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#112 : Le monde d'avant

Retour 36 heures avant les bombes. A San Diego, Jake peine à trouver du travail en tant que pilote d'avion et s'engage dans une affaire risquée avec son meilleur ami Freddy. A Washington, Robert Hawkins apprend qu'il va être envoyé dans une ville cible avant les attaques et décide d'emmener de force ses enfants et sa femme. A Jéricho, Johnston se prépare pour les élections, Emily refuse d'accompagner son fiancé à Chicago et April récupère les papiers de divorce.


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Titre VO
The day before

Titre VF
Le monde d'avant

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Trailer de l’épisode 1


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Trailer de l’épisode 2


Début de l'épisode : Jake et Robert  - VO

Début de l'épisode : Jake et Robert - VO


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Robert Hawkins

Robert Hawkins

Robert et sa famille

Robert et sa famille

Jake Green

Jake Green

Plus de détails

Réalisation : Matt Earl Beasley

Scénario : Mike Kelley


Acteurs :

  • Clayne Crawford (Mitchell Cafferty)
  • Darby Stanchfield (April Green)
  • Christopher Wiehl (Roger Hammond)
  • Mark Adair-Rios (Freddie Ruiz)
  • Clare Carey (Mary Bailey)
  • Maurice Godin (le recruteur)
  • Andrew Borba (le contact)
  • Siena Goines (Sarah)
  • James Parks (Agent Hicks)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • Jazz Raycole (Allison Hawkins)
  • Sterling Ardrey (Samuel Hawkins)
  • Erica Munoz (Anna)


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 The Day Before Transcript

Jericho Episode 12: The Day Before

(Hawkins House)

(Hawkins Computer)

We need to discuss why you are lying to us.

A video of Hawkins with his son is on the computer.

See you soon

8 Weeks Earlier

(San Diego Airplane Hangar)

Jake: Nice planes.

Man: Yeah, every aircraft we operate is augmented with custom security and design features you won't find in any other fleet.

36 Hours Before The Bombs

Man: I see you're an Embry-Riddle grad.

Jake: Yeah

Man: ATPC certified, 1600 verified FAA hours. Clearly well qualified Mr. Green.

Jake: Well, flying is in my blood. I started working on my grandpas crop duster when I was 10.

Man: Now, you understand that we charter exclusively to top executives, and celebrity clients, so absolute discretion is a must for a flight crew.

Jake: Hey, anything past getting the plane safely from A to B, is none of my business.

Man: Good, of course finding out everything we can about the people piloting our planes is our business. And according to your visa records, you spent a little time in the Middle East over last few years.

Jake: 14 months in Afghanistan, 6 in Iraq.

Man: But you were never military.

Jake: I worked for an independent contractor.

Man: Left that off the resume.

Jake: I didn't think it was relevant.

Man: State Department has you flagged as a person of interest.

Jake: Well, I'm an interesting guy. There was an incident. I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Man: Which contractor were you working with when this... incident occurred?

Jake: One of the big ones.

Man: Haliburton, Blackwater?

Jake: You said discretion was a must.

Man: Look, I'm going to be straight with you. I think there is room in our operation for someone like you, but there's no way I can hire you if you are unable to clear this up. You understand that?

Jake: Thank you for your time.

(Hawkins Apartment)

Washington D.C.

Reporter: The President is scheduled to address the nation tomorrow, amid growing disapproval. Recent polls show his ratings plunging double digits, into the 20's, even amongst partisan voters. With mid-term elections on the horizon, this is not a good sign for the administration.

Hawkins and Sarah kiss.

Hawkins: I've already been summoned Sarah. They want me in position.

Sarah: This is good news.

Hawkins: Uh-huh.

Sarah: Are we talking locally, or back to the farm land?

Hawkins: I'm waiting to hear.

Sarah: Congratulations.

Hawkins: It was your idea.

Sarah: I have to say that, when they recruited me I thought i was prepared for just about anything. But nothing like this.

Hawkins: Well, that's because nothing like this, has ever happened before.

Phone Rings

Hawkins: This is it. Yes?

Trucks start moving out

(Terrorist Compound)

COMPUTER SCREEN: Ready to receive code. 3F68 A907 93E1 49AR. Armed 3F68 A907 93E1 49AR.

Cell Leader: This is the moment we prepared for. All the devices have been secured. The other cells are receiving their instructions as we speak. The target cities have been confirmed.

Hawkins looks at his envelope saying "COLUMBUS, OH"

Cell Leader: Your routes have been scouted, and cleared. We're ready. The strike will go off tomorrow. At precisely 8:05 Eastern. Take a look around you gentlemen, these are the faces of the men who will change the world.

Jericho, KS

(Town Hall)

33 Hours Before the Bombs

Eric: Hey, Hey, dad you got a second?

Johnston: Nope.

Eric: USA Today is having a contest to decide the top 5 towns under 5000, I was thinking we should submit Jericho.

Johnston: Why? So some big developer can come in and start buying the town up, maybe turn main street into a strip mall, or half a dozen coffee shops or so?

Eric: Dad, there are worse things in the world than venti Frappuccinos.

Johnston: Speak English.

Eric: This could be a good thing. Kind of headlines that brings out voters next month.

Johnston: Son, I am not worried about beating Gray Anderson. People of this town that kept me in office for over 20 years, I will earn their votes by doing the job they hired me to do.

Eric: Wh-what are you guys doing here?

Gail: Your father missed his checkup this morning. And April was nice enough to take off her lunch hour to make a house call.

Johnston: Well, I'm sorry doc, but we're going to have to reschedule for some time after the election.

Gail: Johnston. You are going to do this whether you like it or not. I've had this terrible cold, and you've not been feeling well for almost a week.

April: It's a bad one. Half my staff has come down with it.

Gail: Do you want to strip here, or would you like to go somewhere a little less public?

Johnston: My office.

Gail: That's my guy.

(San Diego, Bar)

Freddie: Yo Yo, how'd it go?

Jake: Well Freddie, so much for your lucky tie.

Freddie: Aww man. *reading* Driver wanted, military experience a plus, travel opportunities, something tells me they're not talking about the Bahamas.

Jake: Yeah, I need a job.

Freddie: You're no driver man. You're a pilot, a freaking good one.

Jake: Right now, all I am is broke. Unless you want to pay my rent for me.

Freddie: Sorry. I'll tell you what I can do though. Set you up with a drink. Hey! Hit us with a couple of Cervezas.

Jake: What's up with you and the manners?

Anna: I know you just didn't whistle for me like some dog.

Freddie: Oh, baby.

Anna: Don't you baby me, baby. You're the worst tipper in here.

Freddie: What, that ring on your finger? That don't count?

Jake: You finally pull the trigger Freddie? Alright!

Freddie: You know it baby. Hey, she's got some good looking sisters man. Unless you're still all hung up over that farm girl in Iowa.

Jake: Kansas.

Freddie: Same thing.

Jake: No, not the same thing.

phone rings

Freddie: Yeah, hold on a second. Don't go anywhere, alright?

Jake: Where am I gonna go.

(Hawkins Apartment, Sarah is there)


Final list of intended targets

9 Folders with odd labels on them

*phone rings*

Hawkins: Sarah, the schedules changed. It's happening tomorrow during the President's address. I'll be there as soon as I can, but there's something I need to take care of. You get everything together, and I'll meet you back as soon as I can.

Sarah: Where are you going?

Hawkins: To get my kids.

Sarah: Robert, there isn't enough time.

Hawkins hangs up.

Sarah: ROBERT!

List of Intended Targets
Washington DC
Los Angeles
New York
St. Louis

(San Diego, Bar)

Jake: Anna. Congratulations.

Anna: Thank you.

Jake: He's a good man.

Anna: Well, I don't know how good he is. But he promised to take care of me. Call me crazy, I believe him.

Freddie: What's this? My best man hitting on my fiance?

Jake: Best man?

Freddie: You going to make me ask? You're more a brother to me than the one I grew up with.

Jake: I get you. Happy to be there.

Freddie: Got some more good news too. Uh sweetie... will you uh give us a moment to talk?

Anna leaves

Freddie: What if I told you I've got a gig lined up? 8 weeks, 100 gs, all cash.

Jake: What kinda gig?

Freddie: The kind we're good at. Cargo run Quick in, Quick out. 30 up front, 70 when it's done.

Jake: Where?

Freddie: Afghanistan.

Jake: *laughs* no.

Freddie: Come on, you've been looking for work for what, 6 months? We do this one gig, and we are set. You can open that flight school, go back home, snag back that girl you...

Jake: Why are you doing this to me? I can't believe you'd even ask after what we saw over there. What we did.

Freddie: All we did, is not get killed Jake.

Jake: Innocent people died, Freddie. Innocent people. I see it every time I close my eyes, which isn't too damn often these days.

Freddie: W-we'll be smarter this time man. You know that I got your back man.

Jake: Sorry. You're on your own this time. I can't go back there.

(Emily's House)

Roger: Tell you what Jerry, you agree to sit down face to face, I'll flip you a pair of open day boxes at Wrigley. No strings. Swear on a stack of Cheddardogs. Great. 6:00 at the pump room. See you there.

Emily: Chicago again?

Roger: Hey Teach. Half day?

Emily: Feel like helping me prepare a syllabus, or grading 30 essays on Orwell's "Animal Farm"?

Roger: No, I have a better idea. Have a sub do that, and come with me to Chicago tonight.

Emily: That would send a great message to my students.

Roger: I'll write a letter for you. Dear Kids, Sorry I can't teach you ungrateful brats today, I'm with my fiance, getting drunk on draft beer, and having tons of Chicago style sex.

Emily: I think it's Chicago style pizza.

Roger: That too. One night, your students will catch up.

Emily: Book it.

Roger: Seriously?

Emily: You're not going to try to talk me out of it now are you?

Roger: Oh no no no no no no, I'm done talking.

(Jakes Apartment)

Announcer: 6 tackles, 3 sacks,

Knock on the door

Announcer: Number 35, Deion Johnson.

Jake: Come in. You alright?

Anna: I'm worried about Freddie.

Jake: Want a beer?

Anna: No. I think he's in over his head in something.

Jake: What are you talking about?

Anna: These guys started coming around. Like soldiers, but not. Th-they came by again after you left.

Jake: He's a big boy. He can hang out with whoever he chooses.

Anna: It's not like that. When he came back, Freddie had a black eye and said he was going away for 2 months, and not to try to find him.

Jake: Tell him you don't want him to go.

Anna: You don't think I did that? He says he doesn't have a choice. That he's doing it for me.

Jake: What do you want me to do?

Anna: Help him. Go with him if you have to. I know what he did for you in Iraq. I know you owe him your life.

Jake: Yeah. It doesn't appear to be worth very much right now.

Announcer: It is good!

Anna: I'm pregnant Jake. I just have a bad feeling about all of this.

(Outside in D.C.)

Darcy: Robert, what

Hawkins: Don't make a scene.

Darcy: What are you doing here?

Hawkins: You need to come with me.

Darcy: Look, don't tell me what to do. You are not allowed within 500 feet of this family.

Hawkins: Hey. Circumstances have changed Darcy.

Sam: Mom! Mom!

Darcy: Oh my god!

Hawkins: Hey!

Allison: Mom!

Allison and Sam: mom!

Darcy: Unlock the door from the inside. It's okay. Let them out of there right now Robert, Or I swear to god I'll start screaming.

Hawkins: No. You listen to me very carefully. In 5 seconds I'm getting in this truck, and I'm leaving Washington for good. And I did not come here to discuss this with you. Now, you can either trust me, and come with us, or you can stay here, but you will never ever see your children again.

30 Hours Before the Bombs

(San Diego Pier)

Freddie: Hey buddy, you in?

Jake: I'm in.

Freddie: Glad you changed your mind. I'm telling you, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jake: Then how come this isn't the first time I've heard you say that?

Freddie: Do me a favor. Skip ahead in your mind a couple of months. Visualize yourself on a Mexican beach, knee deep in bikinis and Benjamin's.

Jake: I try not to think that far ahead. Keeps me from being disappointed when things go to hell.

Freddie: My pop once told me, if you don't keep an eye towards where you're going, you'll never get there.

Jake: Speaking of eyes,

Freddie: You should see the other guy.

Jake: Fine, introduce us. Who's the job for Freddie?

Freddie: It don't matter who. They know you, and your reputation.

Jake: Alright, I'm not going anywhere until I know.

Freddie: It's an offshoot of Ravenwood. You'll meet em' tomorrow, right before we get on the plane. In the meantime, all you gotta worry about is this. There's three times that waiting for you when this is over.

Jake: All we got to do is run a convoy through enemy territory without getting killed.

Freddie: How many times I got to get you back before you start believing it huh?

(Jericho Kansas, Outside)

April comes out of a building that says "William Garity attorney at Law".

Divorce Papers say:

April Green


Eric Green


The petitioner, APRIL GREEN respectfully declares the following:

1. Petitioner's Residence: Petitioner resides at 621 Granville St. Jericho, KS, 67290 and has been a resident of the state of Kansas 13 years, 2 months

2. Respondent's Residents: Respondent resides at 621 Granville ST. Jericho, KS 67290, and has been a resident of the State of Kansas for 29 years, 11 months.

3. Marriage: On JUNE 15, 2001 in JERICHO (city)

(Bailey's Tavern)

Announcer: And that about wraps it up, they're 3 up and 3 down.

Stanley: Seats all yours.

Mimi: Thank you.

Stanley: Yeah, I hate sitting when I've got money on a game. Yes! Yes! Mary Bailey, you owe me 5 bucks! Pay up! Better yet, give my good luck charm here a drink, on me!

Mimi: Don't waste your money, I've got an expense account. What is your best wine?

Mary: Beer.

Mimi: Vodka Rocks.

Mimi: Do you know that it is a 3 hours cab ride from the airport to this god forsaken town?

Stanley: Scenic though, ain't it?

Mimi: If you like corn.

Stanley: Well now, who doesn't like corn? I mean you got, corn on the cob, corn flakes, corn nuts, corn dogs, corn sickles!

Mimi: Cornsickles?

Stanley: It's a joke lady.

Mimi: Can you not talk to me please? Thank you.

Phone rings

Stanley: Corn chips

Mimi: Seriously. Don't talk to me.

Mary: Bailey's.

Eric: Hey there.

Mary: Hi. Hey, am I going to see you this week?

Eric: Well, you can see me right now. Just urn around.

Mary: What are you doing here?

Eric: You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now.

Mary: Well, why don't you step into my office?

(Green Household)

Johnston: What in the heck do we have here?

Gail: It's time for some changes Johnston. Starting with your diet.

Johnston: Man can't live on that.

Gail: Can if he wants to stay married to me. Your blood pressure was 10 points over your last checkup.

Johnston: That's just the stress, it's always up at election time.

Gail: Then drop out of the race

Johnston: What has gotten into you?

Gail: Something happened watching April listen to your heartbeat. I began to wonder, how many good years do we have left together?

Johnston: Did you hear something I didn't? Cause all she told me was that I might be getting a cold.

Gail: This isn't, this isn't just about health. Yours, or mine. When you first took office, you took two oaths. One to the people of this town, and the other one to me. Do you remember what you said?

Johnston: Yeah. That I would never let the job come before you and the kids.

Gail: I'm just asking for equal time.

Johnston: I hear you honey.

(Hawkins Truck)

Hawkins: Y'all stay put.

Allison: Mom, do something.

Darcy: Robert. Let us go. Please, I'm begging you.

Hawkins: I'll be back in 5 minutes.

Allison: And then what?

Hawkins: And then, we leave town.

Allison: Oh, you're crazy. I'm not going anywhere with you. Dad, stop. Dad.

Darcy: Let go of her Robert!

Hawkins: Listen to me, okay? I would never do anything to hurt you, your mother, or your brother. Do you believe me? DO YOU BELIEVE ME?

Allison: I barley know you.

Darcy: Robert, you are scaring Samuel.

Hawkins: Unscare him Darcy.

Hawkins leaves

Darcy: Do you have your cell phone?

Allison: No, he took it when he picked me up.

Sam: Not mine.

Darcy: Where is it honey?

Sam: In my backpack.

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

(Jakes Apartment)

Agent Hicks: Your door was unlocked. I love what you've done with the place.

Jake: What do you want, Agent Hicks?

Agent Hicks: Guess who's name just popped up on an international passenger manifest?

Jake: You got me on the no-fly list now?

Agent Hicks: No, not yet. But I thought maybe, we could work out a deal.

Hicks shows Jake a photograph of a dead woman with a gun pointed at her. The man is apparently with the FBI given that his folder mentions bureau.

Agent Hicks: You're about to get into bed with some very bad people Jake. Lucky for you, your timing is perfect. We're looking to nail Ravenwood.

Jake: They did that?

Agent Hicks: They've been running weapons since the start of the war. They'll sell arms to anybody. Even our enemies. We need someone working for us, that they'll consider credible.

Jake: And why would I say yes to you?

Agent Hicks: Because, you know first hand what they're capable of.

Agent Hicks shows Jake a picture of him and Freddie from earlier that day.

(Hawkins Apartment)

Hawkins: Sarah, come on. We don't have...

Computer beeps. Hawkins draws his gun.

Hawkins: Sarah.

Hawkins tries the phone, hears it ringing in the place he's at. Finds the phone in the bed. He packs up the computer. A police car shows up.

(Hawkins Truck)

Officer: Hold it right there. Drop the case. Walk towards me slowly. Put your hands in the air, now. This your truck?

Hawkins: Uh-huh. It's a rental. Moving day, you know? What seems to be the problem?

Officer: Open the back.

Hawkins: Okay.

Hawkins opens the back and a barrel is in the back.

Officer: What he hell? Cuff him.

Officer 2: Hands behind your back.

Sam: Let us out!

Darcy: Unlock the door!

Allison: Please!

Officer: It's okay, we'll get you out of here. Can you open this door?

Darcy: no, we can't.

Officer: Can you unlock the door?

Darcy: Look out!

Hawkins takes the officer out

(Baileys Tavern)

Mary: Here you go mayor Green.

Johnston: Thanks Mary.

Eric: Hey dad.

Mary: Hey Eric.

Eric: Mary.

Johnston: Oh, Darling, could you get him a beer too?

Mary: Sure thing.

Eric: Thanks.

24 hours before the bombs

Eric: So um...

Johnston: Why did I ask you here?

Eric: Yeah, is everything okay?

Johnston: Well, your mother and I have been talking about the next chapter in our lives, or to be more accurate, she's pointing out how unwilling I am to turn the page.

Eric: Sounds like mom.

Johnston: When I first took office, you were in what, 3rd grade?

Eric: 2nd. My team won the pee-wee football trophy that year. I scored two touchdowns, in the championship game.

Johnston: hard to remember back that far.

Eric: Maybe because you didn't make the game dad.

Johnston: Right... well your mother is afraid that if I keep going the way I'm going, we're going to wind up missing more than pee-wee football. And I've been thinking about it, and I want to ask you a question. If I decided to drop out of the race, would you consider running in my place?

Eric: Wh-what?

Johnston: You'd make a good candidate son. You've been here your whole life, you've lived clean, unlike your brother Jake. Selfishly, I'd get to step down, and still have some influence over how things are run.

Eric: You're serious?

Johnston: Well, you're smart, you're decisive. Even got yourself a law degree.

Eric: Which I plan on using some day. Plan on doing a lot of things some day.
Johnston: Nothing you've been sharing with me.

Mary: Let me know if you need anything else.

Johnston: So you take the night, think about it, talk to April about it, it's going to affect her too.

Eric: Yep.

(San Diego, Party)

Jake: Hey. We need to talk.

Freddie: What's up?

Jake: That cargo we're transporting for Ravenwood, you have any idea what it is?

Freddie: I don't ask those kind of questions man.

Jake: Stinger missiles. RPGs.

Freddie: It's not like this was ever some humanitarian mission.

Jake: They've been selling them to the insurgents Freddie. They'll be using them to kill our own guys. The Feds are on to the whole thing. They want us to help take down Ravenwood.

Freddie: Whoa, are you crazy?

Jake: We don't have a choice. They're watching us.

Freddie: So is Ravenwood man. I'm a little more worried about them than the government.

Jake: If we don't work with the feds, they'll make sure Ravenwood believes you are.

Jake: You have the money with you?

Freddie: What?

Jake: The money?

Freddie: Yeah, I can get it.

Jake: Alright, Get in and get whatever you can. We meet in an hour.

Freddie: Okay, then what?

Jake: We'll take off tonight, if they come after us, at least we'll have a head start. Alright?

Freddie: Alright. Anna!

(Outside in Jericho)

Emily: Nobody from school better see us. It'd make it pretty hard for me to get on that plane tonight, and call in sick tomorrow.

Roger: Well you know, if this was Chicago, you could walk for miles without ever running into anyone you know.

Emily: Praising Chicago again?

Roger: Plus there's pizza, cubs, the culture,

Emily: What are you getting at, huh?

Roger: Okay, I have a confession. The meeting tomorrow isn't just a meeting. It's an interview for a startup venture capital firm. Final interview actually.

Emily: Are you serious?

Roger: Well I thought you could maybe get to know the city a little, you might fall in love with it.

Emily: You're a jerk.

Roger: Emily, we have to at least talk about it.

Emily: We have talked about this.

Roger: It's not just the kind of opportunity you can say no to.

Emily: Really? No. There, how hard is that? I can't believe you. We're supposed to be married in a few months.

Roger: Why do you think I'm doing this?

Emily: Because you're selfish. And you don't listen. I told you when you proposed to me that I didn't want to move. Now you go behind my back like this?

Roger: Yeah, well screw me for thinking you might be open to changing your mind. I mean what is it about this town that's got you so addicted to it?

Emily: This town is my history. It is everything that I know and love. It's where I want my kids to grow up. If you don't understand that then maybe...

Roger: Maybe what?

Emily: I'm not getting on that plane with you tonight. If you decide to take that job tomorrow, then don't bother coming back.

The Clock Bell rings 3 times.

(Hawkins House)

Sam: I'm tired.

Hawkins: Allison, there are two bedrooms upstairs. Take your brother up to the one on the right, that's where you'll sleep.

Allison: Whose stuff is all this? Who lives here?

Hawkins: We do.

Darcy: Go on upstairs, I'll be there in a minute.

Allison: Come on Sammy, I'll read to you.

Darcy: I don't know what's going on Robert. Right now I'm too exhausted to fight. But I promise you one thing, Come tomorrow, one way or another, I will have you arrested.

Hawkins: You know, come tomorrow. A whole lot of things will be different.

(Jakes Apartment)

Knock on Jakes door.

Jake: Freddie! What happened?

Freddie: Ravenwood. The sons of bitches shot me!

Jake: Take it easy, take it easy. Hey man, you're alright.

Freddie: Find Anna, make sure she's alright.

Jake: We gotta get you to the hospital.

Freddie: All I care about is Anna and my kid. Get them on the bus, and then you get the hell out of here too. They're going to come after you. They're coming after you.

Operator: 911 what's your emergency?

Jake: I need an ambulance right away. My friends been shot, he's lost a lot of blood.

Operator: Is he breathing?

Jake: Hey! Stay with me. Come on now, stay with me. You're alright, alright.

(New Mexico Bus Station)

Albuquerque New Mexico.

Anna: I can't believe he's gone.

12 Hours Before the Bombs

Jake: I'm really sorry.

Anna: It's not your fault. You did, you did everything that you could.

Anna: I don't want it, I don't want it.

Jake: It belonged to Freddie, alright? Use it for the baby.

Anna: My family will help me, you keep it.

Jake: No. I promised him. Just put it away.

Bus Announcer: {Last warning} for Houston, Platform 6.

Jake: You better go.

Anna: Come with me.

Jake: No.

Anna: Come on, you can start over too.

Jake: No I can't. Not yet.

Anna: Then where will you go?

(Green Household)

On the Greens computer is Paris France

Johnston: You were up early.

Gail: Well I've been coughing all night. I didn't want to wake you.

Johnston: Umm Paris. I hate France.

Gail: I'm sure they'd be devastated to hear it. Studied French and Italian for 4 years, and after all those years, all I can remember is my name, how to count to 10, and would you please pass that packet of sugar.

Johnston: Book the trip.

Gail: I don't think they take reservations 6 years in advance.

phone rings

Johnston: I was thinking more like Christmas. What the hell, book one for Italy too.

Jake: Hello? Hello? is anybody there? Hello?

Gail: Jake!

(Emily's House)

Message Announcer: 1 new message

Roger: Hey Emily, it's Roger. Just tried your cell, but I couldn't reach you. Hopefully you haven't run off with the milkman yet. Last night was terrible. I kept wanting to get up, and tell the captain that I made a horrible mistake, and to turn the plane around. My home is where you are babe. And if that means Jericho Kansas for the rest of my life, it'll be a happy one. I'm flying back tonight, I get into Wichita at 10:30. I can't think of anything I'd rather see than your beautiful face when I get home. In case you're wondering, I didn't go on that interview.

(On the Road)

Welcome to Kansas

(Outside Town Hall)

Mimi: Excuse me, excuse me. Agh, it's you.

Stanley: Yeah, sorry, not ringing a bell.

Mimi: Look, I've been standing out here forever waiting for a cab.

Stanley: I suggest you nicely ask someone for a ride.

Mimi: Do you know where the Richmond Farm is?

Stanley: Well yeah, I ought to, I'm Stanley Richmond.

Mimi: *laughs* You gotta be kidding.

Stanley: No. See now's the part where you tell me your name.

Mimi: Mimi Clarke.

Stanley: Well it's nice to meet you Miss Clarke.

Mimi: Do you not read your mail?

Stanley: Nope, nothing but bills and bad news, why?

Mimi: Well, this would be a little of both. I work for the IRS. And according to our records, you owe more than $180,000 in back taxes. It's nice to meet you.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins Computer
Assuming you've been compromised, if able proceed directly to Rally Point.

(Green Household)

Politician: Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States.

President: We know that these provisions pale in comparison to the fundamental dangers posed by the threat of terror.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins Computer:

Sarah: Robert you need to deliver the package.
Hawkins: Negative, where are you?
Sarah is taken away by the terrorists.

Deliver the bomb, or she dies.

Connection Terminated.

(A sound of broken glass is heard)

President: We have an eternal commitment to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. This has always been our promise.

Darcy: Not another step!

Hawkins: Where are my kids?

Darcy: You give me the keys.

Hawkins: Darcy. You put that gun down, because you don't even know how to use it.

Darcy: I don't want to shoot you Robert, but god help me I am prepared to, now give me the keys!

Allison: Mom! Mom, come quick!

Darcy: Stay outside!

Allison: Mom, mom, something's happening.

(Various Locations in Jericho as the bombs go off, Hawkins and his family watch from their yards, as others see the devastation from different points)

President: After years of...

Girl: Woody, what are you looking at?

The bombs can be seen from far off.

(Hawkins House)

8 Weeks after the bombs

We need to discuss why you are lying to us.

We see a sat image again of Hawkins and Darcy.

See you Soon.

(Baileys Tavern)

Eric: Jake, Jake! We gotta go outside! Now! They need help.

(Outside Baileys Tavern)

Eric: Help them! Take them inside. Some of them were on planes, they were out in the middle of nowhere. Have been walking for weeks.

Jake: Must've gone through hell.

Emily: Oh my god! Roger!

Man: Here I'll take that.

Emily: Is it really you? I thought you were dead. Come on, come with me.

(Baileys Tavern)

Eric: Hey, we've got about another half hour before the generator shuts down.

Mary: Well I'm sure they'll make an exception.

Eric: Do we have any extra blankets?

Mary: I've already brought down everything I could find. Listen Eric, these people need medical attention. You have to find a doctor.

Eric: Yeah..

Jake: Hey, are there any more people out there? We could send a search party.

Roger: 21 men, 32 women.

Jake: I'll do a head count.

Emily: What happened to you out there?

Roger: We waited in that field for two days after our plane went down. No one came. Eventually, I went for help. I walked for, I don't know how long. Wound up in this refugee camp. Nebraska. Most of us are from there.

Emily: I can't imagine what you've seen out there. Roger.. I said I can't imagine what you've seen.

Roger: I couldn't have imagined it either.

(Hawkins House)

Darcy: Hey, wash up. Dinners almost ready. Robert?

Hawkins: Darcy, I need you to keep the kids in the house for a while until I can sort something out.

Darcy: What does that mean?

Hawkins: It means, you stay inside, and you don't answer the door. Okay?

Sam: here.

Hawkins: Hey, Wow. We're playing football. Man Sam, that is really cool. Daddy's going to put that on the fridge.

Darcy: Uh Sam, I want you to go upstairs, tell your sister dinner's ready. Okay, right now.

Sam: Allison!

Darcy: Are we in danger Robert? I've asked you that question a thousand times, you've always said No.

Hawkins: Hey, I don't mean to scare you D.

Darcy: I will do whatever you say, I trust you.

(Baileys Tavern)

Johnston: My god, where'd they all come from?

April: I'm going to need warm water, as much as you can make.

Mary: I've made a list of the injured.

Jake: How's he doing?

Emily: I think he might be in shock. He doesn't want to be treated until everybody else has been seen. Jake, I um.

Jake: Go, he's gonna need you.

Emily: Okay..

April: You have minor frostbite on your toes and fingers. You need to keep them clean and warm. Do you have a place to stay? Do you know anyone in Jericho?

Sarah: Actually, I do.


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