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#121 : Pacte avec le diable

Si Hawkins et Johnston sont parvenus à libérer les deux frères de New Bern, la situation s'aggrave avec la ville ennemie. Déplorant la mort de huit concitoyens, Phil Constantino annonce au Maire de Jericho qu'ils sont sur le point d'envahir la ville et d'en réquisitionner les fermes. Refusant tout accord avec l'adversaire, Jericho est bombardée, laissant ses hommes divisés sur la stratégie de défense à adopter...



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Titre VO
Coalition of the Willing

Titre VF
Pacte avec le diable

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Trailer de l’épisode


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Eric et Robert

Plus de détails

Réalisation : Guy Norman Bee
Scénario : Frank Military, Josh Schaer

Acteurs :

  • Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorn)
  • Clare Carey (Mary Bailey)
  • Candace Bailey (Skylar Stevens)
  • Bob Stephenson (Jimmy)
  • Richard Speight Jr. (Bill)
  • Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • Jazz Raycole (Allison Hawkins)
  • Sandy Martin (Mme Herbert)
  • Rob Reinis (le conducteur)
  • James Remar (Jonah Prowse)
  • Sterling Ardrey (Samuel Hawkins)

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Disclaimer : Please note that nobody who does the transcripts actually owns the transcripts, nor are they making money off of them. They belong to the Creators of Jericho, and nobody else.

(Les transcripts n’appartiennent pas aux personnes qui les réalisent et ils ne gagnent pas d’argent pour ça. Les transcripts appartiennent aux créateurs de Jericho et personne d’autre.)

 Coalition of the Willing Transcript(Check point outside of Jericho)

Stanley: Alright keep alert, Jake said the New Bern guys might be coming right behind them.

Jimmy: Maybe their already here.

(They see a light of in the distance)

Stanley: What is that?

(Mayors Office)

Gray: What happened?

Johnston: We got a major problem Gray.

Gray: Where’s Eric?

Johnston: He’s fine, he’s at the med center.

Gray: What, is it about the mine?

Jake: It’s a lot worse than that.

(Jericho check point - A boy walks up with a lantern)

Stanley: Who are you? Stop moving. Hey, you hear me? I’m talkin to you. Hey, Freeze! Who are you?

(Mayors Office)

Jake: I think we killed uh, six in New Bern.

Hawkins: Eight, I counted eight.

(Stanley walks in with the boy from New Bern)

Gray: Who’s this?

Stanley: He says he’s from New Bern, wanted to talk to you.

Gray: What is this about?

(The boy turns on aradio and places it on the desk - Gray picks it up)

Gray: Hello.

Phil: Am I speaking to Gray Anderson?

Gray: Yes.

Phil: This is Phil Constantino, Henry you can come home now son. We’re still cleaning the blood of eight deputies of the streets of New Bern, so you need to understand out position. We need seven farms including the Jackson farm, the Herbert farm, and the Richmond farm and we need half the salt mine. You have four hours to respond.

Gray: I, I don’t understand. What are you asking us to do?

Phil: Jericho is about to be invaded. For the sake of your people I’m asking you to surrender.

(Mayors Office)

Jake: We have border patrol on duty at all the check points and all the new road blocks, but we’re scrambling to cover every where else.

Gray: Alright, did you see anything out there?

Jake: No nothing.

Gray: What is he actually going to do, just marching here and start shooting us? We were high school rivals five months ago.

Jake: They tortured my brother to find out how many troops we have, what weapons…

Johnston: They have made hundreds of mortars.

Hawkins: My guess is they can hit us from far as two miles out.

Gray: Having them and using them on people are two different things.

Hawkins: Yeah that’s what they said about nuclear bombs.

Gray: How much times left?

Jimmy: Fifty minutes.

(Med. Center - Nursing staff is running around - Eric watches a Doctor operate - He gets flashbacks from April’s surgery)

Gail: “Fetal heart rate is less than five beats per minute.”

Dr. Kenchy: “Just hold pressure, hold pressure right there. Right there, press, harder…damn it.”

Gail: “I can’t hear anything."

Eric: “What is going on?’

Dr. Kenchy: “I’m trying to save April.”

Eric: “What, what do you mean its stopped?’

Gail: “Do something.’

(Gail touches Eric and his flashbacks end)

Gail: Eric.

Eric: Yeah, hey mom. (She hugs him)

Gail: Oh god. Com on, come on lets get you fixed up ok. Come on sweetheart.

(Town Hall - People chattering)

Gray: Uh we’re not going to give anything to these people.

Dale: Mrs. Herbert.

Mrs. Herbert: I just wanted to offer the town a solution.

Dale: You cannot give away that farm.

Mrs. Herbert: Gray said it’s to far out of town for the Rangers help, I can’t stand out there with a riffle.

Dale: Then I’ll defend it.

Mrs. Herbert: Really.

Dale: Are you abandoning it?

Mrs. Herbert: The bank owns half of that farm anyway you just…do what ever you want Dale.

Dale: Well wait lets be clear, if I defend it then it’s all mine.

Mrs. Herbert: If you can defend it.

Skylar: Dale, how are we going to defend that farm?

(Dale goes up to his guys)

Dale: Get me every refugee you can find.

Man: Alright.

(Med. Center - Gail is helping Eric put on a shirt)

Gail: Careful.

(Mary walks in)

Eric: Mary.

Mary: Was so scared when you didn’t come back, I thought…

Eric: I’m back.

Mary: Oh god. (She hugs him)

Eric: Ow.

Mary: Sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you.

Eric: No, I’m ok.

(Gracie’s Market - Many people are loudly talking)

Dale: Listen up guys. Hey!

Man1: They said you had some food here.

Dale: Yeah I, I do have food. As of this morning I own the second biggest farm in Jericho. Now, I’m gonna need some men to defend it if we’re invaded.

Man1: What do we get?

Dale: A promise of three meals a day.

Man1: You want us to risk out lives for a promise?

(Many people agree and begin to walk out)

Dale: Listen, listen. Since you’ve been here you’ve been asking for a place to live, food. You came here as refugees and you’re still being treated like second class citizens, that’s no way to live. If you fight for my farm and we win then everybody gets an equal split. It’ll be your farm, you’ll have stake in this town that nobody can take away from you, you’ll never have to ask anyone for anything ever again. So?

(Loud chattering of agreement as they all get in line to sign up)

(Mayors Office)

Gray: Constantino said four hours.

Jimmy: It’s already been four hours.

(Town Hall - Emily walks)

Emily: Jake. (She hugs him) You ok?

Jake: Come here.

(Mayors Office - Stanley walks in)

Hawkins: What did we hear from the Rangers?

Stanley: Runners came in, they haven’t seen anything.

Bill: Should we call Constantino?

Gray: I don’t have anything to tell him, I’m not just give the town away.

(Town Hall)

Jake: There’s something I need to tell you.

Emily: It’s crazy, everybody’s saying that New Bern’s gonna attack.

Jake: We don’t know. Look, somethin happened to Heather, she found out New Bern was building mortars she tried to stop them and they, they caught her. Nobody’s seen her since.

Emily: What did they do to her?

Jake: I don’t know.

Emily: Is she dead? Jake, is she dead? Jake?

(Before he can answer mortar rounds are heard as they hit Jericho)

(Mayors Office)

Johnston: Get away from the windows.

(Town Hall)

Jake: Are you hurt? Are you hurt?

Emily: I’m good, I’m good.

Jake: Alright wait here, you wait here.

(Jake goes out into the street and sees the destruction from the mortars - People are funning around screaming, some lying in the street - Jake stops to check a man)

Jake: Hey, you ok? Somebody help.

(Jake sees his mom lying in the street)

Jake: Mom! Mom! Mom!

(More mortar rounds are heard as Jake leans over his mom to protect her)

(Middle of street - people running around - Jake is sitting against a building holding his mom)

Johnston: Jake you ok? Honey!

Eric: Hey.

Johnston: Look at me, look at me.

Gail: I can’t hear.

Johnston: I know sweetie that’ll come back.

Eric: I’m right her mom.

Gail: What’s happening?

Johnston: It’s alright sweetie, everything’s gonna be fine. Let’s get you to the med. center, come on.

Gray: Get everybody off the street, there might be more coming. We gotta open the shelters and the Town Hall and the Medical Center. Move!

Jimmy: Constantino, he’s on the radio.

(Mayors Office)

Gray: Constantino you son of a bitch, what the hell are you doing?

Phil: I’m sorry for your troubles.

Gray: We got a dozen injured people in the street here.

Phil: I warned you what would happen if you didn’t meet our demands.

Gray: DEMANDS! I will make it my purpose in life to see that you are held accountable for what you’ve just done.

Phil: Take another hour.

Gray: No do not fire anymore of those things in here.

Phil: One hour Gray, we need seven farms. It was just two mortars this time, next time they’ll be three. Try to retaliate, refuse our demands, we’ll send more. We’ll do this day and night for as long as it takes.

Gray: Alright the patrols said they looked like they we’re fired from the west. Get as many Rangers as you can alright, go out there find those mortars and we are gonna take them out. Move!

(Middle of street - People running around, little fires going on - Hawkins is helping people out of the street)

Hawkins: Hey, hey, hey.

Darcy: Rob!

Hawkins: Come on.

Darcy: Rob.

Hawkins: Hey Darcy, you ok?

Darcy: Yeah, what happened?

Hawkins: It’s New Bern, their firing mortars at us. (She sees his gun shot wound)

Darcy: Are you ok?

Hawkins: Yeah, look we gotta get the kids and you gotta get outta here.

Darcy: Where are we gonna go?

Hawkins: There’s a, there’s a safe house I know of if we could just get there. It’s in Montana.

Darcy: Go to Montana on these roads! What are the chances of getting there?

Hawkins: I don’t know, I don’t know.

(Streets of Jericho)

Johnston: You heard from Constantino?

Gray: No, no but I sent out a squad of Rangers to take out the mortars.

Johnston: I should have been with em’.

Gray: Well you weren’t here and I couldn’t wait.

(Streets of Jericho)

Darcy: What should we do?

Hawkins: I don’t know. Hey, hey, hey we’ve got to get underground, now. Hey everybody, you have got to get underground. You, get everybody underground.

Darcy: Let’s go home, let’s go home.

Hawkins: Ok.

(Hawkins House - Basement)

Hawkins: I might have to go back to town.

Darcy: Sam, Sam get away from there.

Allison: Hey dad, there’s more water in th garage you want me to get it?

Hawkins: That there’s the safest room in the house, it’s concrete wall reinforced. It’s where we should be Dee. Come on,

(Hawkins lead them into his safe room)

Hawkins: Come on in.

Sam: This is cool.

Darcy: Sam, Allison go in the other room.

Sam: Why can’t…

Allison: Come on Sam, lets go.

Sam: But this rooms boring.

Hawkins: No more secrets.

(Town Hall Basement)

Johnston: Mortars didn’t come from very far off. How much time do we have?

Gray: About four minutes left.

Stanley: This is Stanley Richmond. Anderson can you hear me?

Gray: We hear you.

Stanley: Ok, we’re about a hundred yards away from the mortar canons. There’s two of them sittin on flat bed trucks.

Gray: Ok, can you get to them?

Stanley: Yeah, yeah I think so. There’s a path leading into the clearing.

Johnston: Tell him he’s gotta send scouts out on both flanks.

Gray: There’s no time to reposition.

Johnston: They have to know what their going into.

Gray: I’m not gonna give them another chance to drop bombs on us.

Johnston: Gray these men are not soldiers, they need to know.

Gray: Johnston you can stay or you can go, but how this happens is my call.

(Eric grabs the radio)

Eric: Stanley get out of there, don’t do it.

Man: Let go.

Man2: (He pulls a gun and directs it at Eric) Hey, hey, hey! Hey!

Gray: Stanley.

Stanley: What should we do?

Gray: Take em’ out.

Stanley: Got it.

(Hawkins Basement)

Darcy: So why now?

Hawkins: You know I always thought that I could keep you safe, but now today, I’m just not so sure.

Darcy: Nothings safe, not anymore.

Hawkins: But you know in, in the middle of all of this, in this madness the only thing that makes any sense to me. I mean really, the only thing is you and the kids. Took me a while to realize that and I’m sorry, I am so sorry.

Darcy: I missed you. I missed you. (She hugs and kisses him)

(Town Hall)

Bill: How do we know if it worked?

Gray: Come on.

(The lights go out as more mortar rounds hit Jericho)

Gray: Stanley? STANLEY! Stanley!

(Stanley and his men walk into town as the new damage to Jericho is seen)

Gray: Is he shot?

(Stanley is in shock)

Jake: Stanley. Hey sit down, sit down.

Gray: Get them to the Med. Center. Is he alright?

Jake: Are you shot? (Jake takes of his coat and checks if he is wounded)

(Hawkins and Mimi run up)

Johnston: Where is everybody else? Stanley what happened out there?

Stanley: I, I don’t know. We were moving towards the mortar truck and they were waitin, they were waitin on both sides of it for us. They wouldn’t, they wouldn’t stop f-f-f-iring.

Johnston: Stanley, where is everybody else? Where are they son?

Stanley: Their, their all dead. Their all dead.

Mimi: This is insane. This is insane.

(Jake tries to grab Gray)

Man: Hey, hey back off.

(Some people grab Gray as Hawkins and Johnston pull Jake away)

(Johnston looks at Jake)

Johnston: Bailey’s, now.


Jake: Stanley said the mortars were on trucks here, right here, just east of Shawcreek bridge.

Johnston: Their gonna fire and move, check the tracks to see which direction they were headed and Jake, just scout em’; we’re not going to do anything else half cocked. First we find em’ than we’ll formulate a plan of attack.

Jake: Got it.

Hawkins: Just scout 'em.

Emily: I’m coming with you. It was not a request.

(Jake hands her a gun)

Jake: Alright.

(Outside of town - Jake, Eric and Emily are on horseback)

Jake: From the tracks I’d say three maybe four firing trucks headed down that road. They can hit the town from anywhere once they get to Route 6.

Eric: Hey, Hawkins spotted a five ton truck coming this way from New Bern about three miles back.

Jake: Could be a supply truck heading to the next mortar site.

Eric: Jake, we can get it.

Jake: Alright, let’s go.

(Outside town - Hawkins has a sniper set up and is aimed at the truck - Jake and Eric are riding up behind the truck - Jake rides up to the drivers side - Hawkins takes out the passenger)

Jake: Stop the truck now. Stop it.

(Jonah’s men pull up on dirt bikes)

Jonah: Their alright, let 'em go. Well, you two finally turned to a life of crime.

(Gracie’s Market)

Johnston: We’re gonna need your men.

Dale: My men don’t fight for Gray Anderson.

Johnston: We’re asking you to help defend the town, we lose you don’t have anything.

Skylar: If we fight with you we keep Mrs. Herbert’s farm.

Dale: And we get the abandoned Surry farm also.

Johnston: You already own half a salt mine and a percent of every farm in the county, no you want more?

Dale: It’s just business.

Johnston: This isn’t about business, I’m asking you to do this for me.

(Outside Jericho - Jonah’s men are going through the supplies from the truck)

Emily: We need your help.

Jonah: (Yells to his men) Let’s get ready to move, they’ll be lookin for this truck. (Looks at Emily) Last time I was in town those people we’re trying to lynch me, they can all go to hell.

Emily: Just listen to me.

Jonah: No you listen to me. I’ve been watchin New Bern move weapons and supplies for the last three days, this is going to be a blood bath. The best thing you can do is come with me.

Emily: Jericho’s my home.

Jonah: And I’m your father, It’s survival of the strongest and fittest out there.

Emily: You think I’m safe with you robbing trucks?!

Jonah: I haven’t lost a man yet and if New Bern doesn’t get Jericho somebody else will. Emily, come with me.

Emily: No. Give us the maps, help us take out the mortars, help us fight. We’ll give you half, half of our weapons, food, fuel of what we take and if New Bern’s army is as big as you say it is, you’ll do a whole lot better than hitting one truck at a time out here.

Jonah: You got more of me in you than you’re ever gonna admit. (Yells to men) Change of plans.


Man: When the Federal Government comes back we have out deeds, we’ll get our farms back then.

Johnston: What if the government doesn’t come back? What if this is the way it stays? They are coming here intent on killing us.

Man: Gray say’s we’re only three farms away from a deal and besides we’re not prepared to fight.

Johnston: I will get us prepared, you talk to those farmers you don’t let 'em give in.

Man: Who else you got willin to fight Johnston? The cops? The Rangers?

(Jake walks in followed by Emily, Eric, Hawkins and Jonah)

Hawkins: There are eleven potential mortar sites, the question is which one is next?

Jake: The driver said this one, if we can trust him.

Johnston: Stanley how are the trucks guarded?

Jonah: They have men hiding in the brush.

Johnston: I’m not sure I’m taking your deal.

Jonah: They have nearly thirty guys guarding that mortar truck, I see nine here.

Jimmy: Gray’s got the seven farms he needs, he’s gonna call New Bern and give them up.

Johnston: If he surrenders those farms New Bern will occupy them in thirty minutes, we’ll never get rid of 'em.

Stanley: So what do we do?

Johnston: I guess I’m about to make a deal with the devil.

Jonah: You flatter me.

Johnston: Stanley, Eric, Jimmy, get back over to Town Hall. Do what ever it takes but don’t let Gray make that call.

Jimmy: What do you mean do what ever it takes? What are you saying?

Johnston: I’m saying its time to pick a side.

(Town Hall Basement)

Bill: Jimmy, why’d you bring Eric in here?

Jimmy: We just want to talk for a second.

Eric: Don’t make that deal with Constantino.

Gray: It’s not a debate.

Stanley: If you make this deal their not going to stop with seven farms, people are going to starve to death Gray.

Eric: And that’s if they don’t kill us out right when the food gets scarce.

Gray: I need you to leave, now.

Eric: Come on Gray.

(One of Gray’s men try and push Stanley out of the room)

Stanley: Get your hands off me.

Eric: Why are you so ready to give up?

Stanley: I almost gave my life for this town Gray, you better listen to me, you understand!

Eric: It wasn’t your fault that those men died Gray?


(They begin to shout at each other and eventually they all pull guns on each other)

Eric: We got men out there Gray.

Gray: What?

Eric: We have men out there.

Gray: (Gray looks at his men) Put em’ down, put, put em’ down.

Eric: You too, put 'em down.

Gray: Who is out there? Who is out there and what are they doing?

Eric: Jake, Hawkins and my dad and their gonna try and take out the mortars.

Gray: Just, just the three of them? What do they think their gonna do?

Stanley: You can not give up those farms do you understand?

Gray: We can’t fight, we can’t fight. You saw what happened this morning, we’re not ready for this. I have been talking to Constantino and I promised him that we will not retaliate if he just gives us time to put this deal together.

Stanley: We’ve got maps of all of New Bern’s positions, their supply line, everything.

Gray: Where did you get this stuff?

Stanley: We’ve got trucks, we’ve got fuel, we’ve got guns.

Gray: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about? Where did you get all this?

Eric: Jonas Prowse is fighting with us. He’s got about thirty men fighting with him, thirty men!

Gray: Well he could get us all killed.

(A radio signal from New Bern comes in)

Phil: This is New Bern, over.

Eric: Don’t go near that radio Gray.

Phil: Mayor Anderson are you there?

(Outside Jericho preparing to ambush some of the New Bern men - Johnston is in the truck with the driver from New Bern)

New Bern Driver: Johnston Green right? Two years ago you cam over to New Bern, finished fourth in a bass fishing contest up at Bigget Lake; I finished second.

(Jake, Hawkins and Jonahs men climb into the back of the truck)

Johnston: Let’s go.

(Town Hall Basement)

Phil: Mayor Anderson, your time is running out.

Gray: I have to tell Constantino that I did not send them out there.

Eric: Gray, don’t make that deal. Buy us some time to take out those mortars, negotiate with Constantino.

(Back of truck)

Hawkins: So when we pop outta here, it gets bad, Jonah will have out backs right? (Jake just looks at him) You are filling me with confidence Jake.

Jake: Emily’s with him, he’ll be there.

(Town Hall Basement)

Phil: Mayor Anderson, are you there?

Gray: Yeah I’m here Phil.

Phil: What’s your decision?

Eric: You’re a good business man Gray, you know how to do it.

Gray: Well we don’t want to fight, so what about the uh Lavine and Hyde’s dairy farms instead of the Richmond farm?

Phil: That’s less acreage.

Gray: Yeah, yeah I know but uh, then you would have a dairy and a soybean farm. Also Hyde’s has fifty acres of corn and I gotta tell ya that deal would be a lot easier to sell to my people.

(Truck pulls up at the next mortar site - New Bern men are talking - One of the men goes and talks to the driver)

Man: Where you been? You were supposed to be here three hours ago.

Driver: Yeah I got sniped at by a gang over near Calvary, had to come all the way back rough through, back through Vanase. I got a half a barbequed venison in the back.

Man: God we need it. (Whistles to the men) We got chow. Hey we’ll eat in shifts, don’t pull everybody off the perimeter at the same time.

(They open the back of the truck and come face to face with the men from Jericho)

Hawkins: Don’t move, drop your weapons.

Jake: Get in the truck. Move!

(Town Hall Basement)

Phil: My people are telling me that all the cattle at Hyde’s farm have been slaughtered for food.

Gray: Really? I don’t think so, I can find out for you. Let’s talk about the salt mine now, you’ve already got twenty five percent of the mine. Can’t we just leave it at that?

Phil: What are you doing Gray?

Gray: What are you talking about?

Phil: This negotiation is over.

Gray: No Phil, come on.

Phil: Thirty seconds Gray or I send more mortars.

Gray: But we almost have a deal here Phil, come on! Phil!

(Mortar site - the drives jumps out of the truck)

Driver: Their here.

Man2: Jericho’s in the camp.

(A shoot out starts between Jericho and New Bern)

Hawkins: Where the hell is Jonah?

Johnston: He doesn’t want to get hit in our cross fire. Cease fire, cease fire.

Hawkins: Stop!

(From behind the New Bern men Jonah and his men come out shooting - They kill all of the New Bern men)

Johnston: No!

(Jonah finds the driver alive and kills him point blank - Emily is standing behind him in shock at what he just did)

(Jonah’s and the Jericho men start loading the supplies into separate trucks)

Jonah: This ones yours, we’ll meet you back at the camp.

Jake: Wait, what are you talking about?

Jonah: Deals changed.

Jake: Hell it has.

Jonah: It’s a new split, I get all the weapons, the food, the fuel, the guns, everything.

Emily: Deals fifty-fifty.

Jake: And what do we get?

Jonah: You get to have bombs not falling on your head.

Jake: Listen here Jonah.

Johnston: Hey.

(Johnston and Hawkins grab Jake and pull him away before he can do anything)

Jake: This is about to get a lot worse.

Hawkins: Jake.

Jake: We need those guns.

Emily: Why are you doing this? (Jonah turns away from her) You owe me a lot more then that.

Jonah: I am a thief not a soldier.

Emily: You promised you’d help us.

Jonah: You shouldn’t be near me, you’re a school teacher kid, a school teacher. Go on.

(Jonah and his men drive away with the supplies)

Jake: You’re just gonna let him go? We need those guns.

Hawkins: Guns, guns are easy.

(Hawkins leads Jake into a storage shed filled with guns)

Jake: You’ve had this the whole time and you didn’t say anything?

Hawkins: I never thought I was gonna call this town my home. Let’s get 'em loaded up.

(Town Hall Basement)

Gray: Oh what’s he doin?!

Eric: Why hasn’t he fired the mortars?

Stanley: Did we take em’ out?

Bill: He would have come back on the radio.

(Johnston walks in)

Johnston: We took out the mortars.

Bill: Hell yeah.

(A signal comes over the radio)

Phil: Gray, Gray are you there?

Gray: Yeah.

Phil: Now you’ve brought this on yourself, there’s no deals, no mercy. We’re comin, this means war. Do you hear me Gray?

(Gray shuts off the radio)

Gray: Johnston, I need your help.

Johnston: Stanley get me every runner you can find, I wanna get orders out to all the patrols.

(Johnston shakes Gray’s hand)

(Night - Middle of Jericho - The whole town is there)

Johnston: Most of you have no idea what to do or what’s coming, some of you do. This isn’t a fight about land or about this town, this is a fight for our very existence. Pray for each other, well your at it pray for the men and women of New Bern; pray that god forgives us.

Jake: Every able bodied person who needs a gun, sixteen years of age or older, line up.

(Jake and Hawkins begin to hand out guns to those that need them - Allison walks up - Hawkins hands one to his daughter and kisses her on the forehead)  

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood | James Remar - Sortie
Le film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood réalisé par Quentin Tarantino sortira en France le 14 août...

Renov'Hypno 2018

Renov'Hypno 2018
Bonjour aux rénovateurs et bienvenue ! Durant 7 jours, tu aideras à la reconstruction de ce quartier...

Esai Morales |

Esai Morales | "Voices Of Our Children" Gala
Esai Morales a participé au 18ème gala annuel "Voices Of Our Children", le 28 septembre dernier à...

Programme télévision

Programme télévision
Lundi 14 mai Family guy sur MCM à 11h30 avec la voix d'Alex Carter L'arche de l'apocalypse sur Syfy...


Les nouveautés des séries et de notre site une fois par mois dans ta boîte mail ?

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ShanInXYZ, Aujourd'hui à 15:13

Nouveau Survivor chez Doctor Who et n'oubliez pas de venir voter pour le concours de Wallpaper

pretty31, Aujourd'hui à 15:14

Venez voter et départager les Wallpapers St Valentin sur le quartier 13 reasons why ! Merci aux participants, que de belles créations !

Locksley, Aujourd'hui à 15:38

Un membre HypnoVIP a accepté de répondre à nos question... Découvrez son identité et son parcours dans l'interview du mois !

Harilinn, Aujourd'hui à 19:18

coucou, pour ceux qui passent sur le quartier Castle, il y a un article dédié sur ma BD autour de la série. A bientôt

choup37, Aujourd'hui à 19:39

Nouveau sondage et EV sur Kaamelott et toutes les infos sur le film qui sort en juillet!

Viens chatter !

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