well good for fricking Bonnie. Bonnie grew up on a farm. The closest I ever got to the outdoors was the Ralph Lauren section at Neiman Marcus.

Stanley: There you go, Bargain hunting, same thing but with a gun.

Mimi: Bargains, at Neimans? Sometimes I forget the biggest designer in your closet is Wrangler.

Jake Laughs

Stanley: Wh-what are you laughing at?

Jake: Well I've never seen you in a domestic squabble before.

Stanley: Knock it off.

Mimi: This isn't squabbling.

Jake: Ho-ho. Oh my god

Mimi: These dogs have tags

Stanley: Look at all this.

Jake: Wall-drugs. Wall South Dakota.

Mimi: Do you think that's where all these people are coming from?

Jake: Think about it, South Dakota without heat, electricity, or food being trucked in.

Stanley: It's gotta be even worse in North Dakota. Montana.

Mimi: Oh my god.

Jake: I read about this. Black Jack. Mass migration, hundreds of thousands of people heading south. Trying to outrun winter.

Mimi: Should we be doing that too?

Jake: How far is it?

Stanley: Sixty... It's about Sixty Yards.

Mimi: So sixty yards with almost 1.5 people per yard.. that's 90, almost 100 people just across.

Jake: With the ground trampled, you'd have to figure 5 or 10 times that many people came through here.

Mimi: Almost 1000 people? Where are they going?

Jake: South Texas, Mexico, any place warmer.

Stanley: Yeah, it'd take weeks to get there by foot. God knows how many people had the same idea. Mexico's borders could be closed.

Mimi: We don't even know if there still is a Mexico.

Stanley: Maybe we should try to catch up with them.

Jake: We can barely feed ourselves, let alone hundreds more. We gotta keep going. Alright, let's go.

(Refugee Shelter)

Roger: Excuse me, I'll be right back. I just came down. Thank you.

Emily: What time did you um

Roger: Early. Late I didn't want to wake you, you looked so peaceful.

Emily: Peaceful... really?

Roger: Well (???), can you put those there? I guess neither one of us got much sleep. All I could do is think about all these people down here you know? And then I remembered about the clothes we had in the attic so...

Emily: I thought that sweater looked familiar.

Roger: Yeah, that one was way over in Kansas City when the bombs went off. Husband and two kids were waiting for her at home.

Emily: Where?

Roger: Denver. I led these people here, for better of worse, this is their home now. It's on me to make sure they're taken care of.

Emily: Of course. What can I do to help?

Roger: Talk to them. Follow your instincts. Truth is, I'm winging this myself.

(Hawkins House)

Sarah: I'll be outside.

Hawkins: I should be back before dark.

Darcy: And if you're not? Just tell me when I should start to worry.

Hawkins: This is the last time, okay? After today, I'm here. For good, huh.

Darcy: Okay, I'll hold you to that.

(Green Household)

Gail: Hi Honey, how'd it go this morning?

Johnston: Eh, the whole thing was a bust. I'm sorry hun. Jakes out there now, hopefully he and Stanley will have better luck than I did. Is April here?

Gail: No. She's at the clinic. She promised me she'd take a nap.

Johnston: I hope it is warmer in that clinic than it is in this house.

Gail: I think this house has dropped 10 degrees in the last hour. Feels like a storm is coming in.

Johnston: We better seal up these windows the best way we can.

Gail: I've been going around collecting old sheets and linens, we'll shove them under the doors. Oh, oh, look what I found hidden in Jake's closet. Lord knows how long that's been there.

Johnston: Well, at least he was drinking the good stuff. I used to hide the most awful (??) behind my mother's china cabinet.

Gail: What do you think?

Johnston: On an empty stomach?

Gail: I'll get the glasses.

(Old Man's House)

Hawkins and Sarah re being watched through binoculars.

Sarah: Why would anyone destroy all this? If they wanted it out of commission, they could've just taken it. Be worth a fortune after the EMP.

Hawkins: Maybe there wasn't time. Or maybe they just didn't care about this stuff.

Hawkins finds a body

Hawkins: Hey.

Sarah: How long?

Hawkins: Couple days. Give or take

Sarah: But we just heard from him yesterday.

Hawkins: We heard from someone. Remote up link. Someone else using his access codes.

The Hunter is listening to them.

Sarah: Who could've done this?

(On the Road)

Jake: Wager for the first kill.

Stanley: I'm in for a dozen eggs.

Jake: Two hours chopping wood.

Mimi: Tax return consultation.

Stanley: how about foot massages for a week? For me, not for him.

Mimi: We'll talk.

Jake: Stanley, stop.

Stanley: What are they doing?

Mimi: They're blocking the whole road!

Jake: More like staking it out. Alright, turn around.

Stanley: And go where?

Jake: I don't know, just do it alright? Turn around. Find another road.

Stanley: Jake...

Jake: I see it... Damnit.

Mimi: Why are they following us?

Jake: Stanley, gun it!

Jake: This should get us back to the highway.

Mimi: Then what?

Jake: We try to make it back home, find the patrol. Maybe they'll give up by then, or run out of gas.

Stanley: Yeah, if we don't first.

Jake: Stanley, Stanley hold on!

(Old Man's house)

Sarah: It doesn't look like he put up much of a fight. He was probably out before he knew what hit him.

Hawkins: He must've trusted whoever did it. Thing is, whoever it was, he knew what they were doing there. But not over here. I mean look at this. It's a mess. The drives, they look like they're still in tact.

Sarah: The old man, he had information on the whole team. Contact information, background.

Hawkins: Last known whereabouts, let's find out where everybody is.

(On The Road)

Stanley: We can't outrun them.

Mimi: How far till Jericho?

Jake: Too far

Mimi: Oh god!

Stanley: Jake.

Jake: Stay down.

Stanley: Stay down.

Jake fires 2 shots before the truck flips over.

(Old Man's House)

Hawkins: Give me that drive you've got there.

Sarah: Must feel good to be back in the saddle, huh?

Hawkins: I wish we didn't have to come out here in the first place

Sarah: What, are you getting soft on me? Too much domestic bliss?

Hawkins: Not quite bliss. There, there it is. We're in.

Hawkins clicks on Team Files and 8 folders come up

Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown


Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown



(Refugee Shelter)

Dave: Karaoke bullfighter, right?

Emily: Excuse me?

Dave: At that bar in Barcelona. You decked that bullfighter who tried to get you to stop singing that song...

Emily: Stairway to heaven? Did Roger tell you that?

Dave: He also mentioned that you like Oreo Ice Cream and white daisies. Don't be mad at him, he was trying to keep us entertained. He kept talking, and somehow we kept moving.

Roger: And I'm out of letters. Hey, how you doing?

Emily: I'm a little tired. I'm going to head home and get cleaned up.

Roger: I think I'll stay here for a little longer if you don't mind.

Emily: Yeah, yeah of course.

Roger: You sure?

Emily: Yeah, Yeah I'm sure. Looks like you owe these folks a rematch. So um I will see you when I see you.

Roger: Mm-hmm

Emily: Okay.

(Green Household)

Gail: To Jake!

Johnston: To Jake!

Gail: Who would've thought six months ago that you'd be toasting him.

Johnston: Well god knows Eric wasn't hitting the bottle.

Gail: You and Jake always had much more in common than you wanted to admit. Going hunting. All those weekends.

Johnston: My kid could sit in a deer stand for hours. We wouldn't say a word to each other, just be in the woods together. I was always afraid Jake would forget about all that you know. That he'd grow up only remembering the bad times. That he wouldn't remember that we'd been close, that we were buddies once.

Gail: He remembers. Deep down. It's why you mean so much to him.

Johnston: Boy that wind sounds awful.

Gail: I hope Stanley and Jake are okay out there.

(About 10 miles outside of Jericho)

Mimi wakes up.

Mimi: Stanley?

Stanley is unconscious

Mimi: Stanley? Stanley!?

Mimi crawls out of the truck

Mimi: Jake? Jake?

Jake: What happened?

Mimi: Stanley's not up.

Jake: What?

Mimi: Stanley's not up. Jake..

Jake: OH my god, go hide. Go.

Mimi: No, Stanley.

Jake: Go hide! Go hide!

Jake throws her two bottles of water and a gun. Jake reaches for another gun but cannot get it.

Masked men take the stuff, kick Jake to see if he's alive or not.

Jake: Mimi!

Mimi: Come on, help me with Stanley.

Jake: I can't.

(Old Man's House)

Sarah: Ritz, Woodworth, Pierce. That's half the team. We're being hunted.

Hawkins: It's worse than that. It's Woodworth and his wife. They were in Richland. That's his daughter. Anyone close to us is in danger too.

Sarah: No loose ends. Don't worry about your family, we're not going to let anything happen to them. Just have Chavez and Cheung left. Get back in the field, stay in the weeds until we can get back in touch with the chief.

Hawkins: Hey, look at this.

Sarah: What is that?

Hawkins: If we are being hunted, there is the hunter.

(About 10 miles outside of Jericho)

Mimi: Stanley, are you okay?

Stanley: Yeah.

Mimi: Can you get up?

Stanley: Yeah.

Mimi: Your leg...

Stanley: I think I busted my ankle.

Mimi: Okay.

Jake: I'm okay. Just stuck.

Stanley: Let me.. let me try to get this

Mimi: Stanley. Don't. We can't do this ourselves, you might make it worse.

Jake: Maybe you could dig me out.

Stanley: Alright. Help me get the shovels, they're in the bed of the truck.

Mimi: It's gone.

Stanley: Alright. Get the jack, the jacks back there

Mimi: They took everything.

(Emily's House)

Roger: How was your bath?

Emily: Oh, luke-warm. Then cold, then pretty much icy. Look, remember this?

Roger: Oh yeah. Times Square, New Years Eve 2005.

Emily: Wasted.

Roger: Oh yeah, hangover was epic.

Emily: Hey, um do you remember the last thing I said to you the night before you left Jericho.

Roger: That I was selfish, and that I didn't listen, something like that?

Emily: You have no idea how that grated me while you were gone. I just kept thinking that was the last thing that

Roger: You were right.

Emily: Today, seeing you with those people. It was like you found yourself.

Roger: I'm still trying to figure it out, you know.

Emily: We're not these people anymore.

Roger: No, but I'll tell you the one thing that hasn't changed. The one constant, I love you. And it's going to take a whole lot more than the end of the world to change that. *laughs*.

(About 10 miles outside of Jericho)

Stanley: How are your legs?

Jake: I don't know, I can't feel anything.

Stanley: The ground is frozen solid, it's sucking the heat right out of you.

Mimi: Why can't we build a fire?

Jake: You smell the fumes? You have to get back to town.

Stanley: Alright, I'm going to try and go.

Mimi: No, you can't on that ankle. I'll go.

Stanley: No, those guys are still out there.

Jake: No, they went the other way. Alright, Jericho has a patrol 5 miles out of town. Alright, we couldn't have come no more than 10.

Stanley: Jake, it's too dangerous.

Mimi: What are our options?

Jake: With no bags, and no fire, one of us goes, or we all die here.

Stanley: Alright, fine fine.

Jake: I threw a flashlight somewhere over there, you might need it.

Stanley: Listen, stay on the shoulder the whole time, okay? If you see any headlights, or hear any engines, get low and hide. Alright. Now you're gong to want to head southeast.

Mimi: Stanley, that doesn't mean anything to me.

Stanley: Okay, okay. Stay on this road. Stay on this road, and then you make, make your first left okay, and you're going to go about a mile, and then you're going to make your second right. Then you're going to make another right, then another left. Okay, now once you get to the crossroads of the highway, you're home free. You'll see a big sign pointing the way to Jericho. Okay, you got it?

Mimi: Left, second right, right, left.

Stanley: Right. Mimi I...

Mimi: Don't worry. Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Stanley: Okay. Okay.

(Old Man's House)

Sarah: Here's what we're going to do. We're going to play safe. You take Darcy and the kids out of Jericho, and stash them before you and I get back on the move.

Hawkins: I am not leaving them alone.

Sarah: I don't think you have a choice.

Hawkins: No, see. Because I've got leverage. If they kill me, they will never find the package.

Sarah: It's not you they're going to kill. It'll be Sam, or Darcy, or me. Anything they can use to get to you.

Hawkins: Anything they can use to get to me... The body... these... these are, these half-smashed drives, this whole, this whole set-up, if someone wanted to destroy all this, why leave the house standing huh? Why not just burn it all down? Someone wanted us to see all this.

Hawkins: It'll be in play.

Sarah: Why would anyone go through all that trouble?

Hawkins: I don't know, but this is too big and all. There is too many angles to cover. Too many unknowns. I need to get home.

Sarah: Robert, wait.

Hawkins: What?

Sarah: Let's think about this. What's the plan? What are we going to do?

Hawkins: You know, maybe the plan all along was to get us out here. I gotta protect my family Sarah.

Sarah: And what about he package?

Hawkins: It'll need to be moved.

(About 10 miles outside Jericho)

Stanley: Come on. It ain't so bad, alright? Hey we've been through worse. Remember the time we got stuck on the roof of town hall in the middle of a lightning storm?

Jake: You were so afraid the lightning was going to blow up the fire horse.

Stanley: You squealed like a little girl, wanting to jump off that roof.

Jake: That was you. Your voice hadn't changed yet.

Stanley: Please, I had you beat my 6 months. Drink some water. It's frozen right through.

Jake: What? Stanley... I saw an abandoned cabin about a quarter mile up the road. You need to get inside.

Stanley: No.

Jake: It'll hurt, but you can make it.

Stanley: Jake, I'm staying.

Jake: Listen to me. There's no point in both of us freezing to death out here.

Stanley: She's coming back.

Jake: When?

Stanley: Well she's been gone for like an hour. It'll take her a little time to reach the patrol, but when she does, she'll find someone, I know she'll find someone.

Jake: Unless someone finds her first. Look, it's going to get dark soon. You need to go.

Stanley: No. You wouldn't leave me any more than I'd leave you. Mimi's strong. She'll find her way.

(About 5 miles outside of Jericho)

Mimi is walking down the road.

Mimi: Wait, he said head east, southeast. And look for a sign, ugh!

The Jericho "5" sign has fallen.

Mimi: God, I hate this place. God...

Mimi heads in the direction of the setting sun, going left.

(About 10 miles outside of Jericho)

Stanley: Jake? Jake, come on man. Can't fall asleep. You gotta stay awake. Come on. Stop shivering. Come on you gotta talk to me, come on. Come on buddy. You gotta talk to me. Talk to me buddy, come on.

Jake: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Stanley: About what?

Jake: 5 years ago.. Sorry I went the way I did.

Stanley: Hey, it's okay. It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.

Jake: I was gonna call. I was gonna call.

Stanley: I know. Listen, I want you to forget about it, okay?

Jake: We never got to go backpacking in Costa Rica.

Stanley: You know what, we're still going to get to go backpacking in Costa Rica. Okay? We're going to learn how to surf. We're going to sleep on the beach. As soon as the planes are up and running again, it's going to be you and me. Hell you can fly us there yourself huh? Come on, come on tell me something good man I haven't talked to you in 5 years. You've been gone for 5 years. Huh? Tell me, hey tell me about San Diego, how was it?

Jake: Warm.

Stanley: Warm. Alright, beaches, blonds. Huh? What were you doing there?

Jake: Fly... flying planes.

Stanley: Really, that's cool man! Your grandfather would've been psyched huh? Did you have a girl there, I know you had a girl.

Jake: She's dead.

Stanley: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What do you mean? You don't know that. I mean it all depends where she was when the bombs went off, right? I mean she could've made it right? Tell me what her name is.

Jake: She's dead. It was my fault.

Stanley: It's not your fault.

Jake: Let me lay down.

Stanley: Jake, no.

Jake: Let me lay down. Come on.

Stanley: It wasn't your fault. Come on stay with me. You gotta stay with me. Come on, Come one Jake. Stay with me Jake. Come on man. Come on. Stay with me.

(A couple of miles outside of Jericho)

Mimi's flashlight goes out.

Mimi: Come on! Okay. Keep moving.

Headlights are on the road. Mimi tries to hide on the side of the road.

Mimi: Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me.

Gail: Mimi. Mimi. Oh honey.

Johnston: It's Gail and Johnston Green honey, your safe.

Mimi: Oh thank god.

Johnston: Come on baby, let's get out of here. Come on.

(Emily's House)

Emily: Those are hideous. Are those the sheets from your old apartment? Because you can't expect anyone to sleep on those.

Roger: If anyone asks, we'll pretend someone else donated them. Your dress. Guess I shouldn't be seeing this huh?

Emily: The days come and gone so..

Roger: It'll come again.

Emily: You think?

Roger: I do.

Emily: Tell you what. I got a pack of Ramen noodles with your name on it, what do you say?

Roger: Great, I'll deliver this to the shelter, come back and wash up.

Emily: Roger, wait. I'll come with you.

(About 10 miles outside of Jericho)

Gail: Jake! Jake! It's mom and dad honey. Stanley, are you alright sweetheart?

Johnston: You need to get in the truck and get warm.

Stanley: Where's Mimi?

Mimi: I'm right here.

Johnston: She's right here.

Mimi: Stanley, I'm right here.

Gail: Wake up, wake up! Wake up Jake! Wake Up! Wake up, we're going to help you honey. The storm was coming, and we started to get worried when you hadn't come back.

Johnston: Sweetheart,

Gail: Okay.

Johnston: Honey, we're not going to be able to get this truck off of him. I need you to take these guys back to town, and get me some help out here. You signal when you're coming back, so I'll know it's you.

Gail: Alright, I'll flash the lights.

Johnston: Alright, go go go! Jake, Jake, look at me here, you're going to make it son. I know you. I know what you're made of. You're going to be alright. You're going to make it. Stay with me.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: Darcy? Ali? Sam?

Darcy: Shh! Shh! Robert, please the kids are sleeping.

Hawkins: I"m sorry.

Darcy: What do you think you're doing?

Hawkins: I'm sorry. Hey.

(About 10 miles outside Jericho)

Johnston: Jake, you'll be home soon. But you gotta stay with me now.

Jake: Leave me alone.

Johnston: I'm not going anywhere. But you gotta hold on. They'll be here soon.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Johnston: Son, you got nothing to be sorry about.

Jake: No.

Johnston: Open your eyes Jake. Look at me, look at me Jake.

Jake: I can see her.

Johnston: See who?

Jake: The girl.

Johnston: What girl? Jake I think you're hallucinating son.

Jake: Listen to me, when I was in Iraq, there was a girl, she couldn't have been any more than 10 or 12,

Johnston: Shh! Shh! Shh! Don't talk now son. Save your energy. We can talk when we get home.

Jake: I killed her dad. I killed a little girl.

Headlights are on the road, and they are flashing.

Johnston: Hurry up!

Gail: Jake! Jake! Open your eyes, open your eyes.

Eric: Alright, everyone on three. One, two, three!

Fireman: Alright, he's free. How'd he get board in here?

Johnston: One, two, three.

Jake: Okay.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: You were, right. I need to get my family as far away from here as possible. I've been thinking, and there's no other choice.

Sarah: You're doing the right thing.

Hawkins: Yeah. Listen, after this, you and me need to get back in the field. There's half our team gone, and whoever did it, did it for a reason.

Sarah: How are you going to tell Darcy?

Hawkins: I'll tell her after I move them. She'll never agree if she knows I won't be staying with them.

(Green Household)

April: He's better off here than the med center. We're still on emergency power and it's, it's warmer here.

Gail: Here honey. What about his injuries?

April: Well the cut on his head isn't very deep, and neither one of his legs are broken. He's very lucky.

Jake: I'm freezing.

Gail: I'll get you some more blankets.

April: You're still hypothetic. It's going to take a few hours for your body to stabilize.

Johnston: Let me have a minute.

April: Sure.

Jake: Dad, what I told you out there.. please forget it. Please.

Johnston: Afraid I can't do that. I've seen a lot of things in my time Jake. I've been to war. I know what war can do, I know what man can do. Terrible, terrible things. I know what I did. You can talk to me. Shh... We can work this out.

(Outside the Medical Center)

Mimi: *laughs.

Stanley: You okay?

Mimi: yeah. How's the sprain?

Stanley: I think it'd be better with pain killers, but I'm not going to complain. You know, for a while there I didn't think I'd ever feel anything again.

Mimi: When I was out there, just for a moment, I didn't think i was going to make it. I stopped, to rest. And I just didn't want to move.

Stanley: But you did.

Mimi: Yeah.

Stanley: You did make it. I knew you would.

Mimi: Your lips are still cold.

Stanley: Yeah. Maybe you can warm them.

Mimi: It's the worst line I've ever heard.

Stanley: I've got others.

Mimi: Shut up.

Stanley: Okay.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: Tomorrow morning. We're leaving.

Darcy: We're leaving , for where?

Hawkins: I don't know yet.

Darcy: You don't know?

Hawkins: Darcy, when I came to get you in DC, I told you it wasn't safe. But I couldn't tell you why.

Sarah: I'm going for a walk.

Hawkins: I have something in my possession. And there's people out there who will do anything to get it. And that puts you me and the kids in danger here.

Darcy: So we'll go. I trust you. But do you trust me?


Hunter: You're late.

Sarah: You're impatient.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: yeah.

Darcy: Then listen to me. Sarah is not on our side. Now what ever has gone on between the two of you, I'm telling you Robert, she's not here to help us.


The Hunter: Have you located the package.

Sarah: Soon.

The Hunter: Hawkins is starting to put the pieces together. He needs to be eliminated.

Sarah: I know.

The Hunter: We've already eliminated the other three targets without incident, why are you stalling on this one?

Sarah kills The Hunter.

Sarah: Because this one's different. 

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Nouveau sondage
"Que ferais tu si il y avait une catastrophe nucléaire comme dans Jericho ?" : vote pour la...

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood | James Remar - Sortie

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood | James Remar - Sortie
Le film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood réalisé par Quentin Tarantino sortira en France le 14 août...

Renov'Hypno 2018

Renov'Hypno 2018
Bonjour aux rénovateurs et bienvenue ! Durant 7 jours, tu aideras à la reconstruction de ce quartier...

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Esai Morales | "Voices Of Our Children" Gala
Esai Morales a participé au 18ème gala annuel "Voices Of Our Children", le 28 septembre dernier à...

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Programme télévision
Lundi 14 mai Family guy sur MCM à 11h30 avec la voix d'Alex Carter L'arche de l'apocalypse sur Syfy...


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ShanInXYZ, Aujourd'hui à 15:13

Nouveau Survivor chez Doctor Who et n'oubliez pas de venir voter pour le concours de Wallpaper

pretty31, Aujourd'hui à 15:14

Venez voter et départager les Wallpapers St Valentin sur le quartier 13 reasons why ! Merci aux participants, que de belles créations !

Locksley, Aujourd'hui à 15:38

Un membre HypnoVIP a accepté de répondre à nos question... Découvrez son identité et son parcours dans l'interview du mois !

Harilinn, Aujourd'hui à 19:18

coucou, pour ceux qui passent sur le quartier Castle, il y a un article dédié sur ma BD autour de la série. A bientôt

choup37, Aujourd'hui à 19:39

Nouveau sondage et EV sur Kaamelott et toutes les infos sur le film qui sort en juillet!

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