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#119 : Casus Belli

Des habitants de New Bern sont de retour avec les éoliennes et les hommes de Jericho venus prêter main forte pour leur construction. Seulement, Eric manque à l'appel et Jake apprend que son frère n'a pas été vu depuis plusieurs jours là-bas. Pressentant un danger, il prend la route avec Hawkins.


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Casus Belli

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Casus Belli

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Trailer de l’épisode


Plus de détails

Réalisation : Steven Depaul
Scénario : Karen Hall

Acteurs :

  • Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorn)
  • Clare Carey (Mary Bailey)
  • Candace Bailey (Skylar Stevens)
  • Bob Stephenson (Jimmy)
  • Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino)
  • Ned Bellamy (Adjoint Perkins)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • David Meunier (Russell)
  • Sterling Ardrey (Samuel Hawkins)

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(Les transcripts n’appartiennent pas aux personnes qui les réalisent et ils ne gagnent pas d’argent pour ça. Les transcripts appartiennent aux créateurs de Jericho et personne d’autre.)

Casus Belli Transcript

(Several Trucks Drive into Jericho Carrying Wind Turbines)

Gray: I didn’t expect to see you till spring Russell.

Russell: Well, I thought you might be needing these, you’re wind mills.

Gray: It’s good to see our guys back, but it’s gonna take some time for me to find the guys to replace them.

Russell: You don’t need to replace them.

Gray: Wait, wait a minute out agreement was that we get ten wind mills for ten percent of the crops.

Russell: You’ll get your wind mills but we don’t need your men, Constantino called it an act of good faith.

Gray: I didn’t think Constantino knew that term, but I’ll take it.

(Mary is looking for Eric)

Mary: Stanley! Hey, welcome home

Stanley: Thanks

Mary: Where’s Eric?

Stanley: Uh, he didn’t come back Mary, he said he wasn’t ready but I’m sure he’ll be back soon.

Mary: Ok, thanks

Jake: Stanley! Hey, I didn’t know you guys were coming back today

Stanley: None of us did

Jake: How are you? (Jake hugs him) You ok? Where’s Eric?

Stanley: Come here, he didn’t come back with us

Jake: Why not?

Stanley: It’s hard for him, his hearts still pretty messed up about Aprils death. He said he was thinking about staying in New Bern for a while, get his head together.

Jake: When was this?

Stanley: Three days ago, then he didn’t show up for work and I haven’t seen him since. I don’t know what’s going on in New Bern , when I asked about Eric they couldn’t tell me anything. Then the cops they started escorting us where ever we went and then today out of no where Russell says pack it up like, like it wasn’t safe for us there anymore.

(Jake and Stanley Walk Over to Russell)

Jake: Where’s my brother?

Russell: I don’t know.
Jake: What?

Russell: I know he hasn’t been seen for a few days.

Jake: Did you even try to find him?

Russell: I asked Constantino.

Jake: And?

Russell: And he told me that they were looking for him and then this morning he told me to bring the rest of your guys home.

Jake: What the hells going on over there Russell huh? Should I be worried about him? Answer me. (Jake grabs Russell) Should I be worried?

Russell: I would be. (Jake pushes Russell against the truck and walks away)

Stanley: Look I’m going with you.

Jake: No, you’ve been gone for weeks go home.

Stanley: You need someone there that knows their way around New Bern Jake.

Jake: I’ll try and find Heather as soon as I get there she knows it better than any of us.

Stanley: Look it’s not safe out there you can’t go by yourself.

Jake: I’m not

(Hawkins opens his door)

Jake: I need your help

(Inside Hawkins house)

Hawkins: You can’t just ride into New Bern and start breaking China Jake.

Jake: I got to try and find him I can’t just wait. There’s something going on in that town, I can feel it. Stanley starts asking questions and they just send em’ home.

Hawkins: Ok, but you understand why I can’t just up and leave right?

Jake: He’s my brother.

Hawkins: And you said he was upset so maybe he just wanted…

Jake: If you’re saying no them just say no (Jake begins to leave)

Hawkins: I’m not, Jake I’m not saying no. I’m saying we godda know the situation.

Jake: The situation is he’s been missing for three days and I came to you, for help.

Hawkins: Ok, but if we do this we do it my way

(Richmond Farm – Mimi’s hanging clothes)

Mimi: Oh my god, Stanley. Stanley! Oh I’m so glad you’re home.

Stanley : I missed you guys so much

(Sean comes out of the house)

Sean: You’re totally back.

(Green House)

Mary: Mrs. Green, I’m sorry to bother you like this but um, I thought you should know.

Gail: Know what?

Mary: The men came back from New Bern and Eric wasn’t with them.

Gail Why not?

Mary: He decided to stay a little longer.

Johnston: Decided or Constantino insisted?

Mary: Stanley talked to him, he said, he said he wasn’t ready to come home.

(Johnston notices Mary’s hand is bandaged)

Johnston: How’s you hurt your hand?

Mary: Oh I just uh, I was trying to fix the copper tubing on my still, it just popped off and cut me.

Gail: Is alcohol really a priority right now?

Mary: Actually it’s not to drink, I was trying to make antiseptic for the Med. Center. I should go.

Johnston: Got any sand? Over there at the bar?

Mary: Sand?

Johnston: Yeah, I think I can show you a way around that copper tubing, I’ll just give you a hand. (Johnston looks at Gail) See ya in a bit.

(Gracie’s Market - Men are unloading salt)

Gray: Hey, whoa guys. Yo listen, stop unloading that. Put that back. Skylar, what the hell is this?

Skylar: Salt

Gray: Who gave you permission to take it from the mine?

Skylar: Fifty percent of the mine belongs to me, I just took it from my half.

Gray: You don’t have a half of anything, your parents do.

Skylar: Look, I know you still think of me as a child and I can’t help it if that’s where your stuck, but the fact is I have a right to what I own.

Gray: You are a minor you don’t own anything as long as your parents are still alive or do you have some information that I don’t have? Look, just take the salt back to the mine and don’t make me have to send my guys to do it.

(Jake and Hawkins get stopped at the check point into New Bern)

Man: Proof of residents.

Jake: We’re not from here.

Man: Sorry you’re gonna need to turn this car around and proceed back the way you came.

Jake: I’m here to see my brother, his name is Eric Green.

Man: You’re not hearing me sir, no one’s allowed in..

Jake: No you’re not hearing me I have to see him alright, he came here as part of the deal you made with Jericho now get…

Hawkins: Hey

Jake: I wanna talk to Phil Constantino.

Man: Get out of the car.

Jake: Hell no!

Man2: Put your hands on the dashboard. I wanna see your hands.

Deputy Perkins: That’s Johnston Green’s son, let him through. I’ll escort them into see Sheriff Constantino.

Man: Alright, let em’ through.

(New Bern - Some children crowd around Jack asking him for things)

Jake: I’m sorry I don’t I’m sorry I don’t have any.

Deputy Perkins: Come on Ma’me, get those kids out of here.

Jake: I thought we had it bad.

Hawkins: What the hell happened here?

(The front of a building is shown and we truly see the damage that has been done)

Jake: Ravenwood. (Constantino walks up) My brother’s missing.

Phil: I know, I got patrols out looking for him.

Hawkins: There are no leads?

Phil: No, I’m sorry I wish there was more I could do.

Jake: You’re the Sheriff and the Mayor, you can do more.

Phil: I’m trying Jake. Sure Eric even wants to be found?

Jake: What’s that supposed to mean?

Phil: Look we all knew April we all know what happened, it’s just I heard that Eric was having a tough time.

Jake: He’ll be fine as soon as we get him home.

Dep. Perkins: You know what, let’s face the facts. He might have been attacked, could be lying in a ditch some where.

(Jake tries to attack Perkins)

Phil: Whoa, take it easy.

Hawkins: Jake, Jake…Jake.

Phil: The fact is folks around here aren’t to fond of Jericho these days, that’s why I sent the workers home today. When your brother went missing I got worried for their safety.

Hawkins: Why?

Phil: Been a lot of rumors flying around about your town.

Hawkins: What are people saying?

Phil: there mad that Jericho didn’t warn us about Ravenwood, they think you’re gonna renege about your part of the food deal. We’ve had it rough here ok, their just looking for somebody to lame.

Hawkins: Where was Eric last seen?

Dep. Perkins: The factory, end of his shift. Look, we’re just trying to help, what is it that you want that we’re not giving you?

Jake: I want to talk to Heather Lasinski.

(Jericho Police Station)

Radio: Take care of each other Kansas.

Jimmy: Anything new from Mr. Hewitt?

Darcy: Nope, it’s just the same bulletin about the riots in Chicago Camp West.

Jimmy: Hey, thanks for taking on a shift.

Darcy: Jimmy it’s the least I can do to make myself useful. I feel like such a free loader sitting around your house all day.

Jimmy: Are you kidding me? You’re like the best house guest ever, you cook, you do the dishes, you never get bored playing Boggle. We’re dreading the day you and your husband work things out. That, that sounded a lot less insensitive in my head, I’m sorry.

Darcy: No, I, I understand, thank you.

Jimmy: Um listen, can I talk to you about something/

Darcy: Yeah, what is it?

Jimmy: Last night Same and Woody were drawing pictures, that’s one of Sam’s. (Jimmy hands her the picture that Sam drew) I didn’t want to bring it up at the house with everyone around, I thought it might be upsetting.

Darcy: No I’m glad you showed it to me.

Jimmy: I’m not a psychiatrist, but that really looks like a kid dealing with some kind of trauma.

Darcy: I’m not surprised I mean thirty million people died a few months ago. I bet there’s kids all over the country trying to process that.

Jimmy: Maybe, but it’s so specific. Bodies, the house..

Darcy: He’s coming by after school I’ll talk to him then. Thank you.
Jimmy: Sure.

(Bailey’s Bar)

Johnston: Sand, keeps the copper from buckling.

Mary: Where’d you learn this?

Johnston: Well, like most things that are fun and illegal…my dad.

Mary: So the stories Eric tell are true?!

Johnston: Afraid so. You remember that book um, something about women are from Venus and men are wrong? Not that I read the book mind you, but I did flip through Gail’s copy of it. Lot of stuff in there about men needing to go off hold up in a cave some time. Now I don’t know if this was actually in the book, but if men can’t find a cave they’ll make one out of what ever circumstances happen to be lying around.

Mary: Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m sure that’s all it is.

Johnston; This isn’t your fault Mary, wasn’t anybody’s fault. I think Eric’s figuring that out.

(New Bern Factory)

Phil: This place is the only reason New Bern made it through the depression. This factory whistles like a heart beat to this town, put the wind turbines together just down there.

Dep. Perkins: Sheriff.

Jake: Ted?

Hawkins: Who’s that?

Jake: It’s a friend of Heathers, we met him in Blackjack.

Dep. Perkins: Good news, this guy knows where your brother is.

Jake: Really? Where?

Ted: Uh, Eric went home. He and Heather both, they uh, left this morning.

Jake: Home, to Jericho?

Hawkins: Why would they do that? Why didn’t they go with the convoy?
Ted: well, Heather had to talk him into going so by then the other guys had left. So I lent them my car and my riffle. They didn’t seem worried at all, probably back in Jericho by now.

Dep. Perkins: Right.

Ted: Hope there ok.

Jake: Thanks.

(Ted shakes Jake’s hand)

Fireman: We gotta clear the building.

Phil: Alright.

Jake: What happened?

Phil: We ha do to retrofit the machines after the EMP and one over heated caught part of the building on fire. You got what you need?

Jake: Yeah, yeah mystery solved I guess.

Phil: Glad to hear it. If there’s nothing else Deputy Perkins will escort you out of town.

Hawkins: Aw, no we don’t need to be escorted.

Phil: Nah, its policy.

Hawkins: You’re big on policy.

Phil: We almost lost everything when Ravenwood came through, I’m big on anything that keeps us alive.

Dep. Perkins: Come on.

Jake: Thanks.

Ted: No problem.

(New Bern Check Point)

Dep. Perkins: Move the truck.

Hawkins: You by any of that story?

Jake: Nope and neither was Ted, he slipped me this when he shook my hand; it’s an address.

Hawkins: Come alone. So we done here?

(Jake nods his head)

Man: Back it up.

Hawkins: Ok.

Man: Let em’ through. (Richmond Farm)

Stanley: How long have I been gone? Look before you answer that, how long has he been here?

Mimi: It’s very recent really he hasn’t been here that long.

Stanley: I asked you to do one thing for me Mimi, one thing!

Mimi: You know what you listen to Stanley, your sister is not a child anymore. Yu can’t just throw this fit and kick Sean’s ass and think that’ll be the end of it.

Stanley: Well I hope you’re gonna explain why I can’t.

Mimi: Because if you do she’s just gonna latch on that much tighter. Unless they really get angry in which case the age old teenage remedy is to run away which used to mean you’d hear from them in a couple of days when they run out f bus money. Now a days chances are much better that you’ll find their bodies on the side of the road. Look, right now it is under out roof and it’s a pain in the ass I know, but it’s a safe and manageable pain in the ass and I suggest you let it stay here before it turns into anything more than that.

(Trailer Park outside New Bern)

Jake: That’s Perkins truck, what’s he doing staking out Ted’s trailer?

Hawkins: Let’s ask. (They sneak up on Perkins truck) Hand your gun to my friend and let’s pay Ted a little visit.

(Ted’s Trailer)

Jake: Where’s my brother?

Ted: I don’t know ask him, he threatened to throw me in jail if I didn’t feed you that lie.

Jake: So you haven’t seen Eric?

Ted: No not for days

Jake: What about Heather?

Ted: She left for work this morning, next thing I know they tell me she’s gone missing too.

Jake: Wait, two people disappeared and nobody knows anything!
Hawkins: Well somebody does, right?

Jake: Where is he?

Dep. Perkins: Screw you.

(Jake hits him)

Hawkins: Hey come on Jake, we’ve gotta be smarter than that.

Jake: We need answers:

Hawkins: To get answers is easy, its getting the truth that takes work. When did you last see Eric Green? (Hawkins sharpens a knife)

Dep. Perkins: Look this is not my thing.

Hawkins: I didn’t ask you that, did I?

Dep. Perkins: Why do you act like we did something wrong? We were attacked.

Hawkins: How do you figure that?

Dep. Perkins: The, the machines did over heat this morning at the factory, it was his brother and that girl they sabotaged it.

Jake: They would never do that, we need that factory just as much as you do.

Dep. Perkins: No I saw em’.

Jake: If you saw them then where are they?

Dep. Perkins: They ran away.

Hawkins: Hold his knees please.

Dep. Perkins: No! Why would I be staking out a trailer park if we had him? Constantino put us on alert, he gave an SOS.

Jake: SOS?

Hawkins: Shoot on Site. Look at me, what is in that factory?

Dep. Perkins: I don’t know. No, I’m a cop, I’m a cop ask Constantino, ask Constantino.

Hawkins: He knows?

Dep. Perkins: Yeah, yeah!

Hawkins: Look at me. (Hawkins goes and talks to Jake) Jake we need to go to the factory.

Jake: But what about Eric?

Hawkins: I don’t know about Eric, we cannot search this whole town so we should go and see what it was he was risking his life for.

Jake: Alright.

Hawkins: Ted.

Ted: Yeah?

Hawkins: You got some place safe you can go?

Ted: Yeah my Grandfather has an old hunting cabin.

Hawkins: Ok, you take what’s important because you are not coming back here. (Hawkins goes over to Perkins) Get up. On your knees.

Ted: What is he doing?

Hawkins: Down on your knees.

Ted: What are you doing?

Jake: Hawkins!

Dep. Perkins: Ow, ahh.

(Hawkins handcuffs him to the sink)

Hawkins: Shh.

(Outside Ted’s Trailer)

Jake: Is that doing it your way?

Hawkins: You asked me to come along.

Jake: What were you going to do?

Hawkins: You want the truth?

Jake: Yeah.

Hawkins: Less than you would have. You see I’ve done, I’ve done enough Jake to know better. It’s the fear of torture that gets results actual torture only works in the movies.

(Richmond Farm - Sitting at kitchen table)

Stanley: And this one guy he was so skinny you could count his ribs through his shirt. I tried to give him food when I could, but none of us had much so. And then one day I could just see it in his eyes, he’d a, he’d given up.

Mimi: I never though I’d be so thankful to live on a far. From now on I promise I’ll only complain intermittently.

Stanley: Well we don’t have much but uh, we’ll always have enough so.

Sean: Dude, all they need to do is get the internet back up after that it’s a piece of cake.

Stanley: Why is that?

Sean: Well you could do anything, I mean you could run for President and make a virtual White House; fly a place into that. I mean virtual cities and towns, nothing to nuke.

Bonnie: Yeah but where would you get stuff?

Sean: Well, what stuff?

Stanley: Oh I don’t know food, clothes, blankets, fuel.

Sean: Not a problem, after the internets back up you just order all that stuff.

(Stanley is clearly getting more irritated by the minute)

Mimi: You know Stanley you would not believe how helpful Sean has been around here with the livestock and the house and just everything.

Bonnie: It’s true.

Sean: Yeah, It’s weird Stanley cause I am much more of a vibe guy.

Stanley: What the hells a vibe guy/

Sean: You know, I mean I’ve never been into like physical labor. I mean I’m more of the guy people have around for the vibe.

(Stanley grabs Sean and his stuff and prepares to throw him out of the house)

Stanley: My house, my rules, my vibe.

Mimi: Stanley.

Stanley: And you sleep on the there.

(Stanley throws his stuff on the couch)


Johnston: Anyhow it’s like 3am and I got this flash light in my face, Gail’s over on her side of the bed trying to find the phone to call the cops and finally I locate the light switch. It’s Eric who’s standing there and he say’s “I can’t go to sleep until I confess I’m drunk.” I said “you’re what?” He said “I’m drunk it won’t ever happen again, I don’t know what I was thinking.” Well mean time he looks perfectly normal, his speech isn’t slurred or anything. Gail starts grilling him, turns out he has had a beer and a half. I said to him “Son do you have any idea how much beer it takes to get drunk?” He said “no I don’t.” I said “Well get out of here and don’t wake me again until you do.” He left and Gail and I could just not stop laughing. She doesn’t laugh too much anymore. Oh well, here I am rambling on. We probably better go take a look at that still.

Mary: Good idea.

(Jericho Police Station – Sam walks in)

Jimmy: Aw hey buddy. Uh your mom just ran to the little girl’s room, why don’t you grab a seat.

Sam: Ok.

Jimmy: Say you know what?? Why don’t we go sit in my office? Maybe we can talk.

Sam: About what?

Jimmy: About your artwork.

(Gracie’s Market)

Russell: Hey Dale.

Dale: Hey! Uh this is Russell, saved out butts out there in Blackjack.

Skylar: Hi, it’s nice to meet you I’m Skylar.

Russell: Stevens right?

Skylar: Yeah.

Dale: Something we can help you with?

Russell: Well, I was thinking we can help each other. You’ve got a salt mine with no distributor I’ve got men, trucks, guns, but no supplies. If we became partners…

Skylar: Partners?

Russell: I’m asking for half your share of the mine.

Skylar: We’re doing ok now.

Russell: Ok, but the people of Jericho they only need so much salt. I’ve been out there alright I know the trade routes, where to find the highest bidders and how to make it back here in one piece.

Skylar: What’s in it for us?

Russell: Bigger profits, where I’m going I can make you five times what your making here and I’ll deal with Gray Anderson for you.

Skylar: When do you need an answer?

Russell: Before I leave in the morning. Believe me, this is good for everyone.

(New Bern Factory – Jake and Hawkins find a map of Jericho with a list of farms and the crops they produce)

Jake: Hawkins!

Hawkins: It’s a full inventory of Jericho. It’s our mine.

Jake: And our town sliced up like they own it.

Hawkins: What do they know that we don’t? Come on.

(Jericho Police Station – Darcy seems Jimmy talking to Sam)

Darcy: Hi sweetie, what’s going on?

Sam: We were talking about my drawings.

Darcy: Well look, do you mind waiting in the lobby? I just want to talk to Mr. Taylor alone ok. (Sam leaves) What, what are you doing?

Jimmy: Look Darcy there’s something going on and it’s not just about the bombs.

Darcy: My son has had enough to deal with without being poked and prodded. This problem with him, I’ll take care of it myself.

Jimmy: Alright.

(Richmond Farm – Bonnie and Stanley communicating in Sign Language as Mimi looks on)

Bonnie: Thank you.

Stanley: For what?

Bonnie: Letting Sean stay.

Stanley: You’re welcome.

Bonnie: And for not calling him an idiot even when he is one.

Stanley: Okay, if you know that…

Mimi: (Coughs to get Stanley's attention) Sorry, just a little frog in my throat, don’t let me interrupt your nice sibling bonding moment. That’s what it is, right?

Bonnie: Sean can be an idiot, but he can also be really great. All guys are like that, you have to put up with the “idiot” stuff…to get the real “great” stuff.

Stanley: Yeah? And where did you come by that little pearl of wisdom?

(Bonnie points to Mimi)

Mimi: What’d she say about me?

Stanley: When did he learn to sign?

Mimi: He’s sleeping with a deaf girl!

Stanley : Hey! That’s my sister. I guess if the Sean thorn is my biggest problem I’m a pretty lucky guy.

Mimi: (Signs) Want to get luckier?

Stanley: Yeah.

(Mayors Office - Skylar just handed Gray emancipation papers)

Gray: Oh Skylar, what are you doing?

Skylar: It’s binding, the lawyer said it makes me an emancipated minor.

Gray: By declaring your parents dead? This is wrong in every way that something can be wrong, just forget about this.

Dale: We can’t do that, its legal.

Gray: So what are you going to peddle your little bike to Topeka and file this now? Just forget that I’m the Mayor ok, now I’m speaking to you as your parents friend.

Skylar: My parents would want me to have my share of the salt mine.

Gray: Your parents are coming back and if it turns out that is not true, than I will help you run the business.

Dale: And who decided on when that happens? You?

Skylar: I made my decision, are you saying laws don’t apply now?

Gray: You didn’t make a decision you signed a piece of paper. Do you really want your parents to be dead that badly?

Dale: Ok stop it.

Gray: No! You’re advising her Dale, did you also tell her how her parents died because New York survived. So I guess you probably had to get pretty creative right! Were they killed there or were they murdered on their way back to the child who meant everything to them?

Skylar: Its just a piece of paper.

(New Bern Factory - Hawkins and Jake see the workers making artillery rounds)

Hawkins: Their making mortar rounds.

Jake: Their running an ammunition factory.

Man1: Hurry up, Constantino wants those tonight.

Man2: We’ll have them ready.

Hawkins: Their getting ready for war, we need to get back into town.

Jake: We need to try and stop them, cover me. (Jake follows one of the men)

Hawkins: Jake! Jake!

Man: Hey! (One of the men sees Jake and begins to chase him) Hey there he goes down there.

Constantino: Hold it! Hand it over.

(New Bern Jail Cell)

Eric: Jake.

Jake: Eric!

(Green House)

Johnston: Sorry I guess I’m late for dinner.

Gail: Or lunch, take your pick.

Johnston: I was helping Mary, it took me longer then expected. You told Eric we’d take care of her.

Gail: What I meant was we’d keep her alive, what I didn’t mean was that we’d run over there and spend the entire day when she needed somebody to do a little heavy lifting. (Johnston walks out of the room) Wait, Johnston? You don’t think I’m the reason Eric left do you? Is that what you think?

Johnston: I think Eric left for a lot of reasons, but Mary may be why he comes back.

(Hawkins House)

Darcy: I don’t want to have to come back to this house again. Did you get all the toys you want? So uh, what did you and Mr. Taylor talk about today?

Sam: Nothing.

Darcy: Now Sam you know we don’t keep secrets in this family. I know baby. (Knock at the door) What’s he doing here?

Jimmy: Hey, I think we should talk.

Darcy: Say uh, Sam honey why don’t you go upstairs to your room and get that last box ok?

Jimmy: Hey buddy.

Darcy; Look, I understand you know being curious about my family. I know we haven’t made a lot of friends here, just kind of keep to ourselves but if you want to ask any questions just talk to me ok; leave my children out of this.

Jimmy: But I think Sam’s trying to say something with that drawing, something he can’t put into words.

Darcy: What do you mean?

Jimmy: He’s drawing a little boy that’s afraid because his dad’s not around to protect him or his family. I told him he’s not alone, I know what its like to have parents who have split up. I told him I’ve been through it and I think I turned out ok. So…

Darcy: I think you turned out better than ok Jimmy.

Jimmy: I appreciate that. So I guess I’ll head back to the house then, see you there.

Darcy: Thank you Jimmy.

Jimmy: Sure.

(Mayors Office)

Gray: How’d it go?

Russell: Good. Turbines all went up without a hitch. (Turns on the light to show the power is back on)

Gray: Wow, thank you. You are as good as your word, even better.

Russell: I’m glad you see it that way because I have another proposition for you. we need salt.

Gray: Well that’s no problem, I’ll have my guys load up your truck.

Russell: Well actually, I mean to help you sell it. We were thinking a quarter steak in the mine.

Gray: Would we be Constantino? Is that what all of this good will is about?

Russell: No hear me out, this could work for both of us, for both of our towns if you agree to let me sell salt from the mine.

Gray; No sorry. Well I guess you and the Olson twins think this is kinda cute.

Russell: Well for what ever its worth we did conduct a legal transaction.

Gray: Its not for sale.

Russell: There are people in New Bern who think it should be.

Gray: I don’t care what they think.

Russell: Well you need to.

(New Bern Jail)

Eric: When I saw that map of Jericho I asked Heather about it, she didn’t think New Bern could do that to us. Then she snuck in and she saw the mortars and their plans.

(Mayors Office)

Gray: Look, you’re going back to what ever rock you crawled out from under. Dan get in here.

Russell: Mr. Mayor there’s a lot of more going on here than you realize.

Gray: Is that so?!

Russell: I’m trying to help you. Look, New Bern barely survived the winter and the people there they know the food is coming from you and they also know that its not going to be enough to feed everyone and some of them are thinking “well what can we do about that right now?”

(Dan walks in the room)

Gray: I want you to get every Deputy you can and get them up to the salt mine. I want it under heavy guard until further notice.

Russell: Gray, I already got men up there. Gray listen to me, this deal is a good thing I know you don’t see it that way right now bit please. You do now want the alternative.

(New Bern)

Constantino: These rumors about Jericho, about the food hoarding, about how they sicked Ravenwood on us; maybe there not just rumors. We restored their power and now that Jericho has what its needs it had no intention of making good on its half of the deal.

(Jail Cell)

Jake: Why didn’t you just leave town?

Eric: Cause we wanted to break the machine, stop the factory then they caught us brought me here.

Jake: So where is she, where’s Heather?

Eric: She’s dead Jake.

(New Bern)

Constantino: They want to see us destroyed. I looked their Mayor in the eye, I told them how desperate out situation was but on the day that we made good on our end of the deal what did they do? They tried to destroy the factory that keeps this town alive. (Loud chattering from the crowd) Here’s your proof. (Several Deputies bring out Jake and Eric) These are the sons of Johnston Green sent from Jericho to reek havoc on this town. Now we know, if these people have their way New Bern would cease to exist. With your help and sacrifice, I will make sure that that never happens.

Script issu de la communauté Jericho Wiki


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