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#201 : Reconstruction

Après le terrible affrontement qui a eu lieu avec les habitants de la commune de New Bern, la population de Jericho pleure ses nombreux morts. Une fois sur place avec ses troupes, le major Beck reconnaît la responsabilité de la ville voisine. Face à ce cas de quasi-guerre civile, il décide de prononcer une amnistie générale dans le but avoué d'apaiser les esprits. Mais la population de Jericho vit très mal cette décision prise sans concertation. Effondré, Jake ne peut pas s'y résoudre et n'a désormais plus qu'un seul but dans la vie : abattre Constantino afin de venger son père...


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Jake et Emily sont officiellement ensemble

Jake et Emily sont officiellement ensemble

L'ambiance a changé à Jericho

L'ambiance a changé à Jericho

Les bombes frappent Jericho

Les bombes frappent Jericho

Le couple Jake - Emily

Le couple Jake - Emily

Le major Edward Beck

Le major Edward Beck

Jake et le major Edward Beck

Jake et le major Edward Beck

Le major Edward Beck représente le nouveau gouvernement fédéral de Jericho

Le major Edward Beck représente le nouveau gouvernement fédéral de Jericho

Robert et Jake au combat

Robert et Jake au combat

Robert et Jake

Robert et Jake

Plus de détails

Réalisation : Steve Boyum
Scénario : Carol Barbee, Jonathan E. Steinberg

Disclaimer : Please note that nobody who does the transcripts actually owns the transcripts, nor are they making money off of them. They belong to the Creators of Jericho, and nobody else.

(Les transcripts n’appartiennent pas aux personnes qui les réalisent et ils ne gagnent pas d’argent pour ça. Les transcripts appartiennent aux créateurs de Jericho et à personne d’autre.)

Jake : Jericho. A small town in Kansas that witness a series of nuclear attacks that destroyed twenty-three American Cities in a single day. The attacks crippled and fractured the US government, and left our town cut off from the world. Even in the worst of times, it's possible to find the best in ourselves, and in others. Robert Hawkins. A covert agent who was supposed to stop the attacks, is now hunted by his former bosses for the secret he holds. A nuclear bomb. Now as we're about to be overwhelmed by a hostile neighboring town. A new government appears. Based out of Cheyenne Wyoming, A government with a new face, flying a new flag.

(Unknown House. Allied States Soldiers stand guard over Phil Constantino)

(Jake is brought in)

(Jake charges at Constantino, but is stopped by soldiers.)

Beck : Hold him back! Hold him back! Sit down. I'm Major Beck. Tenth Mountain Division. Col. Hoffman asked me to sort out whatever the hell happened here. In the process of taking reports, it sounds like you two are the ringleaders. A couple of hours ago, you were leading the nastiest border skirmish we've seen in months. All in 136 dead Americans. Twice that wounded. Over 70,000 rounds of ammunition confiscated.

FLASHBACK of the Skirmish. 
Helicopters fly over the tank Hawkins is driving, as a Train approaches.

The Skirmish continues.

The Train approaches, and Hawkins drives up to the tracks. He parks the tank right in the trains path. Hawkins jumps out, as the train tries to slow down, but ultimately hits the tank.

The Skirmish continues, as helicopters fly overhead. They drop bombs, as Jake looks out into the battlefield covered with fire. He mouths the words "My god"

Beck : Anything you want to say?

Constantino : We needed food, water, and supplies. Jericho had those things. We tried to trade peacefully, Jericho responded with hostility. Ending with the cold blooded murder of eight of my deputies. Starving. Facing a hostile neighbor. We had to take action.

Beck : Your story?

Jake : My story ? He held us hostage. Tortured my brother. Terrorized us with Mortars. Peace! You didn't want peace, you wanted everything we had. They attacked us, and cost us I don't know how many men and women. Cost me my father.

Beck : Alright. The dispute between these two towns is now officially over.

Jake : This isn't over.

Beck : Oh yes it is. In case you missed the message earlier today, I have the means to make this stick. I'm going to be overseeing this area, and conducting a full investigation into the events that lead to today.

Jake : That's not good enough!

Beck : Come here.

They go outside

Jake : You have no idea what we've lost.

Beck : Not yet. There's a reason I was asked to administer this area. I'm good at what I do. Go home. Be with your family. Treat your wounded, mourn your dead. Then help us rebuild this place. The nightmares over. Order will be restored.

A pile of rubble can be seen in the distance.


Reporter : It is now 6 months since the day that changed the course of Human History.Over 15 million left dead, or dying. Another 40 million homeless. And the remaining elements of the federal government, left scattered to the winds. Soon evidence began to mount that the financing and bombs used in the attacks had been supplied by elements within the Iranian and North Korean Government. But the remnants of the old federal government were paralyzed by indecision, and the international community refused to act. So began the rise of a national Hero. The Junior Senator from Wyoming, John Tomarchio Rallied the country.

TV Screen : Through Nebraska, Road still unsafe in western Routes...

4 Weeks after the New Bern War

Jimmy : Hey, hey. What the hell man?

Reporter : Tarian attacks against the

Jake : Sorry

Bill : You've been watching the same thing for a week man. It's just the same thing over and over again What is it you think you're going to miss ?

Jimmy : I'm waiting for them to explain what happened with the flag.

Bill : They have explained. About 400 times. They're putting the country back together. But not everybody's on board yet. Just the states... west of the Mississippi.

Reporter : Day Three of his whistle stop tour of the states.

Jake : Today, was Pete Brightons operation. Went by to see how it went.

Bill : And ?

Jake : I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did with all the shrapnel he took.

Bill : So... what's the total now ? Sixty four ?

Jake : Sixty-five

Bill : Sixty... I gotta say. I don't know what kind of punishment this Beck guy has in store for New Bern. But I'd like to be there when it goes down.

The 50 Star Flag comes down in front of town hall, and the new Allied States flag goes up.

Emily : Hey.

Jake : Hey. Hi.

Emily : Hey babe.

They kiss

Jake : Doing a little business with Jennings & Rall ?

Emily : Yeah, they're helping me organize a community service program for the High School. What ?

Jake : Nothing. It's just a little strange having them here.

Emily : Army can't do everything. J&R just does the every day stuff. Help deliver supplies, and get people back to work.

Jake : I've seen what they do.

Emily : Meaning What ? You know how it freaks me when you totally tune me out ?

New Bern Deputy takes a gun, and walks towards a man.

Emily : Jake !

Crowd freaks as a gun goes off

Soldier : Knock it off

Emily : Think he's from New Bern ?

Jake : Yeah. Yeah, I do.

(Hawkins Basement)

Darcy : Oh, Robert, you scared the hell out of me.

Hawkins : I missed you too.

Darcy : How long have you been standing there ?

Hawkins : A minute or two. I just got home. I told you I had to take the satellite link up on the road, to see who was tracking us.

Darcy: That was four days ago.

Hawkins: I know. But a few hours after I linked up, there was heavy military activity in the area. But I wanted to see where it went. Two days after, they set up a base camp

Darcy: The new government?

Hawkins: Uh-huh.

Darcy: They were the ones tracking you.

Hawkins: I think, Valente is working with them now.

Darcy: You know Rob, this town is crawling with soldiers. Is it safe to be here?

Hawkins: If Valente is calling the shots, then he is not looking for me. Remember he thinks that you, me, and the kids were all killed months ago. He'll be looking for the person that killed us. He's looking for Sarah.

Darcy: You're sure about that?

Hawkins: Yes. I'm sure.

Darcy: You know the uh... Commander asked me to stay on in the office to do their administrative work.

Hawkins: No.

Darcy: I could try to find out what they know. Your going to need eyes and ears inside their camp.

Hawkins: Thank you. But no.

Darcy: Rob...

Hawkins: Darcy...

(Town Hall)

Beck: What happened here?

Jake: C'mon. You know exactly what happened. Another thug from New Bern with a blood feud. That's a dozen in two weeks.

Beck: We've stopped just as many men heading in the other direction. Is he talking?

Soldier: No sir. Nothing.

Beck: Get him processed.

Soldier: yes sir.

Heather walks in

Jake: Heather?! Heather!

They hug.

Jake: Oh my god! Don't worry Jake, it'll just be a few days. How are you? Are you okay?

Heather: Yeah I'm good, I'm good. Major Beck was nice enough to let me hitch a ride back here on his convoy. So I.. I'm..

Jake: Hey, you alright?

Heather: I'm fine. I'm fine.

(Richmond Farm)

Trish: You'll be planting your spring crop in no time.

Stanley: And my tax stuff? That's in there too?

Trish: Yeah. It's good as gone.

Stanley: That's great.

Trish: Your wife?

Stanley: Not yet. I wanted to make sure my debts were settled first. But..

Trish: These are the days I love my job.

Stanley: Hey! Mimi, this is Trish Merrick, she's with Jennings & Rall.

Mimi: Hi.

Trish: You've got a great guy here Mimi.

Mimi: Yeah I know.

Trish We'll talk later.

Trish leaves

Mimi: Did you see that skin? It's like porcelain. That girls never had a restless night sleep in her life, and here I am

Stanley: Mimi?

Mimi: running 5 miles a day so my butt doesn't hit my ankles.

Stanley: MIMI! I own my farm again!

Mimi: What?

Stanley: I own my farm again. Jennings & Rall just helped me set up a deal with the new government to wipe out my IRS debt. I give them a portion of my crop for three years, and as of now I own my farm free and clear! Can you believe it?

Mimi: Oh! That's wonderful!

Stanley: Yeah.

Mimi: Oh Stanley, that's so wonderful. Marry me!

Stanley: Wait what?

Mimi: Marry me. I love you. The war's over. The lights are on. Life is good. Let's get married. What do you say?

Stanley: I uh... just uh...

Mimi: Oh... Oh wow. This is like my worst nightmare

Stanley: No Mimi, look..

Mimi: Forget I said anything. Just... just scratch it.

Stanley: Listen to me. Will you just listen to me?

Stanley: Just stop it.

Mimi: an idiot...

Stanley: Of course I'll marry you. I just wanted it... You don't understand. I just... You know what? Forget it. Forget it. Never mind. Yes. Yes, I'll marry you.

Mimi: I don't want your pity.

Stanley: Wait I. Let's get married okay. Let's get married. Okay?

Mimi: Okay.

Stanley; Okay.

Mimi: Maybe you should kiss me.

Stanley: Geez! Come here.

They kiss.

(Town Hall)

Beck: Gentlemen listen up. Got some updates for you. As of this morning, we've restored power to 70% of town. And we anticipate full capacity by the end of this month. All things considered, Jericho is on the fast track to recovery.

Gray: That's good news. After what we've been through it's good to

Jake: He's not done.

Gray: Wh-what's that?

Jake: He hasn't given us the bad news yet.

Beck: No, I haven't.

Jake: New Bern? The tribunals?

Beck: I've determined that New Bern is likely at fault for the hostilities between you.

Jake: But.

Beck: In the spirit of reconciliation,

Jake: You've got to be kidding me. Reconciliation

Beck: It is in everyone's interest to extend a blanket of amnesty over a wide range of acts committed in the lawless period after the attacks.

Eric: Constantino can't just walk away from this!

Beck: To be fair, he's been removed from office.

Jake: We're not going to just let this go. We're not just going to stand here.

Gray: Let him explain.

Jake: I don't want an explanation!

Gray: Yeah? Well I do! This guy has been helping me protect us from a world that's frankly been kicking our ass for the past six months.

Jake: Constantino is responsible for the deaths of over 60 men and women in this town, including my father. There isn't going to be any reconciliation until he's dead!

Beck: I want y'all to pay close attention to what I'm about to say. There will be no vigilantism in my jurisdiction. There will be no revenge killings. Period.

Jake and Beck go into a room together.

Beck: The door.

Beck: Four years ago, I was tasked with pacifying a hot spot an hour out of Kandahar. I walk into this powder keg. I do what I always do. Try to figure out who the guy is.

Jake: What guy? What are you talking about?

Beck: The guy. There's always one. I arrange a meeting. A big public thing, in the middle of the village. His men are armed to the teeth. Just waiting for an excuse. So I walk up to him. I lay my weapon down. I showed him that I understood his place in the order of things.

Jake: You think I'm your guy?

Beck: I want you to be Jericho's Sheriff. Those people followed you on the battlefield. They respect you. Help me do my job. Help these people move on. Think about it.

Jake aims to leave

Jake: What would you have done, if the guy, he took a shot at you?

Beck: Just think about it.

(Outside Town Hall0

Eric: What did he want?

Jake: Doesn't matter. Gather the rangers. We meet tonight. Tomorrow, we're going to New Bern. We're going to kill Constantino.

(Inside Town Hall)

Beck: The orders from HQ. This is a man hunt. And this is our target. The suspect is in possession of a high yield nuclear device. The same sort that carried out the September Attacks. Your orders are to shoot on sight.

Darcy knocks on the door, and enters.

Beck: We're going to find this terrorist no matter what it takes. Thank you. (To Darcy) Could you copy these, and distribute them as well?

Sarah Mason
Sarah Francis
Sarah Diaz
Sarah Thompson
Right Thumb Print, Left Thumb Print

Background and Method of Operation:
connection to the September attacks
is considered armed

(Knock on Jakes' Door)

Hawkins: We okay? So I got a little bit of a situation. I need a safe house Jake. Somewhere off the beaten path.

Jake: My grandpa had a hunting cabin that hasn't been used in years.

Hawkins: Okay.

Jake: Why? What's going on?

Hawkins shakes his head.

Jake: You know the news is saying the attacks were backed by Iran and North Korea.

Hawkins: Yeah, yeah I know.

Jake: You said it was domestic terrorism.

Hawkins: Which is what it was.

Jake: Why would the government lie about that?

Hawkins: Gee, I don't know Jake.

Jake: You don't know?

Hawkins: I really don't know.

Jake gives him a key.

Hawkins: Thank you.

Jake: We're meeting at Bailey's tonight after closing. If you're still there. I need you there.

Hawkins: Then I'll be there.

(Bailey's Bar)

Heather is heating a hamburger.

Mary: Do they not have food in Cheyenne?

Beck: May we have a word ma'am?

Mary leaves

Beck: The New Bern man from yesterday, the shooter. How do you know him?

Heather: He was one of Constantino's deputies. When I found out what Constantino was planning to do to Jericho, a deputy was told to take me out of town, and um...

Beck: Execute you? They let you go...

Heather: Well I got lucky. The deputy assigned me, refused to take those kind of orders. But they didn't all refuse them. The man you saw yesterday? He was one of the worst.

Beck: I see. Do you think he should die for what he did?

Heather: Well I think there's been enough dying around here lately, don't you?

Beck: I want you to be my liaison between the people of New Bern and Jericho.

Heather: *laughs* Excuse me?

Beck: I need someone with the sides of both towns.

Heather: Why would I do that?

Beck: Why wouldn't you? Col. Hoffman said you showed a lot of guts with him. He recommended you specifically. I assumed you'd want to help.

Heather: I just came from a town where guys with guns and uniforms made life very unpleasant.

Beck: And you can't tell the difference between me and Phil Constantino?

This is a legally binding contract that will become final within three business days. During this period you may choose to consult an attorney who can review and cancel the contract. See section on Attorney Review for details.

1. Agreement and Property Description
(A) Richmond Farm

Address: 9 Rural Route 3. Jericho, KS 47390

Hereby agrees to a settlement with:
(A) Jennings & Rall

Address: #### (illegible) Cedar Ave., Cheyenne, WY
Agrees to enter into an agreement with Jennings & Rall at terms as stated below:
This property as follows: Richmond Farm
Owned by Stanley Richmond
In the county of Fillimore in the State of Kansas
Description: Farm including all structures, equipment, livestock, 25 Acres

2. Valued at: 275,000
Estimated Tax Debt: 12,000

B. Tax debt contingent on this agreement beginning: on 2/01 2008
Conditions: All property shall be held in trust account of Jennings & Rall until the end of the contract term, at which time all tax debt will be forgiven, unless agreed otherwise in writing by both parties. "The percentage of the farm crop as stated below is owed starting immediately, but will not be credited toward the term of the contract until a national monetary system is reinstated by the government and an exchange rate can be established.

Stanley: Hi. I'm going to take a shower before you dump me for someone less sweaty.

Mimi: Tell me you didn't sign this contract.

Stanley: Didn't sign that contract.

Mimi: Oh, thank god.

Stanley: Yes, I signed the other one. That's a copy.

Mimi: Why would you do that? didn't you read it first?

Stanley: Yes, I read it.

Mimi: Stanley...

Stanley: What? What? What'd I do?

Mimi: Well first of all, you owe them a share of your crop starting immediately, but you won't be credited for these years, until, see a national monetary system is reinstated by the federal government and an exchange rate can be established.

Stanley: So?

Mimi: So, what if it takes them years to get the economy back together? Your going to just keep forking over your crop.

Stanley: Well, no, I give them my crop for a while, and then I'm out of debt, right?

Mimi: That's how you got into debt in the first place.

Stanley: You know, I'm going to take a shower.

Mimi: Wait... I

Stanley: Now you look. I'm not stupid.

(Bailey's Bar)

Jake: We're also hearing New Bern is facing complete lock down. Curfews. Military checkpoints all over town. But. But we think we've found an angle. They've got Constantino working at the factory. He leaves there around 8:00 every night. The security at that shift change is pretty light. So if we hit him here, right here, there's a chance we get a clean shot, and get out without getting caught. (Hawkins leaves) Where you going?

Hawkins: Home.

(Outside the Bar)

Jake: Hey! Hey! You suddenly get a conscience.

Hawkins: You know, if you were smart, you'd let three months go by. Wait until everything calms down, and you would go in there quietly in the middle of the night, and you would kill Constantino in his sleep. Now, that I would understand. But this? This is just you making a big show out of it Jake, and it is both dangerous and stupid.

Jake: Really?

Hawkins: Yes, Really. I can't be a part of this.

Eric: He's out?

Jake: Looks that way.

Eric: Listen, I know you don't want to hear this. But maybe you should sit this one out.

Jake: Oh, come on.

Eric: After what went down in the Major's office today, he has his eyes on you.

Jake: You really think there's a chance in hell I'm going to sit this one out?

Eric: That's what I figured. Sleep well.

Jake: Sleep well.

Army Vehicle pulls up

Beck: Get in!


Jake: What is this about?

Beck: I want you to see something. Excuse us soldier.

Beck unzips a body bag. The deputy from earlier is dead

Jake: You executed him?

Beck: No, I sent him back to New Bern. Earlier this evening, he and three other armed men were found not far from here heading toward Jericho. Now, we tried to apprehend them, they made the mistake of opening fire. This man couldn't put his vendetta to rest, so it was put to rest for him.

Jake can't talk, he's overwhelmed.

Beck: You asked me what I would've done if those insurgents had taken a shot at me. This is what I would've done. Sometimes the only way to end these things, is to remove elements from the equation. I think you need to ask yourself, if your father would want your story to end in one of these bags.

Jake; My father's dead.

(Main Street)

Mimi: Hey!

Horns Honk

Mimi: We need to talk about the deal you made with Stanley Richmond.

Trish: Oh! The paper work's going through as we speak.

Mimi: Tear it up.

Trish: I'm sorry. Mr. Richmond signed those papers. I'm not sure we're going to be able to void them out.

Mimi: Stanley tends to sign things without paying much attention. Mimi's the things he has signed, are four years of misstated income tax returns, which make him guilty of a number of federal crimes, but it is my understanding that Cheyenne has extended an amnesty for any non-violent crimes committed before the attack. So technically I suppose you have exposed Jennings & Rall to a nasty civil suit for coercing a man into this deal, on the basis of settling a tax debt he no longer owed.

Trish: Yeah, that sounds like something I'll need to raise with my boss.

Mimi: Yeah, it does. Doesn't it.

Darcy talks with a couple of women, as Chavez begins following her.

Emily: Please do not stomp or make and sudden movements next to the stove, alright?

Jake: You're making a cake?

Emily: I bake. Sometimes..

Jake: Since when?

Emily: Hey, when I was.. when I was a kid.

Jake: No you didn't.

Emily: Once... I did. In Home-Ec.

Jake: Ahh.. And?

Emily: and it ended badly...

Jake: Because?

Emily: Because the fire.

Jake: Right, which could have been prevented by...

Emily: Okay, leave me alone! This is for your mother. It's been four weeks since your dad and...

Jake: She just wants to stay at the ranch. Do it her way.

Emily: Okay, well I want to do it my way, and this is her favorite recipe so..

Jake: No.. it's my dad's. He'd beg her to make it for him, then he'd sit right there and tell her how to do it. She'd pretend it drove her crazy. It was a bit they did. God he loved her...

Emily: He loved you too, you know?

Jake: Most days... How do you think he would've felt about Constantino getting to walk?

Emily: I think he would've been madder than hell. But I don't think he would've felt good about what you're planning.

Jake: You know?

Emily: I think he would've preferred his death, and one war done. Not start another one.

Jake: yeah..

Mary: Jake? Did Eric come talk to you?

Jake: No, Why?

Mary: Because he took a gun, and went out with some of the rangers.

Eric and a group of about 4 men are riding off towards New Bern.

(Hunting Cabin)

Knock on the door

Darcy comes in

Darcy: Hey. Sam and Allison are at the Taylors. I told Margaret we were having problems at home. And I also got this. You were right. They're looking for Sarah, not you.

Hawkins: I told you I did not want you to be a part of this.

Darcy: I know. I ignored you.

Hawkins: Darcy this is not..

Darcy: Look Robert, we're in this together, and I want to help.

Hawkins: What is this?

Darcy: It's everything to come through Beck's fax machine in the last few days.

Hawkins: These are copies I hope.

Darcy: I put the originals back in the paper tray within two minutes. Oh my god, what was that?

Hawkins: Are you sure you weren't followed?

Darcy: Yeah, I think so...

Hawkins: Oh, D. That is not a yes. You know what to do.

Hawkins goes outside, looking for whoever followed Darcy. Smoke is pouring out of some device.

(Road to New Bern)

Eric and his horsemen are stopped by Jake.

Jake: Hey! What the hell are you doing?

Eric: I'm taking care of this for the both of us.

Jake: By leaving without me?

Eric: I'm trying to protect you. You never would've agreed to sit this out. Now go home Jake.

Jake: We're all going home.

Eric: Not me.

Jake: This isn't what Dad would've wanted. Right, Eric?

Eric: Maybe not from you.

Jake: What the hell's that supposed to mean? Huh?

Eric: Just go.

Jake: You think you lost more than me? Huh? Is that it? You think you lost more than me?!

Eric: I think you had a few good months.

Jake: He was my father!

Eric: Well, he was everything to me! You have no idea what I've lost. Now get out of my way.

Helicopters fly over. Army Vehicles pull up

(Hunting cabin)

Hawkins sneaks around, aiming his gun wherever he can. He looks in the barn. He looks around. He hears some sort of bird. Someone points a gun to his head.

(Road to New Bern)

Beck: Somebody convince me this isn't what I think it is.

Jake: It's fine, we've got it under control.

Beck: Let me stop you there. Because if it is what I think it is, there's a certain way I need to respond.

Jake: I heard a rumor that there was an armed party on it's way to New Bern. So I gathered border patrol, to head them off.

Beck: Do you realize that policing borderlines is my job, not yours?

Jake: It's been our job for a while now. Old habits die hard.

Beck: We're going to follow you back into town, make sure you get there safely. Just so we're clear, you just saved your brothers life tonight. And he's not the last one around here who's going to need that kind of help.

(Hunting Cabin)

Chavez: Drop it.

Hawkins drops it

Chvaez: Now turn around slowly, and give us a hug!

Hawkins: Chavez... what are you doing here?

Chavez: This is the rally point isn't it? Better late than never right?

Hawkins: So put it down man.

Chavez: You're getting lazy old man. Ten years ago, there's no way I'd get this close.

Hawkins: Maybe.

Chavez: It doesn't bother you?

A gun clicks behind Chavez.

Hawkins: Not really. So you going to put that down? Chavez, this is my wife Darcy. Darcy, this is Chavez. Let's go.

(Inside the Cabin)

Chavez: So who else from the team has made it back here?

Hawkins: Victor was first. He didn't last long. Radiation from Denver. And then uh... Sarah.

Chavez: Sarah?

Hawkins: Yeah. It didn't end too well for her.

Chavez: I told you to be careful about her, didn't I?

Hawkins: And you were right.

Chavez: Thank you.

Hawkins laughs.

Chavez: There's three of us left then huh? You, Me, Chung.

Hawkins: You had any contact from Chung?

Chavez: He's embedded in Cheyenne. I lost contact when I infiltrated this army, and ended up in Nebraska.

Hawkins: How long ago?

Chavez: A month or so. Figured it was a good way to stay inside until I made my way back to the rally point. Didn't figure on them bringing me right to you.

Hawkins: Yeah.

Chavez: It's almost like you stuck your head out long enough for them to track your location.

Hawkins: I did.

Chavez: Huh.

Hawkins: These people needed my help, and I couldn't turn my back on them. And if you are here against me, or them, well I may have to kill you.

They both laugh.

Chavez: Man, you are a mess.

Hawkins: Well, that just may well be. But I did manage to put a few pieces together. I know that Valente was the one that was holding Sarah's leash.

Chavez: I did not know that.

Hawkins: Yeah, he's uh... he's within the government of Cheyenne now. But I don't know in what capacity.

Chavez: He's a slippery bastard, I'm not surprised.

Hawkins: What do you know so far?

Chavez: You got a map?

(Richmond Farm)

Mimi enters

Mimi: You know, I've got the original right here.

Mimi rips it up

Stanley: I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think this changes anything.

Mimi: I got them to rescind it.

Stanley: What?

Mimi: Oh yeah. But not only that,but I got you the tractor, the seed, all of it. And at a fair price. And there also going to help you file a petition so that you can wipe out your tax debt officially with Cheyenne. Now that part is free of charge, as an apology to us. And um. And they also offered me a job. Which I think was part self defense.

Stanley: *laughs* You... you're terrifying.

Mimi: I don't like people messing with my family. I'm sorry I asked you to marry me.

Stanley: No, Look. I was going to ask you.

Mimi: You were?

Stanley: I was. Yes, I had it all planned out. I was going to propose the way my father proposed to my mother.

Mimi: How'd he do it?

Stanley: He asked her.

Mimi: I'm sorry... I'm just a very goal oriented person. I see that something needs to be done, and I do it. It's just sometimes I think that if I don't make things happen, then they won't. Because I think that no one will want them as much as I do.

Stanley Takes out a ring

Mimi: What's that?

Stanley: It's my mother's wedding ring. Now please, be quiet. I've never loved anybody the way I love you. And I can't remember my life before you, and uh... now I really don't think I can live without you. Listen, I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy, I swear to god. So will you marry me?

Mimi is trembling, and crying

Stanley: See, now you can talk.

Mimi: Yes! Yes!

He slips the ring on her finger.

Stanley: Yeah.

Mimi: Yes, Yes I will marry you.


Hawkins: (To Darcy) Hey, I want you to hear this.

Chavez: Cheyenne's story about the attacks? Iran, North Korea? We know that's a lie.

Hawkins: Question is, why? What are they hiding?

Chavez: Whatever it is, they wiped two countries off the map to cover it up. It's safe to say there's something rotten in that government. Who knows if it stops with Valente or not? The western states have all fallen in with Cheyenne. Everything west of the Mississippi. They're strong, and getting stronger. The east is aligned under Columbus Ohio. Remnants of the old administration. They're weak and losing support fast.

Hawkins: How far off is Cheyenne from winning this thing?

Chavez: That's where the Wild Card comes in. An independent territory with a significant military presence, and a stockpile of oil reserves. And they haven't chosen a side yet. Texas. Texans are getting close to siding with Cheyenne. If that happens, it's the ball game. This is our new mission. Expose Cheyanne's secret before they take over the whole country.

Hawkins: I guess this is where the good news comes in.

Chavez: Oh yeah? What's that?

Hawkins: I have evidence that could expose the whole cover up. I have one of the bombs. Maybe the only one.

Chavez: Well, that's a good start

(Town Hall)

Beck: I understand sir, but with all due respect we're not ready for that. No sir. No sir. Yes sir, I appreciate that. Thank you sir.

Jake comes in.

Beck: Jake.

Jake: Just uh came by to

Beck tosses him the badge

Jake: Came by to take you up on your offer. How'd you know?

Beck: I told you before, I'm good at what I do.

Jake picks up the badge

Beck: I'd like to tell you not to worry. But your trial by fire as Jericho's sheriff is coming sooner than later.

Jake: How's that?

Beck: You hear about the President's whistle stop tour?

Jake: Yeah, from the News.

Beck: Well I've just received a call informing me that Jericho's been added to the route. The President's on his way.



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