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#110 : Et la lumière fut

A l'approche de Thanksiving, les habitants de Jericho répertorient les aliments qu'il reste lorsque deux bombardiers parachutent des vivres provenant de Chine. La répartition de la nourriture provoque alors des tensions entre Johnston Green et Gray Anderson, tous deux en campagne pour l'élection du nouveau maire. Et les conflits s'accentuent lorsque Jonah Prowse et ses hommes s'emparent du groupe électrogène largué par les avions.


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Red Flag

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Et la lumière fut

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La Stanley Margarita!


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Un mystérieux colis tombé du ciel

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Réalisation : Martha Mitchell
Scénario : Mike Ostrowski

Acteurs :

  • James Remar (Jonah Prowse)
  • Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh)
  • Clayne Crawford (Mitchell Cafferty)
  • Clare Carey (Mary Bailey)
  • Darby Stanchfield (April Green)
  • Bob Stephenson (Jimmy)
  • April Parker-Jones (Darcy Hawkins)
  • Jazz Raycole (Allison Hawkins)
  • Sterling Ardrey (Samuel Hawkins)

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 Red Flag Transcript

Jericho Episode 10: Red Flag


Jake signals 4 to Stanley. Stanley shakes his head.

Gunshot goes off

Man: Darn it! I really thought I had him that time.

Jake: We'll get him next time. Let's get back on patrol.

Stanley: He's trying hard. They all are.

Jake: Trying? This isn't a drill. Can't hit a turkey with a shotgun, what happens when his target shoots back?

(Hawkins House)

Darcy: They really invited you on a turkey shoot?

Hawkins: Mmm-hmm

Darcy: What'd you say?

Hawkins: I declined politely. I don't care if it is Thanksgiving,

Darcy: It'd be nice to have a real turkey.

Hawkins: Well, you know if I shot it, you would have to clean it.

Darcy: Yeah, good point.

Hawkins: Hey, what about you guys? You gonna be crushed not to have a turkey this year?

Allison: I'm a vegetarian.

Hawkins: Right. Well, we'll have plenty for you.

Darcy: There's not plenty of anything. We'll make due.

Sam: I'm just glad you're gonna be here.

Hawkins: Me too.

Sam: How come you missed all the other thanksgivings?

Hawkins: It was business trips.

Sam: On Thanksgiving?

Hawkins: Well you know, it wasn't a big holiday where daddy was working.

Darcy: Those days are over son, okay?

(Food Drive outside of town hall)

Gail: Thank you. Hey!

Emily: Oh, hey.

Gail: Oh! You sure you wanna donate all that?

Emily: A lot of folks need it more than I do. Some of my students are so skinny, I barely recognize them.

Gail: Where'd you find it?

Emily: The garage. Roger was such a planner, you'd think we already had 5 kids.

Gail: You want to have 5 kids?

Emily: He wanted to have 5 kids. I said I was good for 2, and after that he was on his own.

Gail: Emily, I don't quite know what I'm serving for Thanksgiving this year, but always know that you're welcome at our table honey.

Emily: Thanks. I... I usually go to my aunts. Do, do you guys still have that football game before dinner?

Gail: Of course. There's some things the apocalypse can't change. How's your throwing arm?

Emily: Still better than Jakes. Oh... Grays finally getting that election huh?

Gail: Yeah.. next week.

Emily: Is the mayor nervous?

Gail: Not as nervous as he should be.

(On a dirt road)

Stanley: How long do you think it'll take us to train our guys?

Jake: Weeks at best. Look at us. For every cop and veteran, we've got an accountant, a travel agent or... or a farmer!

Stanley: Watch it buddy. Think Ravenwood will be back?

Jake: When they run out of towns, yeah. Question is how long will.

Turkey Gobbles

Jake: Ahh, must've scared them off.

Stanley: Whoa!

Jake: What?

Planes fly over

Stanley: Those are the first planes I've seen since the bombs.

Jake: They're not the last.

(Hawkins House)

Allison: What is that?

Hawkins: It sounds like bombers. Darcy, come on. I want everybody, everybody into the basement until they pass. And hey, listen I have got to

Darcy: Okay, go, go.

(Dirt Road)

Stanley: What the hells going on? What are they dropping?

Jake: God only knows.

Stanley: Think it's a bomb?

Jake: Why would someone put a parachute on a bomb?

Stanley: Good point

Stanley: Whoa, whoa. You think that's safe?

Jake: You wanna do it?

Stanley: okay, I'll shut up.

food falls out

Stanley: What is that?

Jake: I'd tell you if I knew Chinese.

(Outside Town Hall)

Johnston: Alright folks, let's hold up until we know what we got here.

Gail: It's all from China.

Emily: Are we being invaded?

Johnston: Well I doubt it. If they had wanted to invade, they would've sent troops.

Emily: So this is charity..

Gail: We're getting aid from China? Why isn't our own government helping us? The United Nations, or the Red Cross.

Jimmy: Mayor.

Johnston: Oh, hey guys. How many chutes did you say were out there?

Jimmy: Well... I counted 12.

Johnston: Well let's get everybody with a working vehicle out there, and round this stuff up.

Jimmy: Bring em' where?

Johnston: Well for now, here. Somebody find Eric for me.

Jimmy: Alright. okay.

(Bailey's Tavern)

Mary: So.. we're down to a few cases of liquor, and three cases of Nearbear

Eric: And 13 bottles of mustard. What about the booze from the still?

Mary: The last batch tasted like paint thinner, and may cause blindness. But everybody drank it, so I guess if they're not all dead, then we can stay open.

Eric: Look, we'll figure it out. Every-thing's going to be fine.

Mary: It makes no sense at all. Yet I totally believe you.

Eric: What else do we need? We've got each other, and mustard.

Jimmy: Mayor's looking for you.

Eric: What's up?

Jimmy: didn't you hear?

Eric: No, I was in the back.

Jimmy: oh.. .right *laughs nervously*

Mary: Doing inventory. What is it Jimmy?

Jimmy: Uh planes. Parachutes from China. They're all over town.

Eric: I'm right behind you.

(Outside Town Hall)

Stanley: I gotta get back. Bonnie and Mimi must be freaking out.

Jake: Give him a hand. Hawkins!

Hawkins: Hey.

Jake: What's it say?

Hawkins: Your guess is probably as good as mine.

Jake: Not that. Only one of us speaks Chinese.

Hawkins: What are you talking about Jake?

Jake: The broadcast, when it came over the Satellite. You knew it was mandarin.

Hawkins: Hey, you know. You can tell when somebody's speaking German. But that doesn't mean you can speak German, right?

Jake: That's not what I meant at all. What I'm saying is...

Johnston: Jake! You get a good look at those planes?

Jake: The Jets were MIG19s. The bombers, they looked like Antonovs.

Hawkins: You know your planes.

Jake: My grandfather made sure of that.

Hawkins: So they were Russian?

Jake: Yeah, except the Russians stopped making them in the 70's.

Eric: Since when do we let foreign jets fly through our airspace?

Hawkins: It happened only once. Italy patrolled the border after 9/11. But that was it.

Johnston: And Italy is an ally. Russia, China, I imagine the last contact we had with them were those missiles we saw flying a few weeks back.

Jake: We can't give out this food.

Eric: What are you talking about? The people are hungry Jake.

Jake: I don't care.

Gail: We can't have this conversation here.

Johnston: Inside.

(Town Hall)

Gail: Jake, the people need that food.

Eric: We could all use the food.

Jake: How do we know it's safe?

Gail: Well if the Chinese are trying to hurt us, they sure picked a funny way to do it?

Jake: What if, what if this is the second wave of the attacks? Alright, what if they wait until we're hungry, and poison our food supply?

Gail: Who would do that?

Johnston: A smart enemy.

Jake: If they were to invade, we'd have no one healthy enough to fight them.

Hawkins: It's like what the British did to the Indians. They gave them blankets, but didn't mention that they were infected with smallpox.

Gail: I don't even want to think about this. Do you really think the Chinese are trying to poison us?

Jake: I don't know. But whoever it was, they had no problem blowing us up.

Johnston: Check with April, maybe there's a way we can test he food.

Gail: Well, what if there isn't?

Johnston: In the meantime, we tell everyone who's handling this stuff to put gloves on first and we don't hand out anything to anybody until we're sure it's safe.

Girl: It's mine! It's mine!

Gail: We may not have that choice.

Man: Back off! We've got a right to it!

(Outside Town hall)

Johnston: Folks, lets calm down.

Eric: Hey! Hey! Back it up! Right now.

Bill shoots a gun in the air.


Johnston: Bill! Put that damn gun away now! Get this area quartered off. Don't do this people. This is Jericho, not some 3rd world village.

Gray: Well, we got no phone, no power, no gas. We may not be the third world, but we're getting there. We need food, now.

Johnston: Folks, we do not know what is safe, and what is not safe.

Gray: The only people I've seen that have been trying to hurt us are out there on that road. And they look a lot like you and me. This looks like help, and I say we take it.

Gray takes a bite of the food

(Richmond Field)

Mimi is waving her arms.

Stanley: You okay?

Mimi: I am great, come on!

Stanley: So you know we're not being attacked?

Mimi: Yeah! Of course. I did talk to the neighbors you know.

Stanley: Why are you so happy?

Mimi: Because, we have chocolate.

(Town Hall)

Gray: Now that stuff wasn't half-bad, and I'm uh still alive.

Johnston: The only thing that proved is that you're clinically stupid.

Gray: When you gonna hand out that food Johnston?

Johnston: We are not having that debate here.

Gray: What, should we have it in your office again? Maybe this time I sucker punch you.

Johnston: Listen, if you're still breathing this time tomorrow, maybe we'll start distributing this stuff. In the mean time, do the town a favor and forget you want my job for one second.

Jake: These seem to be in every box.

Eric: Yeah, couldn't this mean we're going to be conquered

Poster saying "Do Not Fight" "China is your friend" with two women and a baby, and a Chinese flag on it. The picture is in black and white, but the flag is not.

Jake: Ah, it doesn't say that.

Eric: Do Not Fight?

Jake: Look, it could be the price we pay for food, that's it.

Johnston: Look, all I know is between the stunt Gray's pulling, and these fliers, we could have a problem keeping order. Is this all of the Pallets?

Eric: Almost. They're numbered 1 through 12. 1 through 5 is food, and this dry fish stuff. 6 and 8, we got medical supplies, water. 10, 11, 12, grain blankets and fuel. That leaves 7 and 9 are still missing. But we've got people looking for them.

Jake: We need to get all this stuff off the street before there's nothing left to protect.

Johnston: Yeah, you're right.

(Gracie's Store)

Gracie: My customers need that. You are taking everything.

Jonah: Those air drops, there's no telling what's out there to trade. We gotta be ready.

Gracie: Well, what about me? We had a deal Jonah. You bring me things, and I'll give you a cut. Now, you just take. Mitchell Cafferty, that is not yours!

Jonah: Whoa, easy big fella. Take it easy. Gracie. Mitchell and the other guys don't see our arrangement, the way I do. If it was up to them, they'd just come in here and snap your neck. But I don't wanna see that happen. Let's go.

Jonah: Long time no see Johnston.

Johnston: It was supposed to be longer. Gracie, we got all this food out here, we sure could use a place to distribute it. Only thing is, you'd have to stop doing business with Jonah.

Jonah: We have a deal.

Gracie: Had a deal. The one you broke. I'm in.

Johnston: That stays. And this.

Jonah: Come on.

Gracie: It's good to have you back Mayor Green.

Johnston: Well, those prices you're charging are going to have to stop. Hey look, we just need a place to store the food.

Gracie: But how am I supposed to make a living?

Johnston: Hey, if you don't like it, there's always Jonah.

Gracie: I like it.

Johnston: Well, in that case it's good to have you back too Gracie.

(Richmond Field)

Mimi: Look!

Mimi: Isn't it great?

Stanley: Hey, hey. You don't know if that's okay.

Mimi: Well it's not too sure, but in a pinch..

Stanley: No, I mean you don't know if it's safe.

Mimi: Well if the chocolate didn't impress you, maybe this will.

Stanley: It's... It's a generator.

Mimi: So we can get power back, and communications.

Stanley: Listen, take my truck and go tell Jake.

Mimi: But... do we have to give up all the food?

Stanley: It's not our food, it's the towns food.

Mimi: You mean the town that was going to blow up the bridge and leave us for dead, that town?

Stanley: A. They didn't blow up the bridge, and B. You were on the other side of it at the time. Take the truck, and go tell Jake.

Mimi: We're not sharing the chocolate.

(Town Hall)

Eric: We can fit all the food into Gracie's store.

Johnston: Good, good.

Eric: Regarding the medical supplies, would you guys mind uh...

Gail: I'll go to the clinic and give them to April.

Eric: Thank you.

Gail: So uh, are we going to see you for Thanksgiving?

Eric: Well I think Mary and I are going to spend it together.

Johnston: Well, you're always welcome. Football starts at three.

Eric: Thanks.. but I don't want to put you guys in an awkward position.

Gail: You could've thought of that before you moved in with your mistress and left your wife with us.

Eric: I better get back to main street.

Johnston: Thanks son. Yeah, now it feels like the holidays.

Gail: Why do you keep acting like it's no big deal?

Johnston: I don't. I also try to keep from acting like a hypocrite.

Gail: This is nothing like what we went through.

Johnston: Oh no? I seem to recall when my mother thought your name was the other woman. And I ignored her, just like Eric's ignoring us. Now if this is so different, I'm not seeing it.

Gail: It is different, because we were barely in our 20's. She wasn't your wife. And she wasn't pregnant. April's pregnant. She's a few months along.

Johnston: Does Eric know?

Gail: April made me promise not to tell him.

Johnston: So then, uh, you're mad at Eric over something he doesn't even know about?

(Richmond Field)

vehicle drives up by Stanley. Stanley runs, following it.

Man: Give me a hand. There we go.

A couple of men try to knock Stanley out, and finally succeed once Jonah helps them.

(Outside Town hall)

Gray: And that bag of rice could feed that whole town. They'd like to know when they're going to see some of it.

Johnston: Well as odd as it may seem to you Gray, we're trying to figure a way to distribute this stuff fairly. It might have to last us through the winter.

Bill: Through the winter? My family's hungry now. Not when you decide it's okay for them to be hungry.

Jake: This might be the last food we get.

Bill: Yeah? well we're not getting it Jake, you are.

Jake: We're hungry too Bill.

Johnston: Bill, nobody heres taking anything. If you'll just wait you'll find there's plenty of this to go around.

Gray: Hey, this may come as a surprise to you Green, but many of us can think for ourselves.

Mimi: It is like Filene's basement out here. Oh never mind.

Jake: Where's Stanley?

Mimi: He's back at the farm, we found two more parachutes. One of them has a generator.

Jake: What are we doing here?

(Richmond Field)

Jake: Where is it?

Mimi: Well.. it was right here.

Jake: Agh! Let's try this way.

Mimi: oh my god!

Stanley is unconscious

Jake: Stanley!

Stanley: *mumbles* Jonah...

(.Town hall)

Johnston: Nobody grabs a gun until we have a plan.

Gray: Jonah could've killed Stanley.

Johnston: But he didn't. And I'm not getting us into a firefight, unless I can get us out. All of us.

Eric: Why don't I go down there with Jimmy and Bill, and talk to him?

Bill: Uhh with all due respect Eric, HELL NO.

Eric: Look, Jonah knows he's outnumbered. If we let him know our intent, he will listen to reason.

Gray: Yeah, let's talk to him, because that's worked out so well in the past. If you'd shut Jonah down when I told you to, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Jake: We need that generator. Without it, we're stuck in the 1800's, and the longer we wait, the longer Jonah has to hide it or trade it off. It's now, or not at all.

Johnston: Nobody moves on the compound unless I say so, nobody shoots unless I say so. Are we clear?

Bill: Yes sir.

Johnston: Alright, then let's load up.

Gray: I'll take Jimmy and Bill with me.

Johnston: You sit this one out Gray. I'll have Jonah to worry about. I don't need someone shooting me in the back.

Hawkins stops Gray

(Hawkins House)

Allison: Maybe dad will be home in time for our first Christmas together.

Sam: He'll be here, won't he mom?

Darcy: Yes, he will.

Allison: You know what I'm most thankful for? Being reminded of how many excuses you made for him.

(Richmond House)

Stanley: Doctor said no concussion, so...

Mimi: That thick skull of yours finally came in handy. Where do you think you're going?

Stanley: After Jonah.

Mimi: No you aren't. Stanley, please don't go. Stanley, if anything happened to you, think of Bonnie.

(Outside Town Hall)

Emily: Where are you going?

Jake: To get the generator.

Emily: From Jonah?

Jake: Yeah,

Emily: Alright, slow down. We can think of a better way.

Jake: Look, it's too late.

Emily: Even if you get the generator, it won't end there. You push my father Jake, he'll push back.

(Hawkins gets into Jakes car)

Jake: What do you want me to do?

(Jonahs Compound)

Jake: I've got Jonah.

Hawkins: What about those pallets?

Jake: I don't see them.

Hawkins: Well, maybe they're gone already.

Jake: Maybe not... They're on that flatbed.

Hawkins: Okay.

Security man: We have a visitor.

Johnston: Jonah.

Jonah: Johnston.

Johnston: Give us the generator, you keep everything else.

Jonah: I've got no idea what you're talking about.

Johnston: Well let's take a look around then.

Jonah: Sorry. Private property still means something around here. Now if I still had a way of making a living over at Gracie's market, this might be a different conversation.

Johnston: Open the gate, or we're coming through.

Jonah: Those supplies dropped for everyone, not just you. You don't get to decide for the rest of us.

Johnston: I'm looking out for the whole town, what about you?

Jonah: Who do you think saved Jericho from those mercenaries? I'm hanging on to the geny, we'll call it even.

Johnston: This doesn't end well for either of us Jonah. Let's get ready.

Man: They're taking the gate!

Jake: Who the hell?

Jonah: Hold it! Don't shoot!

Emily is in the truck

(Bailey's Tavern)

Jake: What the hell were you thinking?

Emily: You could've gotten killed, and Jonah wouldn't have hurt me.

Jake: What about Mitchell. He almost shot you. Hell, we almost shot you.

Emily: But you didn't. God Jake, when we were in high school, you would've been right there with me.

Jake: We're not kids anymore.

Emily: Why don't you just say good job?

Jake: Wha? No.

Emily: I know that's what you're thinking.

(Town Hall)

Eric: I'll put these back on my way out.

Johnston: Wait, hold up son.

Eric: I've gotta go. I told Mary I'd be back an hour ago.

Johnston: Well, she's waited this long, she can wait 5 more minutes. Grab a chair. Now son, we both know that marriage is hard.

Eric: It's a little late for this speech dad.

Johnston:Well fine, we'll just fast forward to the next one. Fatherhood is harder.

Eric: What are you talking about?

Johnston: April's pregnant. I just found out myself.

Eric: And I gotta hear this from you.

Johnston: Well I shouldn't be the one telling you, and i"ll probably be in the doghouse until next Thanksgiving, but I thought you ought to know.

Eric: Well I had no idea.

Johnston: Well, now you do. And now you need to do the right thing.

Eric: I have dad. I tried to work things out with April.

Johnston: Try harder.

Eric: Look, a bad marriage doesn't get better because you add a kid.

Johnston: no, but you are going to have to stop thinking about yourself first. You give up that right when you bring a child into this world. Son, you and April had the bad luck of falling out of love at the same time. But you can get that back.

Eric: You're not hearing me dad. I don't think I ever loved April. I love Mary. And I have to trust hat.

(Richmond House)

Stanley: Heh, my old friend Iodine.

Mimi: okay, so what do I do here?

Stanley: umm just dab the cotton ball in the iodine. Put the cotton ball in the cut.

Stanley: Ow! What did you... gently please.

Mimi: I'm sorry. I'm not very good at this.

Stanley: You know, I'm going to be okay. So

Mimi: No, the doctor said that we had to clean the wounds twice a day. So come on, please, off with the shirt. What, do I got to close my eyes? Oh my god! You're uhh..

Stanley: What?

Mimi: You're blushing.

Stanley: It's a reaction to the iodine, okay? Ow!

Mimi: I think it's a reaction to having your shirt off in front of me.

Stanley: Don't flatter yourself.

Mimi: Come on, come on. I'm not done. Please. Off with the shirt. You know I could guess a lot of things about you, but being shy in front of women wasn't one of them.

Stanley: If.. If we're going to do this, can we at least talk about something else please?

Mimi: Like what?

Stanley: I don't know... what do you usually do on Thanksgiving?

Mimi: My mom and I go to a resort in Punta Minta, that's Mexico. Why, what do you do?

Stanley: Watch football, eat turkey, take a nap, like everybody else I guess.

Mimi: Well, you're missing out. Lounging by the infinity pool, watching surfer boys, and sipping what most experts would agree, is the worlds finest mango margarita

Stanley: Sounds fun.. Unamerican, but fun.

Mimi: It was. You're all set. Sorry you had to suffer all through all it.

(Jonahs Compound)

Mitch: What's the plan Jonah?

Jonah: If I have to answer to you Mitchell, we're in deeper trouble than I thought.

Mitch: You don't have to answer to me. You have to answer to them.

Jonah: Hey, I always find a way.

Mitch: Not today, you didn't.

Jonah: They all played us, once. It happens.

Mitch: No, they didn't outplay us. She outplayed you.

Jonah: Are you mad that I didn't let you take the shot? That I didn't let you kill my daughter?

Mitch: You're getting soft, Jonah. And your mistakes are costing us.

Jonah: Saving Emily was no mistake.

Mitch: What about letting Mayor Green kick you out of town? Good go... I mean come on you were taking orders from. Gracie Leigh this morning.

Jonah: All you need to remember, is that I'm the guy that keeps saving your ass. You think you can do a better job than me? You gonna make your move? I didn't think so.

Mitch: Let's go.

(Outside Town hall)

Eric: Think we should hold on to these parachutes, I mean they're trash.

Jake: Why not? Make some of those pants you used to use in high school. Hey.

Eric: What's that?

Jake: It looks like a microchip.

Eric: What's it for?

Jake: I don't know. But I know who to ask.

Hawkins: They're called RFIDs. Radio Frequency Identifiers.

Jake: It's like a bar code right?

Hawkins: Yeah. You know, if we had the right equipment, we could find out who sent them here.

Eric: How do you know about this Mr. Hawkins?

Hawkins: I read a lot, Eric.

Johnston: Why are they in the chutes?

Hawkins: They're used for tracking inventory. Mostly by big global companies and by one military.

Eric: China?

Hawkins: No, the U.S. These chutes, they're from our air force.

Johnston: Let me get his straight, we're talking about Vietnam era planes flying through Kansas air space, doing a Chinese drop, and they're using U.S. air force equipment to do it?

Hawkins: Sounds about right.

Eric: In what world does that make sense?

Jake: Ours.

(Richmond House)

Mimi: Stanley? Stanley?!

Stanley: In the kitchen.

Mimi: oh. You are not supposed to be up.

Stanley: You know, I uh don't have a turkey, but uh I do have tequila.

Mimi: What about mangoes?

Stanley: You know, I've never seen a mango. But I have tang.

Mimi: Instant tang? *laughs*

Stanley: So to honor your first Thanksgiving here in Jericho, I've made what most critics believe to be the worlds finest, Tango Margaritas. *tastes it* Oh that's awesome!

Stanley and Mimi kiss.

(Green Household)

Gail: Hey, listen. Your fathers not 100%. So no roughing up the passer.

Jake: Are you kidding?

Gail: What?

Jake: I mean the football, the Thanksgiving dinner,

Gail: What about it?

Jake: Well, we're just holding on to these traditions like nothing happened out there?

Gail: We're holding on to these traditions because of what happened out there.

Johnston: Oh, son. Good to see you made it.

Eric: Yeah, I'm not staying. I was wondering if I could talk to April.

Gail: Sure...

Everyone else leaves

April: so... it's over.

Eric: Yeah... when were you planning on telling me about the baby?

April: When I knew it wouldn't affect your decision. I didn't want you to stay with me because of the baby, Eric.

Eric: Well I think we're the only two people who agree on that.

April: Great.. Why did you come here?

Eric: I came here to tell you that I'm sorry for what I did. But I can't live a lie anymore. And I'll do whatever it takes to take care of that baby.

April: Why should I believe you?

Eric: You don't have to believe me. I'll just be there.


Hawkins: I think that's it.

Bill: How do we know this thing isn't some kind of bomb?

Hawkins: Well, Gray's still alive, so let's risk it, huh. (Hawkins shines the light on Gray)

Bill: Thanks for your help Mr. Hawkins. Sorry to take you away on Thanksgiving.

Hawkins: Yeah. Hey, you know what Bill? Could you hold off, just give me ten minutes.

Bill: No problem.

Hawkins: Thanks.

(Green Household)

Jake: Guess we have one less dish to wash.

Johnston: Did you know about all this? Eric and Mary? You don't have to answer that.

Jake: I knew a little.

Johnston: Think it'll work out?

Jake: He says she makes him happy.

Johnston: Huh. What about when she doesn't make him happy, is he going to leave her too?

Jake: Dad, it's not your problem.

Johnston: I know. I know. It's just, my one goal when I was raising you boys, was that even when things got tough, you made the right choices. I...

Gail: Hey Emily.

Emily: Hey.

Gail: Glad you could make it. You missed the football.

Emily: I didn't want to show Jake up.

Jake: *laughs* Really?

Gail: Hey, Jake. Honey, put Emily next to you. Thank you.

Johnston: God, I hope April has a girl.

(Hawkins House)

Hawkins: Hey. I'm sorry.

Darcy: It might've flown two hours ago.

Hawkins: I know. I know, but uh... wait. Look, um will you come with me. There's uh... something I want to show you. Please, D.


Hawkins: Hey, Bill. Thanks, go ahead.

The generator is turned on. Lights come on in Jericho, and cheering is all around.

Hawkins :You see that? See uh, that's what daddy did at work today.

Eric and Mary kiss.

Someone: Night Gracie.

Gracie: Bye-bye.

Gracie goes into the store, somebody stabs her. She falls over.


Script issu de la communauté Jericho Wiki


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